June 26, 2008

PSA Update!

For anyone who cares...my mammo is AOK. I have been given the green light to return in a YEAR. Which is the recommendation for women over 40. SOOOOO I am back on track with my screenings. I am so happy because that was a huge hurdle for me to get over my fear and drag my but to the doctor and get it over with. I was lax in that I missed a couple of years. That is why they did a 6-month follow up so they could get a running history on me. I was afraid of course of what they could find but also because I had slacked on it. Now thats over I can breath a sigh of relief until next time? I just had a talkin to myself and realized that...
AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION IS WAY MORE EASY THAN A POUND OF CURE. Go do it girls you'll be glad you did!!

June 21, 2008

Inchie Update

Woohoo!! I can't believe it but I have started on my inchies. I have the letters "G" and "M". I had originally planned on doing something with a Giraffe and a Monkey but as I got inspiration from my stamps I changed my mind. I decided to do a Goose and a Mouse. hehe. Art is fun that way...right? We get to choose what we are in the mood for and change our minds midstream. Instant gratification. Anyway, I actually got the Goose inchies 13 of each finished and ready to swap. Just a few more tweaks adding the ribbon on a few and my first letter is done. The next set of 13 inchies I am using the cutest little mouse from a retired SU set. I can't wait to get started on it. I hope to have lots of inchie updates over the next month so stay tuned... Here's a sneak peak

Let's Give Em' Sumpin' To Blog About...

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Summer. It sure is summer here in So. Cal. Yes, I know for the most part it's summer year round here but lets just say it's HOT. But it feels great. We are staying cool with my trusty ole a.c. I just have a little window model but it does the trick.

Woohoo! Well Allie isn't the ONLY PR!SSYPal that WON sumpin' Guess what? M!ssPr!ssy herself was one of the first 20 respondents to Vicki's card kit challenge over at "This Art That Makes Me Happy" (Crafty Secrets). In the coming days a package all things Crafty Secret will arrive and we will make a card with the contents of the kit each is different and its a surprise. I just missed getting in the last time Vicki had this... so I am super excited to have gotten in this time. Don't worry if this interests you, Vicki will hold another one soon. She's so very generous.

Here are a couple of examples from Vicki's Blog of what the kits "might" look like.


All things Crafty Secrets of course!
If you click on either picture it takes right to Crafty Secrets Website. =D

A*Muse*A*Palooza is in Full Swing and PR!SSy Pal Allison is a WINNER!

WOOHOO. Well it doesn't surprise me because Allison A. is one talented and creative pal. (scroll down to the 4th pic, gee the the one where she WON something else?!@?#@?! I might have good parking Karma(well if you read this post you might not be saying that) but whew she's got good "win free stuff" Karma) Just look at what she did with this challenge... you were supposed to use this bag for inspiration

Here's Allison's take...

This card lights up my life and so does Allison!! She is originally from the East Coast so I think it is fitting that she won with this card. (Winners were picked randomly)

June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day?

I am soooo grateful that my children had an awesome father while growing up. This is my all time favorite picture of the girls with their father. Isn't it so cute how they are curled up next to him in this pic? He used to read them bedtime stories every single night when they were little. He never missed a night. This night I just happened to capture him reading them stories from all things "MOTHER Goose" and was able to snap a quick photo. Mind you scrapbooking/papercrafts wasn't even on my radar screen back then...how sad. =D. So taking "good" photos wasn't either. He certainly was more of a "mother hen" most of the time. He was a great father to our children. Always plugged in and connected. He doted over those children as you can see from this photo they just loved him to pieces. I was a lucky mom because my husband always did night duty and changed dirty diapers. I was fortunate in that I was able to nurse both of my children and my husband would jump out of bed at the slightest whimper of the girls and bring them to me to nurse back to sleep. First he would change their diaper before bringing them to me so I would get a fresh sweet baby every time. I kid you not I never got up in the middle of the night not one time. I KNOW he was really something. I don't know how I lucked out he just always did this from day one. He really helped me out with the girls. He was their softball, basketball, track and life coach all day long. He is off surfing with our youngest daughter just this a.m. and it's his first time ever surfing. I hope he comes back into one piece. YIKES what are they thinking he is 50 and he doesn't even like getting his feet wet to wade in the ocean let alone SURF. Duh

Father Goose Extraordindaire!
Happy Father's Day Honey Buns

EDITED TO ADD SURF PICS. This is my husbands first time ever surfing, a memorable fathers day and something he has always wanted to try. hehe

California Dreamin' - here's the beach bums themselves. This is the youngest daughter and the same one as on the left in the mother goose picture. In the pink PJs She's one of my California Girls =D

Here's a closeup (above)

Panoramic view

I stay home and prepared breakfast for when they got back... We had a scrambled egg mix.


Stampin Up! Retirement List is Up

Wow... well its that time of year again and soon we will have a new catalog from Stampin Up. I can't wait to see the next new catalog. I hope the new catalog has more vintage styles this year. I love Stampin Up but the last two catalogs seemed to depart from the earlier style with less of the vintage style stamps and I sure missed those. They must have changed designers or lost a few old ones because I thought that their styles overall changed dramatically. Anyway, I did see some sneak peeks from the cruise on other blogs which I have been waiting patiently for. The new owl set for one. See pic below. The new retired list is out find it here.


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