April 05, 2015

One Year Ten Months and...

Hello, M!ss Pr!ssy here...

I seriously cannot believe that it's been exactly one year and ten months since I've done a blog post. Wow!!  Well, I'm posting something tonight because I actually have something to post.  I went onto Pinterest to see if I could get inspired and sure enough I did.  I don't know how long this stamp company has been around but they are a new favorite of mine.  It's called Mama Elephant and they have some kahute images.  When I saw these little Mama Bears I just had to have them.  I'm hoping to get the lead out or dust off the cobwebs and start posting again on a regular basis.  I think life just gets in the way sometimes and I hit a wall energy-wise as well.  I used to come home from work practically every evening and work into the night on something crafty and then all weekend too. Well, since my last post way back in June 2013 that has not been happening.  I pretty much work, sleep and work and sleep.   Wash, rinse and repeat.

Here's to getting my MAGIC back!  A little magic can take you a long way!!

This card was made with inspiration from ---> here.  For the card base I used Stampin Up black cardstock.  The card face I used watercolor paper, an ombre watercolor technique and Stampin Up white embossing powder for the sentiment.

I have to say it was alot of fun dusting off some of my old supplies.  I had to find where I put them and squirrled away. Everytime I opened a new drawer looking for a supply it was like Christmas.  I used to have a room dedicated to crafting but have since had to downsize my ENTIRE CRAFTY AREA (see before and after pics to my previous craftroom redo) to 1/2 of a closet and a folding table at the end of my bed in my bedroom.  I know SCANDALOUS.  A guest bedroom became more important, and priorities change.  I'm not bitter.  Remember this beautiful set-up?

An entire room

Two Ikea Expedit Units

 Just filled with my wonderful supplies

Well that didn't last long before the precious real estate had to be reclaimed to a guest room  Try and picture ALL OF THE ABOVE now resides in 1/2 of a wall-length closet.  I think I know where my mojo went.

M!ss Pr!ssy


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