April 13, 2009


I swear its feast or famine with me. I either don't post at all and then there's a string of them all in one day. All or nothing. eek. Anyways, I just had to give these next pictures their own post. Every year we have a new litter/batch (what do we call a bunch a baby squirrels?) Merekat Manor (What)? of baby squirrels. Well this year I counted eight in one litter. In years past we had maybe three or four in the litter, tops. These are little tiny babies when they are newborn. So CUTE. I never got a picture of all eight together but I snapped these few snapshots. I had to do it really quickly and I took these from inside the house through a window so I hope they are clear.  EDITED TO ADD:  CLICK ON THE PHOTOS TO SEE THE LITTLE GUYS CLOSE-UP  OMG






Happy Easter the After Party

I haven't been able to blog much lately. I sure do miss it and my crafty shtuff. If I ever get this chronic insomnia figured out MAYBE I would have my energy back. Oh well... I have so many SPRING photos to share. OMG just the cutest. This Easter it was just a small gathering with hubby, my youngest daughter and pets. Oddly no pics of them or me. Just the table, the dog and Mr. Rabbit who came to visit us on Easter (Bunny) day. Too funny Easter Bunny visited us on Easter Sunday.  This year we went with non-traditional items.  Normally, I do ham, scalloped potatoes, the usual suspects...  Every year everybody says we should do lighter menus.  Well, this year I leaned towards that theme.  On the Easter brunch Menu:

Spring Greens Salad w/Shrimp Cocktail garnish 
Choice of Dressing
Steamed Fresh Asparagus Spears (Yummo)
Hard Boiled Eggs
Homemade Cinnamon Rolls (I know odd paring but was yummo anyway)
Fresh Strawberry Wedges
OJ Mimosas
Hot Coffee
Easter Lily (Optional)
Easter Rabbit - Priceless
Killer Dog  =D

Happy Easter


Shrimp Cocktail on Ice for the salad

Colored Eggs (I know shock and awe!)

Boring Strawberries but I thought they were cute

My famous homemade cinnamon rolls

Look who stopped over OMG

I'm gonna eat me some Easter Bunny face.  Look at those eyes, they're practically glazed over.  Oddly if I would let him after the bunny.  He always lets them get away.  It is so cute he goes out like a monster and then stops just short of getting them.  And off they hop free.

But I'm really just a Teddy Bear

April 06, 2009

My Nephew...

Dangerous... he's a professional dancer at the Milwaukee Ballet so this little video doesn't do his talent any justice...

I've been thinking about this lately...

Wonder if it has anything to do with the economy?  I love the line... Why aren't they turning?  AND the line "this is bad".  NO ya' think


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