June 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Youngest!!

 JUNE 24
Do your honest best,
think prosperity and the Lord will,
for a fact,
He will do the providing through you.

I just thought I'd publish and dedicate the thought for the day (from my desk calendar) to my youngest daughter because its her birthday!!  She's on a world cruiseship job right now so we have been keeping in touch via the internet and facebook.  It's really amazing modern technology.  She can be out in the middle of the ocean (somewhere in the Norwegian Sea right now) on a ship no less and still get INTERNET.  I just love it because I still get to see her and talk with her and she doesn't seem so far away.  I know my daughters are grown now but I still like them close though far.  She was a big baby 9 lbs 11 oz. As you can see she had a lot of hair. 


June 21, 2010


normal programming is down the river with the donkeys and until normal programming resumes.... I'll just C.A.S.E. (C.opy A.nd S.hare w/E.veryone) stuff that I like instead:

Definiteness of Purpose the starting point of all achievement.
By: Napolean Hill
Don't be like a ship at sea without a rudder, powerless and directionless.

Decide what you want, find out how to get it, and then take daily action toward achieving your goal.

You will get exactly and only what you ask and work for.

Make up your mind today what it is you want and then start today to go after it! Do it now!

Successful people move on their own initiative, But they know where they are going before they start.

Positive People, Positive Thinking, Positive Results!
CASEd from Mind Power 365

June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

 What Makes a Dad

God took the strength of a mountain,
The majesty of a tree,
The warmth of a summer sun,
The calm of a quiet sea,
The generous soul of nature,
The comforting arm of night,
The wisdom of the ages,
The power of the eagle's flight,
The joy of a morning in spring,
The faith of a mustard seed,
The patience of eternity,
The depth of a family need,
Then God combined these qualities,
When there was nothing more to add,
He knew His masterpiece was complete,
And so,

He called it ... Dad

~~Author Unknown.~~

June 18, 2010

The Seven Seas

My youngest daughter is off today for a 6-month around the world adventure. She accepted a position on a cruise ship working in the spa on board ship. First, she flies to Copenhagen, Denmark.  I like to track their flights, I just feel closer that way.

then she has this itinerary <---click

The first leg of her journey will be a 15-day round trip Copenhagen to Copenhagen.  I'll keep everyone posted.

The move is coming along.  We are going to move to the new house a week earlier than originally planned, the last week in June as it turns out (instead of the first week in July).  Boxes are everywhere and seems how I packed the craft room first.... aaagh.  I really really can't wait to get moved now.  Have I mentioned, I hate moving?  Pretty sure I have.  Stay tuned... one of these days my life might resume normal programming I say "might" because somehow I highly doubt it.  Waaaaaa.

June 13, 2010

It's a Good Thing!

A few of my favorite things...
  • The morning light
  • The Macbook (you can take it anywhere)
  • Listening to music
  • Coffee mugs Smiley from millan.net
  • ListsSmiley from millan.net
  • Me time (its not that I don't like you... its just that I like my quiet better? credits:Sh!t My Dad Says)Smiley from millan.net
  • $1 altar votive candles (from the grocery store)
  • Books 
  • EDITED TO ADD: naps Smiley from millan.net
  • iChats
  • Ground zero on anything and today it's paperwork. Smiley from millan.net
  • Thin addictives, almond cookies. Yummo!

Onto another topic...  The hus and I had a successful "date night" we headed out again last night to see if we could catch the Red Algea tide.  The red algea were out like the waves and the California Grunion Run (<--- read about it here) was in with the high-tide.

 (Stock photo)
Its so random, we went out there to see if we could catch the red tide and instead we ran into a Grunion Run?  The ocean never dissappoints.Smiley from millan.net

Note to self: do more often!

My cell phone keeps rebooting itself.  I wish it would stop.

I'm glad I've got photos of the home I'm leaving.  This blog is good for something.

There are some things I WON'T miss from my old neighborhood... the Gearhead's aka Greasemonkey's? on this street.  They've always got some engine PROJECT going on, please.  Can you say noise pollution hello.  Does anybody mind... if I nap.  Yeah won't miss that.  Then there's this go-cart that starts EVERY year right about this time and runs up and down the street until the 1st-day of fall.  Yeah, I guess its cute.  I won't miss that or the barking dog next door. There is something about this one house.  A while back the first dog barking owners moved, goodie, dog GONE.  So the new neighbor's that moved in after that dog barks and bites.  Nice. WHAT?

~Ciao for now...

June 06, 2010

Blue Tide

A majestic, giant glow stick, lightning, fire and ice, snow bursts are just a few of the ways I could use to describe the phenomenon of the "Red (looks blue or green) Tide". It was raw nature at it's finest for sure. We went out (its best to go late at night when its really dark (deep blue sea dark)) to watch the waves roll in like giant fluorescent blue/green glow sticks. It was really cool and worth the drive out. Its so hard to believe that there is this awesome display of nature right in our own back yards. It was right up there with lightning or the Grand Canyon. The ocean is so massive. The color it throws off even when its pitch black are amazing. The waves really do glow in the dark and its much prettier IRL.

June 05, 2010

I Can Breathe... Well Sort of

I found and closed on a house this morning.  Now I can breathe and my entire summer won't have to be spent house-hunting.  I can get on with the business of living.  Smiley from millan.net But first, of course, there's all that purging, sorting and packing.  At least I can breathe and I have a plan.  The unknown factor just went down to a two instead of a TEN.

Front of house, a bit pixelated (stock photo and not my autos, google stock photo). But you get the idea.  Low maintenance front yard with LOTS more trees than I have now with great curb appeal. (Doesn't translate in this picture)  I love TREES.  It's really a cute little house.  Just perfect for me and my family.

Walking into the front door and turn to the left is the "Living Room".  This room is situated on the front of the house.  The pix (all pix below text) makes the room look a bit smaller than it is.  And it has a fireplace.  I haven't had a fireplace in 10 years.  The house I currently reside doesn't have a fireplace and I miss it.  I am just beyond that I'll have one again. 

Kitchen wide-view
View from back and covered patio of outdoor bonus room.  Landscaping much nicer than photo.

Standing in the kitchen looking outwards to the front door.  The little carpeted room off the kitchen (just before you enter the kitchen and to the right of the fireplace room) the "Family Room/Den"  I will probably have a reading room/library wall here.  The carpets are taupe/beige NOT PINK as they appear in these photos.

This pix makes the kitchen look darker than it actually is.  Its about the same size as I have now so that's cool.  The light fixtures are nicer.

Master Bedroom below.  If you go out this sliding glass door off the Master and go left it goes into the sliding glass door to the kitchen.  Very convenient right off the Master.  No disturbing anyone when making a.m. coffee.  You don't have to walk through the house to get to the kitchen.  Kind of nice.  And the patio/"outdoor room" could be considered a bonus room since we have such great climate.  More pix of that later.

Looking out from the master to the hall and other bedrooms.  To the left in the pix is the Master Bath.  Again similar to what we are currently in, so definitely will fit our needs.

Whew that's a relief.  Now I think I can put myself on a "whine" fast.  No whine zone.  But pretty sure I'll fail at that, since whining is one of my favorite pastimes.  Smiley from millan.net



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