July 29, 2007

I'm a Rockin' Blogger

It's taken me a while to play along with this tag. But I've been nominated as a Rockin Girl Blogger by my virtual friend thanks to blogoland Robin over at Rubber Stamped Reflections. She is a SU demonstrator extraordinare. I need to nominate 5 more rockin bloggers. Instead of nominating my same favorites, I am going to nominate some new favorites. Seriously I have 100+ blogs in my reader so trust me YOU ARE ALL MY FAVORITES. These are random and a wide variety of topics.

Posy Gets Cozy - She always has something yummy to read, look at, go to or eat on her blog.
Emilia - She is quite amazing over there in Taiwan
Bubbah - a crazy scrapper husband who should have been a comedian. Oops he's a guy so maybe he can accept a "Rockin Blogger Guy"
Margo - over at the impatient beader. She's quite the sparkly queen and offers food for thought as well. Definitely a kindred spirit.
Finally, Pine - from a fellow swissconsinite

Go check out their blogs and see why I chose them as Rockin Bloggers.... They're fun!

This is Super Funny

This is a fun game. You are supposed to type in the words "your name" and the word "needs" in a search engine like Google. For example I would type in the search prompt ~liz needs.... with Google. Here are my results and translation:

Liz needs amusing
Liz needs a man test
Liz needs protection from a former kidnapper
Liz needs one more taste of pastry. (How'd they know that?)
Liz needs a new Fido
Liz needs deeper depths (huh?)
Liz needs a bear
Everyman needs to assist Liz
Liz needs a moneymakeover
Liz is a bit of a dimwit

What are your top ten results?

Inspiration is Everywhere!!

Do you know what this is? Yep it's wrapping paper. When my daughter comes back from her trips to Italy her friends always send gifts for me. This year my DD told her friend that I would much prefer the wrapping paper intact i.e. don't use it to wrap the gift. Her friend did not understand but my daughter said, trust me, she will like the wrapping paper better "off" the gift. hehe. I wonder why? Oh don't know....could it be I have some more designer paper to use for inspiration??? Anyway, check this pretty little ITALIAN STYLE WRAPPING PAPER straight from the motherland herself. It kind of has a dutch feel to me but definitely a European feel.

And YES surprise surprise I was able to draw inspiration from it. For this card I punched out the chicken from the wrapping paper above. I knew I wanted to use mustard and black CS. I added the white CS because it reminded me of an egg. I was also going to use the green gingham checked ribbon at first but the red looked better. As did the black checked ribbon but I stayed with the SU red. It's a really simple almost no stamp card except the sentiment is masked from the "your a peach, thanxso much" stamp from the retired SU farm fresh set. I've already cut out an entire sheet of the image squares from the wrapping paper and I have an entire set of misc cards swimming around my head. Now if I could just find some time to make them. I was so excited about the concept I published the card before I was finished. I was thinking of adding some brads and of course so far there is no sparkle. Anyway, this is the start....it's pretty simple so far. I love the bright colors and I don't usually lean towards the bold brights. I love it, don't you?

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July 28, 2007

Going to the Chapel

What's with me tonight posting stuff on marriage and motherhood? This card needs work but it has grown on me. My husband went to our friends daughter's wedding last week and he needed a card. I made this card for them but he went out and forgot to bring it with him. I was pressing it under my design pad and it was out of sight out of mind I guess. Anyway, in the process of straightening up I realized what we had done (forgotten it) so I thought I would take a pic and post it. Believe it or not the stamp is from Michael's $1 dollar bins. I just loved the little church and the sentiment. Reminded me of that Diana Ross or the Supreme's lyrics that went something like.... "Going to the Chapel and we're gonna get married" I always loved that song. Anyway, I had even ran out and purchased some new paper specially for this card. The card base is SU white CS with Martha Stewart scrapbook paper. I also used MS metallic ribbon. Design item of note with this card is the Martha Stewart border punch that looks like that eyelet fabric?? I just H2H that border punch. I just really like this card now... like I said it grew on me. When I first finished it I wasn't so sure about it?? It's just purty. I think it turned out really elegant in spite of itself. I used dazzling diamond glitter on the chapel. I think I made colored windows too with yellow. Thanks for visiting!!

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Pull up a chair and a Cup O' Joe


Join me, won't you? I'm going into my crafting studio to create all night long. I decided to put on a fresh pot of my favorite coffee "Eight O'Clock" coffee (it's the old A&P brand). I've drank it since college. I must say it is my favorite. It's hard to find on the West Coast sometimes but I have finally found it at TARGET. Can you believe that. I used to have my Midwestern fam ship it out to me. With all of the designer coffees around this is relatively inexpensive but to me it's the best daily brew. Don't ya love my mug? It's my SUPERMOM mug the girls must have given it to me on a mother's day sometime ago. I've always cherished it because it reminds me of how much my girls really do think I was their SUPERMOM. I'm glad they thought so. If you look close at the details of the mug little mother goose has her rolling pin, diva tool belt, her vintage apron of course and all while she is hanging clothes outside on the line. This little goose always brought a smile to my face so I thought I would use it as my graphic to kick off my night with blogland AND an evening of creating. FINALLY!
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July 22, 2007

Sneak Peak No. 1

I think this is soooooo appropriate to post this new A Muse stamp first before I show my entire new collection because it is sooooooo true. Like I said in an earlier post who stamps? I just seem to collect and hoard. Oh well I love it anyway. Repeat after me...I will stamp and post a card....I will stamp and post a card....I will stamp and post a card....

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July 21, 2007

I have a problem - ok I ADMIT IT. It's the first step to recovery, Yes? I H2H it all. There I said it.

This first pic shows the full collection of my new A Muse stamps... These are my latest stamps from A Muse. It 's from their fall/holiday release all of which will be in their catalog on Monday. Until then, if you haven't already seen the new A Muse images you can get a sneak peek here. Some of them are not the new images but they are new to me. click on any image to enlarge

The following three pics shows close ups of each shelf. I just loved the new snowman, the partridge tree and of course one of my fav's, the stamp shop. How cute is that?

The next shelf again shows the majority of winter holiday images. I just loved the 2 proverb sentiments A Muse released, the eskimo proverb and irish proverb. I have some very cute ideas for those. I also fell in love with the bitty penguin, igloo and eskimo. The snow angel was also a H2H.

The third shelf shows the new corner bg stamp, and that cute little deer he is going to go so cute with the three tree stamp. I've pretty much fell hard for sentiment stamps, can't get enough of them. Can't you tell?


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July 16, 2007

Monday Monday

Hey guess what today is and I got through it?.

I saw this smiley on another blog and I just had to use it. It had my name all over it. Because yes, that is about what I feel like on

I hope everyone else enjoyed their Monday. I had a pretty good day in spite of the day of the week. No cards to post AGAIN. Wow I just can't seem to get back on track since my Wisdom teeth surgery. But I purchased a bunch of new A Muse stamps of which I will post my haul when I have time to digi-photo it and upload. The new images are sooooooooooooo soooooooooo cute. I can't tell you how much I love them and have tons more on my list. But who stamps anyway. It's getting to the point where all I do is collect them and NEVER get to use them. I feel a whine coming on, maybe I AM a bit of a drama queen, I don't think so, no... never never??
But hey wouldn't you if YOU didn't get to stamp. huh? huh? You know you agree with me. To all a good night and repeat after me .... you will stamp and post a new card tomorrow, you will stamp something and post a new card tomorrow, you will...

July 15, 2007


Thanks to the wonders of my blogoland friends (Allison and Corie) and technology I FOUND THE MISSING POST IN QUESTION. Want to go take a look? Follow this link over at "The Stamp Pad" blog (ISN'T IT CUTE?). Whew that was quick. hehehe. Here's a great big BEAR HUG to everyone from me. I needed to see this card again because I wanted to forward it to another crazy stamper that just loves anything halloween. I originally looked at it that morning before my first cup of joe and at approx 5 a.m. and surfed away from it to never find it again. Then of course, it bugged me, until I could find it again. Thanks again everyone.

July 14, 2007

Calling all bloggers - need help

Hi. HELPHELPHELP. I need help finding a random post in blogland. I read it this morning and forgot to bookmark it. I wanted to go back to it and now I can't find it anywhere. I cant remember the blog name nothing. I was hoping that everyone can help me out. The title was something like "An Early Halloween Card" (may not be exact wording) the design was halloween colors cardstock and it was 8 or 9 circles on the front (like the amuse notecards) and each circle was an image stamped in black using the new SU Batty For You set. If anyone has seen this post please leave me a comment on my blog or email me with a link to where it is. I just have to go back and see it.


July 07, 2007

I've been Tagged!

This is fun. I've been tagged by Michelle over at Crazy Stampin Chick ;D. Go check out her blog because she has some wonderful A Muse design eye candy, ATCs and a fresh and fun style. Ok so onto the tag. I am supposed to list 7 random things about myself, and then tag 7 others leaving a comment on their blog so they know they've been tagged.

. I love love love all animals, but especially dogs. I have one right now and his name is Prince.
I used to own 5 horses.

2. I have always wanted to live in Seattle.

3. I have 3 sisters and no brothers. Mary, Kay and Patti. I have 2 daughters, no sons. Leah and Bess.

4. I was a stained glass artist for a time. Some of my work is in commercial buildings.

5. I have a high IQ, which I didn't know until just recently. hehe... some people would beg to differ I am sure.

6. I am very intuitive and always have been. For example but not limited to, I find random missing items that people misplace and can't find and I always seem to make a b-line right to the item. (sometimes St. Anthony, the patron saint of lost causes helps me, but I still find the item). I don't know how I do it but I do.

7. I'm a nerd (I think? because I love computers, doesn't that make me a nerd?)

I am going to tag:
1. Anna Wight,
One of my bestest blog buddies. I CASE everything she does.

2. Elena Shacochis
My newest blog friend and ATC swap buddy and the NEW A MUSE Designer. How exciting is that?

3. Vicki Chrisman
Another very lovely lady I follow in blogland. I love how she shares her family scrapbook with us. She is also with Crafty Secrets.

4. Emilia
A very creative lady over in Taiwan that I follow. She is great! Her stuff is so much fun to watch. Great tutorials.

5. Michelle White
I love following Michelle and her best friend Helle on all of their outings. She lives in the same area as me though we have never met. I feel like I know her already thanks to the wonders of the internet. I have CASEd quite a few of her designs so that must tell you how much I like her style. I'm sure I will run into her one day in one of our LSS.

6. Robin Desko
I think Robin's blog was the first blog I ever read EVER. I love her fresh and clean style. She is such a sweet fun lady. She has a stampin space TO DIE FOR.

7. Cat
Last but not least Cat over at Cat's Craft Cupboard. She is the premier Rosie's Roadshow supplier in our area and another local girl (i.e. she lives near me). I just met her last week when I stopped in at her stamp store. She is a very nice lady and we had lots of fun at her store and picked up some new goodies to boot.

This was lots of fun now ladies go out and tag someone else and be sure an leave a message on their blog so they know they were tagged.

July 04, 2007


Geeze I wish I had something dern patriotic to post here today. No cards NOTHING. I have been down from wisdom tooth surgery so that's that. I tried to stamp yesterday but felt like I've lost my mojo. Even my CASE mojo was gone. Now that's bad when you can't even get inspired by copying. Anyway, I really really wanted to shout out a quick hello to all of my blog friends and wish everyone a happy and safe 4th of July remembering our brave troops past and present that make this day POSSIBLE for all of us. Since I have nothing I'll leave you all with this tiny little graphic to express my patriotism today.

July 02, 2007

ATCs Revealed over @ Elena's

I haven't been able to post a picture of the latest ATC swap I've participated but Elena , the Stamping Shac... has! Run on over to her blog and check out the nice ATCs we all received. Now her cow isn't lonely anymore. Thanks for hosting the swap and for posting a picture.

<----Click on the picture to check out Elena's blog


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