May 19, 2012

Off & On... ON AGAIN

 BUMP... revisiting my todo list.

EDITED TO ADD (30 Aug 2010).  bump.  Time to resume on my running TODO list... woohoo. 

...that might be an appropriate summation for how things have gone for me this last year.  I feel so on again/off again....AND its so unpredictable when this will happen.  Don't know about you but I love this time of year.  I know we can get a fresh start each and every day but there is just something about the New Year that says DO-OVER.  I love do-overs.  Also, it puts me in a cleaning mood.  Actually I like to clean, I find it very Zenlike.  Not only that, it somehow "orders" my mind.  I like that.  I am also a list person, list making somehow orders my mind too.  ( in organize).  I don't have any pix to coordinate with this post but I thought I'd just pop in and say HI and post the Short List of projects I'd like to work on, finish etc... in no particular order or urgency.   This is the list I came up with while taking inventory as I was dusting my artist studio.  I am also going to have a couple of items For Sale.  I will create a separate post for these things.


  1. Inchie binder
  2. Journal (Rhonna Farrer inspired)
  3. Artist canvas family collage.  Mixed media project
  4. Illustrated Discovery Journal
  5. Finish Just Be Journal (Edited to add:  completed, in the mail, gift to sister. Amazing what a little space clearing and lists can do)
  6. Brush up on my Spanish
  7. Use Allie stamps
  8. Make shortlist reminder cards
  9. Use sheet music with a project
  10. Use magic mesh with a project
  11. Pine cone elves.  (There's always next year)
  12. Chipboard village
  13. Time permitting...change my blog
  14. Hold monthly stamp camps =D
  15. Make 10 Christmas cards a month
  16. School days pages.
  17. EDITED TO ADD (13 Feb 2010) Recipe cards I'm so glad I remembered this one.
  18. Play w/Cosmo "You Know You're an Artist IF YOU CAN FINISH THIS KIT" 2-album scrapbooks (QVC score).
  19. Use my Gwen Frostic stamps (Anthropological Holiday Catalog, I KNOW) & <<<---happy symbol alert<<< 21 Feb 2010 AND stamps from ALASKA.  While I'm at it...
  20. Use every color of fun fluff that I own.
  21. Make Card Assortment Gift Sets Xs4
  22. Crafty Secret ANYTHING help me
  23. (ETA:  20 Feb 2010) Mesh soap dish will love these
  24. 30 AUG 2010 Card Assortment Packs

 Like I said... its a short list.  Maybe I'll have some pix later.  Oh and postscript... you can't have a glitter station when there are cats around.  ;)


Just Be Journal.... 1 for me, 1 for my sister...

My laptop (Mac) is docked to a larger monitor, keyboard and wireless mouse.  I have it propped on a upside down wire basket to keep the air flow.  Notice... NO dust.

Left wing of craft space  (AKA SHE-CAVE), mainly, notice clear spot on table.   This is the main center.   The big Kahuna where all the magic happens ;)

 Moving to the right....mainly, notice clearing on table.  This is my cutting and ribbon center

Moving to the right....mainly, notice clearing on table.  This is the idea center.  I store all of my idea books and catalogs here.



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