June 15, 2013

What I've been up to lately...


Just chick'n  From Millan.Net  in to see if anybody's out there.... hello hello hello hello.  (think echo-sound).  My little blog is woefully neglected but every now and then I like to pop-in with some blews (blews=blog news, I just made that up).  LOL, still crackin myself up.  What I've been up to lately?  That is the question.  Awhile ago, I took a class at my mostest favorite stamp store ever!!! ---> Papertales (hi Michelle) with my mostest favorite teacher/designer ever, ---> Debby Schuh.  I'm taking this ---> class in July!!  Can't wait.  Anyway, the journal was called 'Recipe of Me' and could be used to hold stories of people, places and events that made up 'me'.   However, I decided to modify and use it for a recipe holder all of my favorite, well-worn, family heirloom recipes.  I think its perfect for it!  

I've been meaning to transfer all of the recipes I love to recipe cards (either 4 x 6 or 5 x 8, whichever fits better) and include in my journal.  Some I will print out and some I am going to handwrite.  My personal recipes and family heirloom recipes will be handwritten.  I've assembled a stack of all of my favorite recipes.  Some are my favorites, some have been printed off the internet, some from family/friends.  

Front cover.  Tablescape w/candles, hen, handwriting samples

Dessert Section

Breakfast Section

This is kind of a four part entry.  A tag card slides into this page for the Soup & Stew Section:


Pull the card out from the page.  See my section tag?


I will keep all of my Soup & Stew recipes here.  I made a flap on the bottom inch of the tag card by folding it up approx an inch.  That way when I pull the tag out of the envelope the recipes come up with it.   I wanted to store several recipes in this envelope so the flap contains them easier.


I made blank recipe card templates (of course I did) digitally (in MSWord) using (download font here --->) 'Old Typewriter' font style.  It's one of my favorite fonts to use for papercrafting and adds to the vintage feel I'm going for.  What I love about my recipe card templates is I made them in several sizes, 3x5, 4x6 and 5x8.  I can use whichever size works best for the page I'm using in my journal.  They are fully editable and can be modified as needed.  I also made them double-wide (or long ,,)) with a dotted line for the fold.  So would that make them 6x5, 8x6 and 10x8??? OMG nevermind.  I can either type in the recipe and printout or print blank recipe cards and handwrite.  I can also add clipart or borders if I like.  So far, I've kept mine plain with just the classic blue lines and red borderline.  I plan on customizing sometime.  Aren't they cute?  I printed them out on cardstock to make them sturdier.


I think this journal lends itself very well for 'favorite recipes'.  I made category tabs as needed.  I printed them out using the first couple of rows from my recipe card template.  I added clipart to the category headings as you can see.

 I hope you enjoyed your visit!!  Leave a comment (with email address) and I will email a digital copy of my recipe card templates for you.



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