February 24, 2008

Don't Peek ;D...

...if you are a part of Durcan Design's ATC swap and you don't want to see my submission. (click on any photo to enlarge for details) LOL I just love how these turned out. I decided to use some of the new JJ stamps that I just got for my birthday, see this post. The swap was no vendor restrictions and with at least 2 layers. I had fun making these and I learned something new too. Using JJ Chef Bella I wanted to incorporate the vintage colors red, turquoise and black. Just love that color combo. I wanted to use a white on black base and I just didn't have the pattern paper I was looking for. GO FIGURE! So duh lightbulb went off and I decided to use one of my SU backgrounders (the paisley print) on black cs with white craft ink. So using my brayer I stamped the black cs with white craft ink. It turned out to be just what I was looking for. I learned that white craft ink stamped on black card stock is B E A U T I F U L! Will definitely be using it again. I stamped Chef Bella with a permanent black ink, colored her shirt with a turquoise su marker to give it the vintage apron feel. I was also very happy to use some of my scrap ribbon. I just love my little "ribbon bursts" that I created by using 4 different ribbons to create the bow. I also used liquid appliqué for the chef hat. Sorry for the blurriness of the photos. I think my camera is on it's last leg. Enjoy...misspriss~

Cast of characters:

11 ATCs later...

February 22, 2008

Specimen Box

I scored one of the small Martha Stewart specimen boxes at Ms the other day on sale (I bought the butterfly punch with my coupon). I've been wanting to make a knock off of one of these. I saw over on Ali Edwards blog. I just loved it when I saw it and plus it allowed me to use a bunch of different paper. I needed a present for my no. 1 D's b'day and I thought this was perfect for her. I wanted her to remember how she is a free as a butterfly to follow her dreams everytime she looks at it. Plus, she just got a new apartment and it's a little sumpin' sumpin' for a housewarming for her new pad. Mine is much smaller and not near as nice or symmetrical as the original (I tried but I whipped it up the morning of her b'day, as usual, no time). Actually mine pales in comparison...but it's so pretty and I want to make another one for me. I am sure my friend Michelle is going to love this being the bio major that she is. I think it is 5"x5" in size. One of the little butterflies has a bird on it because my daughters nick name is lilibird. Pronounced leeleebird.

February 17, 2008

Happy Birthday My Favorite No. 1 Daughter

Well she is my favorite no. 1 daughter. My second daughter is my favorite no. 2 daughter. hehe. I told you February is a banner month for us. I mentioned in an earlier blog post I am a triple winner in Feb with my b'day, anniversary and valentines day. Well I stand corrected because I am in actuality a quadruple winner. My first born was born today the 17th of February 1980. She is 28 today. Whew seems like it's impossible for me to have a child that age. I can only say that she is definitely my kindred spirit. She has the best nature, is quiet and kind. Her energy is always so positive when she walks in a room it immediately becomes serene and peaceful. She just has that quiet calm about her. I don't really know how to explain it other than to say she is very much a peaceful spirit. She has always known exactly what she wanted out of life and went for it fearlessly. She has been on forward motion since birth, non-stop in a good way. We are so blessed to have her in our lives. Words cannot describe how much we love her and are proud of her. Happy Birthday honey!! p.s. in lieu of grandchildren I have a cat. ;D (temporarily I hope)

The traditional angel's food cake that is her favorite for her birthday. This year we made cupcakes. Strawberry shortcake by request..

Here's the birthday girl and with my only grandchild err I meant cat, punkin'. We call him punky

Make a wish

May all of your wishes come true.

This card is so perfect. Her sister picked this up for her birthday card and seems how the b'day girl is a Hairdresser by trade. This card sentiment was so perfect. Have a good hare day. haha


February 12, 2008

My Mother the Convert

Ok I think I have successfully converted my mother to the cult of paper crafting. hehe. I must say she's done really well. These are all of her cards that she made. She picked out everything for them. From the stamps, ribbon, sentiments. Ok I got her started with the sketch, embossing and die cutting. The rest was all her. I love the bee mine. How cute is that? Love the non traditional colors on that one too. Just a quick post tonight I might update the deets later. Somebody has to be blogging this week seems how EVERYBODY ELSE AND THEIR NEIGHBOR IS AT CHA. That's allright really I'm fine... no problem... I didn't really need to go to THAT.... bitter party of one your table is ready.

Liquid appliqué on the cupcake, Micheal's $1 bin stamps, all paper stampin' up

Stampin up stamps and paper, A Muse sentiment

Stampin up stamps and paper, A Muse sentiment

Stampin up stamps and paper, Karen Foster snap-stamp sentiment

Stampin up stamps and paper, A Muse sentiment, Michaels ribbon

February 11, 2008

Friendship Valentine kind of

I just made 6 of these for my moms friends valentines. They are a bit off the norm ie not using the typical valentine colors or hearts but I think that they are pretty. I found inspiration for this card from this site on the web.

February 09, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!...Sights and Sounds

February is such a great month for me. I am a triple winner. I celebrate my anniversary, my birthday and valentines day. I absolutely love valentines day. It's such a great holiday. I love everything about it... the love, the colors, hearts OMG what's not to love. Pun's intended. I love February. I love amethyst, I love the month, I love my birthday. It is just such a special month for me. I am not sure how the hubby feels. hahaha. He as to get busy 3 times all in a matter of a couple of weeks. Yikes. But he usually does a pretty good job. Flowers and candy to go around all month long practically. Probably not the best month to beg off sugar and flower. hahaha I meant flour. Freudian slip?

The hubbers and me. Remember this post?
29 years later still as cute as ever. ;D

Tea dress

Jam jars and jellies. Grams and grandaughter

Mr. Crow

There we are...the girls. Wow what a special picture 3 generations my 2 girls, me, my mom

I just love an old fashion candy store. Yum we picked up some goodies from here.

The main man. My Prince. (hehe that's really his name). Isn't he GREAT. OMG my guardian angel I REALLY REALLY don't know what I will do without him. L O V E him to pieces.

These are real. Daffodils my favorite flower. How nice the universe saw fit to put these in my day.

My adopted daughter and daughter (R). This is my daughter's friend Mardi-J but I call her my adopted daughter. She came to help me celebrate my big 5 0.

Me and moms

Here we are... this one is definitely a keeper

February 08, 2008

Some more JJ Love from my PRISSy Pal Allison A. for my B'day

As promised here are more pics of my total haul that came today for my b'day. I tell ya the people at JJ are the best. They included a pack of RAK cards with my gift that were to die for and amazing....see...In addition to the February bundle I received I also received "chef Bella" and "chicklet chef" HOW CUTE ARE THOSE? Already have a home on my new stamp shelves. Allison even added another companion sentiment to the bundle that says "Happy Birthday with Sprinkles on Top" in the quintessential JJ mixed font free style

Is this not adorable?

A card using the February bundle:

I feel so avant gard with this next card

I just love the wheels on the pumpkin below making it into a carriage, so clever...I hope to find some hocus pocus on my b'day maybe making me skinnier and younger at the same time. Yikes

If I knew who to thank over at JJ for these wonderful RAKs I would but they arrived anonymously so I can only thank everyone!!

It's gonna be one lonely week in blogoland for sure

I can't believe how desolate it is gonna be in blogoland with CHA going on and everything. I must be the only one not attending and it's in my own backyard. I cannot wait until we get to see all of the new stuff that will be coming our way and the pictures that I am sure other PRISSy pals are gonna share on their blogs. For one I am especially excited about the Crafty Secrets new stamps sets that are coming out (a whopping 12 sets). The sneak peaks have been A M A Z I N G. Scroll down in this post to see the sneak peak of the latest stamp sets they are getting ready to release. I see my name on at least half of them for starters. Of course I would rather have it all, but half will have to do. Go check it out. They are cool. I'm not a paid endorser in anyway of CS just a number one fan!!

Just JoHanna February Real Deal

Tomorrow, February 9th is my birthday and one of my PICs aka Partner's in Crime alias PRISSy pal Allison A., (Hi Allison) smart one that she is ordered this deal for me from JustJohanna's (JJ). Does she know me and is this cool or what? For one thing this is SO SUPER NICE of her and WAY too much. But I do love love love it. I was so excited about it I just had to post this for now but MORE pics to come because in JJs package included with the stamps are some really and I mean really cool cards. I don't know if this is normal (packaged with all orders) or extra but they were nice. Allison also got me a couple of additional stamps to go with the February Special Bundle Deal going on over at JJ so when I get pictures taken I will upload the entire package contents that came. Stampin buddies know that's all we want for our birthday's more stamps and PRISSy stuff pleazzzzze.


February 03, 2008

I Dig You

Isn't this the cutest groundhog? My dh got this for me for our anniversary. Yes he also got me all of the other standard issue... flowers... and other nice things... but this little guy was my favorite. It's so funny because I've just recently started embracing the fact that our anniversary falls on groundhog day. For years it was embarrassing really...can you imagine? Joe public: oh what day did you get married on? Me: groundhog day. It was just embarrassing. I don't know why I felt that way. Now it doesn't bother me, in fact now it's our little joke and we laugh about it. it's kind of like our special day. WHO ELSE would EVER get married on that day? Score! He found this little guy and it makes me laugh. Who knew you could find a groundhog with a heart on it. How perfect is that? Plus it was ironic we both got each other something with a groundhog holding a heart for each other. See this post here.

Here's a side view so you can see the full shot. My dog wants this bad but I punished him to stay away.

Are You Ready for some Foodball...er an I meant Football

Hi everyone! Happy Superbowl Sunday. Well I lost my F O C U S like a laser beam. Just throw health and fitness out the window. I turned into a real FOODIE today. I don't know call me crazy but I was in the mood to cook today, which is a very rare occurrence being that I work full time (wft). If you inverted the t and the f and made it wtf.... instead of wft... it could stand for something else but I will keep it clean on the blogosphere. ROFL. Thanks Pioneer Woman for blowing my F O C U S...nice goin'. I just thought I would share some photos of the superbowl spread I just put on. Now if I could just stay out of the kitchen and do something fun like craft.... I got my menu and all of the recipes from another blog I've been following and just discovered "Pioneer Woman Cooks". Apparently from the looks of it I am the last one to stumble upon her blog as she gets close to 3000 comments on a post. Geesh She is one popular gal and rightly so she has an amazing site with lots of fun stories and tons of info including recipes. Enjoy, I think these dishes turned out great....

Better than $#* chicken wings with blue cheese and ranch dip. Veggies to cool it down but they weren't hot at all.

Bacon wrapped cheese stuffed jalapeños with raspberry dip. Don't you love my green plaid dish that I got at a garage sale for 25cents? One of a kind I just love that plate. These weren't hot either just flavorful. Pioneer woman recommends running 13 miles after this meal..Yum

Turtle Brownies - box - I burnt them but that is my signature I always burn at least one dish. Not on purpose I lose my focus when I am busy.

Quesadillas and all the fixin's. How do you like my little lamb toothpick holder? I've had this forever too another garage sale find.

Plated...let's eat...Like I said focus out the window but it was a dern great menu enjoyed by all.

~29 Years Ago and counting?

Happy Anniversary to US! Wow a lifetime ago today my dh (I know I know you're thinking wow you look way too young to have been married 29 years??? I started when I was 12 ok?....NO just kidding) and I tied the knot in a tiny ceremony with just us and a few friends. This picture is not from that day but it is one taken in the same decade and the only one I could find to dust off and use for today. (I scanned it in... isn't it amazing what technology can do... look how clear this photo is) It's one of my favorite pictures of my hubby and I so I thought I would share it with you.... Why was I wearing the drapes from gramma's living room? Actually I loved this dress at the time. You can't see it in the picture that well but the flowers are (I think) great big magnolia or peony blooms and there are these little folds that drape over the hips. It's really cute. I called it my tea time dress because I looked like a little china doll. No kidding. I still have this dress in hopes that I would fit into it again someday. That would be a miracle. I don 't know what I was doing with my eyes in this photo either (kind of squinty, I probably had a headache I had 2 little babies by this time and I was tarred I am sure and trying to act like I didn't need any sleep hehe) This photo was taken at an awards ceremony we were at for my hubby's work (he got them all that night it was crazy there was this big display in the front of the room with 20 wooden plaques and they kept calling his name) They were for best sales, most sales, best supporting sales, best newcomer...yadayada you know all of those. Well it was hilarious. He kept walking up to the front of the room to accept his awards. The wait staff bored out of their minds voted us the best looking couple that night, the best dressed couple that night and the best dancers.... They walked up to us and told us they were bored so they held a little contest amongst themselves it was quite a complement. We were in Orlando, Fla at a resort in Disney for the banquet. We were flattered. I must admit I had a lot of fun that night. Oh memories back in the day. Doesn't my husband look all handsome and happy? Young love, how sweet it is!

... yes it just happened to fall on Groundhog day no less. What fun because I love those little groundhogs... That's why I created an anniversary card using this one.... I tried to make it a bit manly with the blue... but baby blue? Not so much. What the heck it turned out sweet anyway. Inside says I Love You, Happy Anniversary to complete the phrase...Simply Said from the Heart on the front...

I also tried this rendition but went back to my original design because I thought it was cuter using the groundhog since our anniversary does fall on groundhog day. Ok so I know it's an opossum in the stamp image but I took creative license. It's my party.... I doodled a tie and a bow to the love birds.... so they look like they are stepping out in their Sunday best for their anniversary. Aren't Anna's Love Birds cutezy cutezy?

Sketch CASEd from a post shown by Laura Meader a staff reporter for Craft Critique
Stamps: Whipper Snapper (Anna's Birds) and SU
Misc: Paper

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February 02, 2008

WELL as Long as We're Having a Wedding Theme Today on the BLOG....

In honor of my anniversary a bit of comedy for perspective.... I apologize in advance if this should offend ANYONE or if you happen to be related to anyone in these photos. Really I'm sorry... I post these with the best possible intentions ROFL>>>

Well I finally dusted off some of those old wedding pictures I was talking about in an earlier post. This is just so wrong... ;( You really need to click on them to get all of the fine details. I'm sure someone photoshopped these. I mean come on all the way down to the flip flops? Some computer geek very bored one day.

I also found the newspaper article of the engagement announcement. I especially like the sentiment on my fiances t-shirt. So warm and loving...if I throw a stick will you leave...

I highly recommend this 4 tiered cake. So easy peasy to pull off, Martha would be so proud of me - Enjoy


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