About Me

Hi M!ssP!riss{y} here... If you knew me you would know... I'm really not the frew frew M!ss Pr!ssy type AT ALL.  In fact just the opposite.  Pr!ss{y} is my acronym for {P}aper, {R}ibbon, {I}nk, {S}tampin', {S}crappin' & {Y}atayatayata and now perhaps the {Y} can stand for 'YOUNG LIVING' ,,) This is my personal blog to record all things Pr!ssy and sometimes more {Y}atayata than all things {P}r!ssy.  The Yatayatayata comes in when I don't have much time to post something crafty then I fall back on my gift of incessant need to gab.  Really I got into blogging about five years ago and didn't know much about it.  Since then I've entered a whole world or virtual universe of like-minded Pr!ssy pals and haven't looked back.  I've gained much more than I've given and am forever grateful to all of the wit, creativity, inspiration and generosity that I've found by following 1000s a few creative blogs.  This community has been better than therapy and I used to say a lot cheaper but not sure how true that is at this point.  A tech/med-writer by trade which enables me to hoard er' add to my wonderful collection of all things Pr!ssy (aka {P}aper, {R}ibbon, {I}nk, {S}tampin', {S}crappin' & {Y}atayatayata or {Y}oung Living).  I hope you find SOME inspiration here and that I can provide a smidge of what you all give to me everyday.   I might share crafty things, recipes, photographs,  journal entries, natural remedies, All Things Oily or family stuff.  A whole mish-mash of information and topics.  Enjoy!

M!ss Pr!ssy


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