March 23, 2009

Live the Life You've Imagined...

Another one layer card. It's also a combo of digital and stamped, I guess they call those hybrids. The sentiment I printed onto the cardstock first lining it up just so, I used a two column layout with a landscape orientation. The font I used was "Lucinda Handwriting" in MSWord. I liked this saying and wanted to use it but didn't have a stamp for it (eeks) so I improvised. The stamp is from Stampscapes of course. I have always loved this stamp ever since I saw a card done with it over on Anna Wight's blog. So of course I h2h one for myself. Of course the ever clever circle mask for the moon. I think this turned out really pretty. I'm into one layer cards today it appears. EDITED TO ADD: IT APPEARS MY CAMERA IS STILL BROKE EXCEPT IT'S A NEW CAMERA...HENCE PROVING THAT IT IS OBVIOUSLY OPERATOR ERROR. THAT'S SETTLED ONCE AND FOR ALL I DON'T KNOW HOW TO USE A POINT AND SHOOT CAMERA.

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YO-- Mo and Jo may have Found Themselves

This is a one layer card. I used SU "Measure of Life" set. I believe it may have been a hostess set. Anywho, I think this card turned out really nice. I used Copic markers on the dragonfly and Spica for some sparkly. (Click on any photo for dete's view). I masked off the half circle and colored that with SU chalks. To create the lines over the half circle I used a line stencil and used black SU chalk. I think the stencil circle/line image really works on this card. I left it very simple with no embellishment or ribbon. I just think it looked fine without. I was going to to use dazzling diamond glitter on the wings but the colors were so pastel I didn't want to lose the color underneath glitter even if it is clear glitter. Maybe if I do another card I will use stronger colors.

Crop view
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March 20, 2009


I'm so glad it's Friday. Plus I have the house to myself this weekend. YAYAYAYAYAY. The dh is ootown in Pheonix watching the Cubbies at Spring Training until Monday. All of the kiddies have moved out and so it's actually the first weekend I have had ME time in a long long time and I am going to enjoy it thoroughly I can tell ya' that. I MIGHT even be able to find Mo and Jo. OMG I am sooooooo excited about this solitude. I have needed a mental health weekend for so freaking long. A question.... anyone out there in blogoland.... it's a burning question does anyone know why some of Martha Stewart's punches are white and some have the green handles? It has been bugging me. I noticed the green colored ones in WalMart you know that store that sells walls.... yet the ones they sell at Michaels are white? As a collector I like stuff to match. All of the MS punches that I have purchased so far have been white. Any ideas blogopals? What's with the green punches?

March 18, 2009

A Tribute to Mia the BESTEST CAT

I'm sorry to post sad information today especially since I have not posted in such a long time re: any subject. But I just found out last night that one of our PR!SSy Pals kitty passed away on Sunday. The poor thing was only 2.5 y.o. and it was so sudden. I thought I would dedicate this post as a Tribute to Mia and seeks prayers and good thoughts for Michelle. Michelle is also prego with her first child and is due in April so lets send out some good thoughts to our fellow PR!ISSy pal and let her know we are thinking of her and her special kitty Mia. I snagged this photo from Michelle's blog how appropriate/ironic that kitty is wishing us all a "Happy Saint Paddy's" day!! We wish you well kitty Mia we know you will make a great Guardian Angel for the new baby Lazlo. (Isn't that a great boy name?)

March 03, 2009

Cardiff by the Sea

Edited to add:  You really really need to click on the picture to enlarge it gives it a better effect.   We took my cousin and her new hubby (they were on their honeymoon) out to eat last night at this fabulous little restaurant on the ocean named "The Beach House".  I was so lucky to have been able to snap this photo of the sunset.  The marine layer had rolled-in and we pretty much chalked up the chances that we would be able to catch a sunset.  But we got lucky.  I was so glad because it was the first time my cousin ever saw the ocean (also the first time she ever flew).  I so wanted them to experience a cool sunset...I was trying to make it special for her bringing her to places I thought would have that wow factor.  Well we weren't disappointed.  The marine layer thinned out along the horizon line and this most beautiful bright fuschia began to show through.  This photo contains no editing and it doesn't even begin to convey the sharpness of the pink that we saw IRL.  OMGosh you should have seen the color.  All's I can say is (shout out to my sissy hahahaha) Hi Chicago.  The food was amazing as well.  

God is good...
We are so blessed

March 01, 2009

New Digs!

As I said in an earlier post just was moving day for my youngest daughter. She found a great place that she was able to "swing" financially and she moved. It was all very sudden really. Literally found out in the last couple of days and she made her decision and moved in 3 days. OMGosh things happen that way sometimes and you just have to strike while the iron is hot. I took a few shots of her new digs. Its a studio so it's quite small but perfect for her. She's still in University full time and with work and everything it's best for her. She has enough responsibility right now and we want her studies to come FIRST because she graduates in December YAY. So anyway it was nice that she could find a place to meet her needs.








That car can cart a lot of schtuff

TURTLE GARDEN (Her new neighbors)


We are so blessed....
God is good


Always ready to go. Today was moving day. My daughter is moving to her own apartment and all of the cars at our house had doors open loading things up. This guy refused to be left out. HOW CUTE. I had to grab my new camera and snap a quick shot and I'm soooo glad I did. From the looks of it, my camera takes really nice pictures. I didn't crop or edit at all and almost all of my photos were edited in some way with my old camera. I was definitely overcompensating with that old camera.


He's the best, we love him so much.
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