March 30, 2008

7 Interesting Things About Me

Ok err um Julie over at Lost Luggage tagged blogoland to play the 7 interesting things about me game. Well it might be a stretch to find 7 interesting things about myself but here goes.

1. I have smart ass friends that post here on a regular basis.
2. I used to work on board service Amtrak as a coach attendant when I was 17-20 trying to work my way through college. I was one of the first 13 women to EVER work on board service at the time. Ground breaking I know. Amtrak on board positions were always men. This was tied into the depression, war and slavery.
3. I didn't talk until I was 5 (I was able to talk I just didn't, my mother said I knew how and I knew the words I was just a very quiet baby)? I know earth shattering news huh because now ya can't seem to shut me up. (what's with all the metaphors related to the globe)?
4. I'm married to the same man for 29 yrs. That's not ground breaking or earth shattering haha unless you count... ok I'll keep it clean for the kiddies...
5. I've seen Jesus 3 times IRL ask me about it sometime... ~wink~ That's not related to number 4 at all. ROFL
6. I think I love my dog more than I love humans. Did you notice that dog is god spelled backwards? I love pointing that out. ~wink~
7. I used to do stained glass art. I have a large installation (skylight) in an apartment complex for elderly in Chicago. It took me 8 months to build and I was so excited after it was installed I wanted to go in and see how the residents were enjoying my window. It was a skylight in their common area/cafeteria type room. I walked in to see and everyone was asleep in their wheelchairs sitting right under the skylight. But no one was sitting there staring at it in awe. duh what was I thinking? They were all just napping away. Nice.

If you are reading this consider yourself tagged. Link back to me so I can go read your list if you play along.

March 29, 2008

Broad Spectrum

Ok I do believe my laser beam F O C U S (my word for the year) is more like a broad spectrum light all over the place or a FLOOD lamp. Everytime I see my F O C U S like a laser beam reminder it reminds me how fickle the mind is. Just thoughts.

March 27, 2008

Simple Pleasures are Meant to be Shared

Super sweet card I CASEd in it's entirety... this blog header was the reason why I just purchased almost every Saltbox Stamp set offered. Oopsie "my b" (I've been wanting to use that in a sentence forever). Well I h2h those blueberry muffins. I just did. Sorry. Oh I added a technique by stamping the image onto the red checked pattern paper to make the basket napkin. OMG just love love these colors and new sets from Saltbox Studio. A new company that A Muse is the exclusive manufacturer for. How cool is that?

March 23, 2008

Hoppy Surprise

While I was out walking my dog yesterday I was so surprised to walk up upon the city sponsored Easter Egg Hunt in the park. I was so surprised I snapped a quick picture of the 1000s of eggs all over the place. It made me smile. You'll have to click on the photo to enlarge to get more details. I took this pic with my camera phone so no zooming or lighting adjustments. I think you can see just how many little plastic eggs were all over the place. I thought it was so sweet for the kids that were going to be coming to play. It was early and the Easter Bunny (err the adults) were the only ones there setting up the place. It just made me really happy to see all of the effort everyone was making for the kids. Yep that's a park right near my house the mountains you see in the back shot literally butt up to my back yard. As you can see the weather is awesome as usually in So. Cali. I am from the upper midwest so this year round climate weather is a real treat for me considering where I was from had a record 107 inches this year and has snowed everyday since Nov. 30 hahahaha.

Colored Eggs

Coloring Easter eggs is a tradition in most families. And brings fond memories for all I am sure. My kids are grown adults now so not much Easter egg coloring going on around here anymore. Well last night I came up with an easypeasy NO MESS way of making sure there were colored eggs on my table. Ya gotta check these out. Hey brown is a color. I'm a genius I tell 'ya. ~enjoy.

Cyberlove Sunday - Iris Garden

Happy Easter everyone! Well it's CyberLove (CL) Sunday remember that new challenge gauntlet I threw down to everyone? All ya' have to do is leave a comment on someone else's blog, create a post showcasing their work and then leave a comment here letting me know. Well this Sunday I decided to send some CL over to Iris Garden. She really doesn't need a shout-out because I think she's already famous ;D as she is one of the CS designers. You all probably know her from before but me?... I just stumbled upon her through Crafty Secrets gallery and she had the C U T E S T little card which inspired me to use her as my CL Sunday post. I th ink it's appropriate for today, Easter Sunday, because her card features a cute little bunny too. Go on over and check it and say hi. Remember leave a comment....make someone's day!


March 22, 2008

In the Name of the Father

In the name of the Father,
and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit.

Though many traditions vary, this prayer is usually recited with the Sign of the Cross gesture, which is typically done by bringing the thumb, index and middle finger together (representing the trinity) and touching the forehead while saying, "In the name of the Father," then touching the lower chest while saying, "and of the Son," then touching the shoulder (left first in western traditions, right first in eastern traditions) while saying, "and of the Holy" then crossing to the other shoulder saying, "Spirit." And finally touching the lips with a kiss, before saying, "Amen."

sign of the cross - catholic blessing

March 21, 2008

Crafty Spaces Take 2... yadayada and Tremors OH MY!. Warning LONG POST ~Grab a Cup-O'-Joe

(Click on any pic to see a close-up) I've had a couple of requests to re-post my Crafty Space. So I've been cleaning it up this evening and thought what a better time to snap some fresh pics to share with blogoland. Ya' know we all like peeking into others spaces to see how they are doing things... I know I do... I love seeing other peoples craft rooms so I can see if there is a cool organizational bin I didn't think of. hehehe. I actually love to organize things. I've even thought of becoming a professional organizer but I think some of my friends and family would beg to differ. If you saw my house sometimes I am sure I would be fired on the spot. But at the end of the day I think I am a fairly organized individual. I do like it and enjoy it (is that redundant...michelle g?). Anyway, some of these pictures will look exactly the same as before but there are some differences of which I will point out. Some fun stuff for sure. I hope you like...

This first pic is of peep peep I picked up at JA for 50% off he was $2.50 and the little case of peeps I picked up at Ms for $1. Why? I loved them and h2h them. They are sitting on the bench in my room and every time I look at them I smile. peep peep really does peep peep when you squeeze him and I just love that little peep peep sound. So does my dog and he thinks its his toy. haha - I love peep peeps and yes I am a grown woman. I have serious problems.

This pic (below) is the left side of my table, when facing my table. We will pan around to the right to see the entire table. This is still the same as the last time I posted except for two of the 3- drawer ($5 Target) organizers. They are the best right next to me and house some of my applicators, erasers, snap-a-stamps sets. I have 2 sets of each size and I broke them apart and put them in two of these drawers. This is the best place for them. I still don't have all of the full size SU ink pads but I am working on it. AS you can see I have room to grow. ;D

The close up of the two drawers that house the snap-stamps (below). This has made these really convenient and I use them a lot more now that I have them stored in these handy drawers

Moving from left to right this next picture (below) of my craft table. New and changed info? I just installed (on the face front of the antique wooden bench) these on the cheap curtain rod $3 JAs to organize my punches. I had shelves for them but just wasn't using them because they weren't handy. Now they are within arms reach and I love that. I still have the 3 tiered expandable spice shelves on top of the bench (above and behind the punches). Remember I used to store my individual stampers on these until I got this repurposed futon. Now I have all of my stickles and fun fluff on these. Yes I h2h have one in every color (Thank ELLEN for that). HELLO. At a couple $$ a bottle for each I don't think I am going to break the bank people. Of note? I especially like the clear rubbermaid office supply organizers that you see under the bench and on the table. I have my eyelets, SU markers, reinkers, SU spots, Copic air brush and markers. Basically this is my dashboard if you will, the hub of CREATION CENTRAL... hahahaha I do crack myself up.

Here's a close up of the fun fluff and the 3-tier expandable spice shelves. I also put the stamps that I am working on at the moment right in front of me. Sometimes I just put my new stamps up there because I have to oggle. I cannot say enough about the expandable shelves (I have two). When you craft in a small space such as I do real estate is prime and ya need to go vertical when you have to. They literally triple your s.f. surface area. I am not kidding.

Here is the next pic of my table moving right. More punch length I tell ya that curtain rod goes on forever. YAY. Item of note. See the label maker? I labeled it. hahahaha I crack myself up. I told ya.!?! Click on the pic to see the "Label".

The next couple of pics (below) are closeups of the clear office organizers I use for CREATION CENTRAL my copics are stored level on their sides and my SU markers are in the quad organizer. I'm a lucky girl. I love my copics but believe it or not my SU markers are still my first love.

SU markers:

Moving a little further right...below more of my table. Of note: little kitty tool mule. Another repurposed item. This is a clay pot supposed be be used for flowers. Well I saw a tool cup. Basically this is PAPER CENTRAL and my cutting station moving towards RIBBON CENTRAL now

And the final pic (below again) of my table. Cuttlebug and ribbon and SEWING CENTRAL. Yes I have a sew mini by Janome. I used some repurposed cabinet drawers and set them on the sides to use as bins again using vertical space for real estate. POST SCRIPT: I could have swore I just felt a tremor and NO its not because I was talking about my sew mini. I'll have to go check USGS site and look at the tremor map. That was wierd. Well there was one a little north of me but it shouldn't have been noticable. Probably my imagination. If we do have an earthquake I will probably have to take after pics and it won't be pretty people.

Here's a close up of SEWING CENTRAL

And RIBBON CENTRAL 1. Of note: Using my Crop-a-Dile I made a bunch of extra holes in my ribbon keepers and now all of my ribbon has a hole to thread through. Very innovative. I am sure it is MY invention. I found the slots provided weren't very efficient and I needed a ton more holes for my ribbon HENCE innovation invention. Click for a close up I tell you its GENIUS. I even put holes in the boxes that didn't have holes and made additional ribbon dispensers out of those. Thanks PINK HEDGEHOG AND RIBBON ADDICT JODY.

AND 2 (See the crop holes?)

I keep my clear sets in a 3-ring binder. I photo copy the key onto transparency sheets and insert the entire sheet into a top-loading sheet protector. Now all of my clear sets on in one place and I kind find them easily. Another GENIUS move I know.... don't thank me now.

Well this has been a long long post so sorry if I've completely bored you. But hey it's been REAL. Organizational summary. Go up, re-purpose, have everything visible and use clear. My number one thing with a craft space even if I had top of the line cabinetry and tons of room and such I would still h2h all of my stuff out where I can see it. It makes everything so accessible and user friendly. POST SCRIPT: Basically my craft room consist of two 8 foot office tables in a corner of my office. As you can see they can house everything you need to have a full service craft area. You don't need a lot of space to get crafty and have fun. I didn't take pics of my paper and underneath my tables. I will post those later.


March 20, 2008

Spring Joy

I had a play date with Vicki over at Crafty Secrets. She sent out 3 kits to 20 different peeps and we were supposed make something from what she sent. WELL unfortunately Mr. USPS did not deliver my kit in time so I didn't get to play. Never fear... even though it may not be the exact images we were supposed to use from the kit I decided to use what supplies I did have from Crafty Secrets and play along anyway (I wished I would have checked the original post before I got started, because I actually did have the exact images...maybe I will make another one). Don't ya' love kewpies ruby slippers?? and don't miss the funfluff bunny tummies and the ears details. ~enjoy

Spring Greetings!

Another card using stamps from Red Lead Paper Works. I just love the vintage feel of these stamps. They are so cute I practically didn't do anything to the stamped image itself. I added some accent colors to the scarves and the bonnet. And of course had to add some creative candy to her little Easter bonnet. Oh and on the cheap I made some more paper flowers with my SU 3-flower punch. I used glitter paper to make it look like the flowers were glittery. Again using one of my favorite color combos blue and yellow. Love love love. Technique's of note: Oh! how do you like how I used the basket weave corner punch? and I made some polka dot paper using the SU bg stamp with white craft ink on SU card stock. ~enjoy

March 19, 2008


WOW just when I didn't think it was possible? I've found a new F A V O R I T E stamp set. Just got my new Crafty Secrets "Sweet Kids" set in the mail today!! And I gotta tell ya'...I'm in L O V E. I used this sketch I saw over on Crafty Secrets Blog provided by MishMash. I punched little paper flowers (scroll down in this post to see the punch I used)out for her bonnet and put a tiny sparkle in the center of each flower. I think if you click on the pic it will enlarge for the detail. NOTE TO SELF: Don't run a 3-D creation through your cuttlebug. Yep I had the flowers and creative candy gems on the hat and decided to scallop the white matte. So I ran it through the cuttlebug and yepper you guess it flat flowers and even flatter bling. Yes, those little creative candy gems smash flat as a pancake too. I had to laugh. I scraped it off with my exacto knife and redid the pretty little paper flowers.


March 17, 2008

Hello Spring

I am so enjoying the colors in all of the papers and inks for this time of year. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better?? What with the colors of Christmas the gorgeous reds, greens and unconventional colors this year such as fuscia...and then Valentines still my heart. ...OMGolly... I mean Stampin Ups Real Red was my first love in SU card stock. Does Red get any truer than that? Then TODAY Happy St. Patti's day (NO MY SISTER IS NOT A SAINT) but knowing her she probably thinks today is HER day. Of course she does. Hi sissy Patti. Remember my sissy's? She's the 4th one on the right in this post. The one with that red hair that looks like she spent way too much time watching old episodes of Carol Burnett or her finger in a light socket. Next thing ya know she'll be tugging on her ear. But GREEN has got to be one of my favorite colors tooooo. Oh I give up I LOVE ALL OF THEM. Now Easter week is upon us and spring. A time of all things NEW. I love this time of year but then I love fall too. I love winter too now that I live in southern california. I love winter. Yep I love the snow it was reall perty on all you's blogs. Insert evil laugh here throw head back. I thought y'all had some real nice photos of ice on window sills, drifts a mile high, deep freeze.... It brought back fond DISTANT memories of days gone by when I lived in WISCONSIN. NOT. I do love winter I really do BUT I DON'T MISS IT. Nope it's really not something I miss. If I need a snow fix I just blog surf and look for my east coast and northern prissy pals that can share the love of the winter. But HEY this post is about SPRING. I do digress.... sometimes.... Anyway another card using the Red Lead sketch and stamper of that cute little bunny angel. I do love the vintage feel of these stamps. They are so me. But then from the looks of my collection....they are all so me... I love it all... I just can't decide which one I love. All of them. You can identify RIGHT? I used SU cs. The blue flower bling is from JoAnne's. I got a great big bag of flower embellies in the dollar bin. Love those. Sentiment Kitchen Sink Stamps 3-Step Bunny. I'm lovin' that set too because it has so many great sentiments. I've yet to figure out how to use the 3-step bunny. I have trouble with clear stamps sometimes. But I am gonna keep practicing. I love the color combo of this card. I've always loved yellow and blue together though. hehe.

Post Script: edited to add I figured out the honey bunny problem I was having. I was missing a stamp step and so he didn't have eyes. Now when I use all of the stamps required he looks fine. haha

March 16, 2008

CyberLove Sunday - Me First - Me First -

Hey PR!SSy Pals I've decided to host a new weekly challenge. It's really really easy and just might make someone's day. I've decided to make Sunday's "CyberLove Sunday". Here's some examples of how you can complete this challenge.
  • Create a blog post about a fellow crafter or blogger showcasing something they have created. Create a link to their blog.
  • Then go over to the featured artist and leave a nice comment and let them know what you did.
  • Plus anyone who reads your post has to go leave a comment on the featured artists/bloggers page.
Give a fellow artist some attention.

You game? I hope so. Nope no blog candy (yet). No enticements. Just a request to motor everyone into some thoughtfulness and doing something nice for someone else....ya know RAK

I do have some strings though. Leave a comment on my blog under the "CyberLove Sunday" post and let me know how you showed some cyberlove on Sunday.

As this evolves I may create a button to display for your blogs and I may even offer blog candy once in a while.

Won't you be a PR!SSy Pal and help MissPriss spread the CyberLove???

Me First..........

This post is about a co-worker of mine Allison A.

Post Script: I have now backlinked to Allisons online gallery over at SCS.

Ok sorry she doesn't have a blog or I would linkback to her but she is a creative chick and does some really really cute schtuff. In fact over Christmas she brought some schtuff to work to show me and it was soooooooo super cute I had to snap a picture of it with my camera phone. I've been meaning to upload these for her and so now I am finally getting around to it. Not only that it's a perfect time since I am doing "CyberLove Sunday" now. There are so many details to this little project I don't even know where to begin. This might need to be a case of a picture speaks a thousand words. Allison altered this C U T E Crafty Secrets Sweet Chips Little House for her Nana and had it in the mail in time for the holidays. I am sure her Nana L O V E D it. In fact I'm not sure how I didn't steal it from her before she mailed it. This first picture is the of the front of the little house. Little SU Mousy is greeting all of his guests.

This second picture is of one of the sides. Aren't her shutters sweet and her little flower garden on the side of the house. I especially love the Cuttlebug roof. It makes it look like a little Gingerbread house with lifesavers on top.

This third picture showcases the backside of the house. More cute little creatures in the flower garden. Looks like the birdie got a heart instead of a worm. I especially like the kitty sitting in the window. I believe that is an image from Technique Tuesday set called the dog and pony show. I thought the use of vellum to make a window was brilliant!!!

Here's one shot of the inside of the little house. She had the walls papered with all sorts of cute paper cutouts from Crafty Secrets. Like I said I only had a few good pictures using my cameraphone. It was so much cuter IRL. I hope you enjoy my first installment of CyberLove Sundays!!!

Happy "CyberLove Sunday". Now go spread the love...


Ok. the last and final submission using the sketch from Anna's Happy Sketch Challenge. In this card I used Rosie Roadshow images "Walter" the frog. He's so funny. All stamps Rosie including the shamrocks and the sentiment. Ingredients: All paper SU, dp LSS, SU buttons, Markers/Airbrush Copic, Nestabilities scallop. To make the sky I masked the stamped images and airbrush the sky with Copic color Frost Blue B00 (that's B zero zero) or you could call it BOO blue. hahahaha. I crack myself up. Also uploaded to the Challenge Gallery Keyword SMDSC03 @ SCS.

Spammers be Dammer

Well I've been spammed again and somehow must have gotten on someone's spam list because I now get spammed regularly. UNFORTUNATELY blog moderation is on. No word verification. I've been meaning to start a practice of answering comments as they come in so I think this will be a good time to open the dialogue. Yay.

March 15, 2008

Lucky You

One more for the Sketch Challenge over at Anna Wight's I sure did have fun with it and it sure did get me out of my uninspired pity party I was having for oh a nano second. I still have one more to post for this challenge but that will have to wait until tomorrow. I finally used a sentiment from define your life from SU. I love that set and can't wait to use it more. So many stamps so little time. ~enjoy

I also uploaded these to my SCS gallery keyword SMDSC03

March 14, 2008


Folksie bunny take 2. As I said below on the Anna challenge thread when making this card... I thought I should have made the green matte wider. Well in my OCD kind of way I did a remake and I do like it better. So for my second submission (stay tuned because I did 3 more) to Anna's Happy Challenge here it is... I changed it up a bit by using a different sentiment. Another sentiment from the 3-step bunny set by Kitchen Sink Stamps.

March 13, 2008

A Hoppy Sketch Challenge

Nothing like a good mail day (see Ellen Hutson's SOTM, that's Stamp of the Month) and Kitchen Sink stamps (3 step honey bunny-more designs to come using this set so cute) to wrastle me out of a funk and a friendly challenge. Thanks to my PR!SSy cyberpal Anna Wight and a great sketch that I could CASE (that's copy and share with everyone for those of you who live under a rock in PR!SSyland and DON'T know what that means!). I've purchased tons of items over at Ellen' s webstore but never the whole kit'nkaboodle stamp of the month. I mean at the minimum I could justify the stamp because lardy knows I have enough of my own paper and ribbon and such. Never could I justify the entire kit. Well this month I decided to live dangerously and yepper I bought the whole kit'nkaboodle. It came with the Lockhart chocolate spotted folk bunny (so folkartish love it), a 10-pack of memory box cotton candy pink cardstock w/envies, the new 6x6 memory box sprout paper pack oh and some chocolate ribbon and few OTHER items. I mean sriously you can check it out via the link I have provided I don't REALLY need to gush over the dete's. Anyhow as you can see I grabbed some inspiration from everywhere tonight and what fun it was.... enjoy!

Here's Annas sketch for the challenge:

Here's my submission (oops now that I look at it side by side I should have made the green matte a little wider on all sides.... phewy...:

March 12, 2008

My Mojo is so gone

Does anyone else have that problem of turning on the creative juices and off again when ya have to work. I work in a very left brain position and the right brain gets stuck when I have to stop and start so much. Sometimes I come into my craft studio after work and I just sit here like a lump staring at all my fun toys but draw a blank on any ideas. It's been happening since Saturday big time. It's very depressing. HELP. Post script: Well I didn't have much creativity to begin with maybe that's part of the problem. I'm not that creative anyway. I was so depressed about my slump I even thought of giving all of my stuff away or selling it or something because I don't deserve it if I'm not using it. Ack!!!

No moderator or verification

Ok I decided I am going to give the spammers one more chance and expect great things from them. ie no more virus comments. It only happened once and it was a fluke. So for now I am going to leave my blog open for comments with no moderator or verification required. Cross my fingers that it won't happen again.... I hate controlling everything I just want to leave it be.... stay tuned

March 11, 2008

Word Verification Back ON! and a Poll

I never thought I would have to do it but one of my comments was spam and it was a virus to boot (thankfully I have virus protection) so regretfully I have put word verification back on for commenting =(. I couldn't decide if I should do moderation or verification? Moderation is where the posts don't show up until I approve them. Verification is where you have to type in a secret code of mixed letters in order to post. Which would you prefer moderation or verification? Let me know and I will set it accordingly. Maybe I will do a poll.

Post Script: Ok I've added a poll just above this post. It will be up for a week ending at 18 Mar 2008.


March 06, 2008

Hoppy Spring!

I just wanted to take a photo of this card and upload it quickly before I give it away tomorrow to a co-worker for her birthday. It's a one of a kind so I needed to take a picture for future reference. I usually make more than one of any design and save one for my "card catalog" for future reference... aka hoarding. hehehehehehe throw head back and insert evil laugh that sounds more like ararar... like a pirate sort of. I think this turned out very pretty. The bunny comes from a recently retired SU set (I've been meaning to use) that another friend gave me for a gift... Michelle from "out on a limb". Since we are talking about Michelle from "out on a limb" calling all blog pals...why don't ya all run over there and leave a comment and show her some L O V E. She's feeling a tad bit deserted and abandoned over there. She's fairly new to blogging but was really excited to start blogging in hopes of lots of comments and interaction with others in this paper crafting community. Come on ya'll I know you can do it...make someones day....go say hi.... go comment... show some love.... She gets a whole one comment and I get two but ya know what I don't mind because I started this blog because I was bored (kidding) and I know ya'll are reading cause I can count my hits. Anyway I DIGRESS as usual. Without further ado back to the card. The little chicks are from a My Favorite Things set that I L O V E. Those little peeper chicks were just so dern adorable. Remember this post? I didn't think so. But click on the link and it will refresh you memory. Those little guys are just the epitome of C U T E. I used fun fluff, and twinkle dots and a little pom pom puffer for the tail. I made a lacy looking paper ribbon on the bottom edge with MS border punch oh I CASEd the sketch from another really cool site RED LETTER PAPER WORKS CATALOG they are a really cool scrapbooking store and mixed media store based out of St. Louis my old stomping ground. Sure wish they were on my radar screen when I lived in the area. I have an order coming from them soon and I can't wait to get it (more hoarding). I ordered the bunny angel stamp, the three spring chicks image and some trinkets. I'll post my good mail when I get it. I just kept adding and adding and adding to this card and I could probably keep adding to it because I was having so much fun but it's late and I need to work tomorrow yay it's Friday. YAY. Oh also I am addicted to the paisley bg stamp from SU. It almost looks like the A Muse maideira print from a distance. That was a happy accident in a way. It's a stretch but that's what I thought it looked when I was photographing it. I don't know why I keep pitching all of these stores .... I don't get compensated in anyway... I am just a big fan that's all... just being nice.... I think that is all the dete's for now. Sorry such a quick and run on post but I am tarred. As usual the pic leaves a lot to be desired. My lighting is off and I don't really have a spot to take pictures at. ~enjoy

March 01, 2008

Recipe Tutorial ~ Fanny's Famous Pork Chop & Sour Kraut Casserole

This is one of my all time favorite comfort foods. This recipe was passed down for generations from my maternal Grandmother, Fanny. (ok so I embellished my story and I just made that up....creative license and what's wrong with embellishments... anyone got any glitter?) But truthfully she is my favorite Gram's of all time (God rest her soul). Ok I only had one that I knew because my dad's mom died in childbirth when he was just a boy. Sad I never knew her. Funny now that I think about it I don't think I've even seen a picture of her. Odd. hhhmmm think I might have to check into that one. Now for the's really really simple just a few ingredients.

Depending upon the size of clan you are feeding or if you want to make a big batch for the week. I usually make a brownie pan or lasagna pan size batch which is a 9x12 glass dish and 8-10 chops.
Fanny's Famous Pork Chop & Sour Kraut Casserole
  • 6-12 center cut pork chops - trim the fat and brown on both sides with a couple of tablespoons of vegetable oil.
  • 1-2 large jars of sour kraut (any kind you prefer) drained
  • 1 onion chopped
  • Brown sugar to taste
  • Mustard to taste
  • 1-2 cans of cream soup (again any flavor mushroom, chicken or celery) I think celery adds a great flavor
  • T=Tablespoon
  • t=teaspoon
Start out by browning the pork chops in a couple of Ts of oil on both sides. You don't have to worry about cooking the pork chops thoroughly because we will bake them again later.

Chef tip: To stretch your food budget cut center pork chops in half the long way to double your servings. I did this with these and ended up with 12 total later on for the dish.

While the pork chops are browning... assemble your other ingredients

Drain the sour kraut in a strainer and chop the onion

Stir chopped onion, brown sugar and the mustard (you can use yellow mustard just so happens I had Dijon on hand) into the sour kraut. I just stirred it in the strainer so as not to dirty another bowl. I just season to taste and this time turns out it could have used more brown sugar.

Coat your dish with a little Pam for easier clean up later. Especially around the edges. I use Pam for everything.

Chef Tip: Spray your spatula with Pam when cooking eggs over-easy. That way your spatula won't stick to the eggs and they will slide off quickly and minimize another possibility to break. Little known factoid about missprissy: I can't cook eggs over-easy to save my life.....they are invariably over cooked or broken.

Spread the seasoned sour kraut mixture in the bottom of the dish

Top with a layer of browned pork chops

Using a spatula spread cream soup over the pork chops (full strength do not dilute the soup with water or milk). Use 1-2 cans of cream soup depending upon the size of your batch. I used one this time but turns out it could have used 2.

Cover with aluminum foil and bake in 375 Oven for 30-45 minutes or until bubbly. Remove the foil during the last 10-15 minutes to brown the top. Enjoy!

I like to serve this with a side of potato perogis and some gravy, hot rolls YUM!!

I used packet gravy...


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