April 28, 2008

T-3 days and counting.... Paper Tales Boutique and a Poll (above)

Since I don't have any of my own B-news (that's blog news) to report why not give some more blink (that's blog ink) to Paper Tales. I had a couple of questions ask to me as to whether they would be carrying altered art time items in addition to stamping and scrap schtuff. To tell you the truth I really don't know what they are going to carry besides the usual suspects in all things PRISSy. HOWEVER, they do have a new blog that is here and it has a sneak peak post of some of the items in their store (some of the items look like they might be altered artesk genre'). YIKES I AM SO FLIPPIN EXCITED. From the looks of this I finally have a FULL SERVICE A MUSE RETAILER AND CRAFTY SECRETS. Most of my current LSS do carry these items but only in small sections and never the full line of papers etc. Wowser it looks like it is going to be a really really nice place. Can't wait until the first. Should I camp out on the sidewalk so I can be the first customer? I am thinking that might be a cool idea.

Click on the photo and it will take you right to the new weblog.

If you haven't already done so...be sure and check out Michelle and Helle's other blogs too.

April 25, 2008

Blink Blink Blink

Haha blog ink (BLINK, remember?) alert. Well me and the PRISSy Pals are S U P E R excited WHY because some other PRISSy Pals Michelle White over at Paper Tales and Helle over at Pink Latteland are opening a store in our neighborhood. (Even though I am still MAD at Helle 'cause she won the big kahuna last year for Amuseapalooza something like $250 worth of A Muse Stamps, she stole it from me... no wonder she's opening a store she needed SOMEWHERE to store ALL of those stamps. I'm not bitter really) I thought I'd give some blink to the peeps because anyone opening up a new place for us PRISSy Pals to hang out is my new BPPF. What's that you say? Best Prissy Pals Forever OF COURSE. So if you are ever in the San Diego area.... make sure you pop in and say HI to these two gals. I've never met them IRL cause you know they are my VIRTUAL BPPFs but half the time ya feel like you know these people cause ya' follow their blogs year round. Blogoland is like that in a weird way. That is such with modern life. But I can't wait to meet some blogoland friends IRL and I am sure we will see a lot of each other now that they are opening up a store in my neck of the woods. woohoo

April 19, 2008

Green Earth - Warning Artsy Fartsy

It's an Earth Thing!!! and NO I will not apologize for the use of my stickles ;p. I like them and I will use them at will liberally when the mood strikes me. This is my sample for the next Earth Day Challenge over at JJ Ya'll should really go check 'em out. This challenge we were supposed to go green, check out Debbie's blog...simple enough...I decided to do a "get well soon" card for Mother Earth. I hope she feels better soon! I used the 2007 Earth Day Stamp from JJ again as a background stamp. If you click on the card you can see how I used it on both the yellow and the green. See the little JJ chef on the chicken bowl with her spoon. She's spooning up a nice hot serving of chicken soup for the earth's soul. I hope you like!!



Happy Earth Day - Dianne's Egg Carton Challenge

Still having fun with the JJ Earth Day celebrations!! For this challenge card we were to re-use egg cartons in our designs. I stamped last year's limited edition JJ Earth Day stamp (that I won last Earth Day over at Julie's blog Lost Luggage) onto a piece of the egg carton. I lined it up so the earth was right over the words "Carton Made From 100% Reclaimed Paper" I just love how the JJ stamped globe (our earth) image encloses the graphic image from the egg carton. Clever huh? So in honor of Earth Day I wanted to remind everyone to R E C Y C L E, R E U S E, Remember the futon click on this and the word re-purpose to see it again because it was brilliant!! R E P U R P O S E! It can be really really fun. I used all scraps to make my card again. Remember the EARTH means everything to us so be sure and live consciously.

I wanted to evoke a healthy colorful world full of flowers, blue skies and starry nights because we are all taking care of our world and it will last us a long time.

Detail of the image stamped on egg carton(above)

This final image I colored owlie in and he is crying because he is worried about our planet. Don't make our owlie's sad... please take care of our earth.... do it everyday and make sure everyone else does too. Click on any image to enlarge for detail.


Happy Earth Day - Emilia's Challenge

JustJohanna is having a bunch of challenges today for Earth Day. I am going to participate as much as I can hopefully participating in all of the challenges. Because I HAVE TO WIN stamps. My wishlist is 10 miles long for JJ stamps so HOPEFULLY I will win the big kahuna $250 worth of JJ stamps and I can finally get all of them that I NEED. Last year I won the limited edition Earth Day stamp so stay tuned for something created with it in honor of Earth Day. Of course I need to win this years Limited edition stamp because I WILL h2h them all for a set. hint hint.

Prizes -

The participants from each of the blog challenges will be entered into the grand prize drawing for the following items:

One (1) grand prize of a $250 justjohanna shopping spree. It's MINE all MINE

One (1) second prize of a $50 justjohanna gift certificate.

Five (5) third prizes of 25% off coupons for the justjohanna online store.

One (1) limited edition Al in Space rubber stamp for the winner of each of the individual challenges. H2H

Emilia's challenge was to recycle and use coffee sleeves in your card. I didn't have a coffee sleeve so I used recycled paper and I also use scraps. I crimped it to make it look like the coffee sleeve. All other parts of the card recycled scraps were used also. I modified the JJ sentiment to read HaPPy EArtHdAy with sPRinkLes on toP. Cute huh?

Using recycled scraps, paper and my crimper to look like coffee sleeves (pic above)

Detail on the play on sentiment (above)

enjoy missprissY! Good luck everyone but I still HOPE I WIN. =D

April 16, 2008

You Mean Everything to Me and a Memorium


Me and Uncle Harry

If you knew my Uncle Harry you would know that this photo of him in the red flannel shirt and equally impressive red hat was QUINTESSENTIAL Harry. Every time he came for a visit he had some kind of gorgeous hat and shirt on. I think he was always trying to impress the ladies. What a CUTEY. Look at that little grin he has. He always had that little mischievous grin on his face too. He was quite the handsome fellow and if you could have seen him in his younger years wowser. Look at that head of hair too. He had my gramma Fanny's eyes. He was just such a special person. He also sported a long long pony tail and with that gorgeous hair he could get away with it. He always looked native American Indian to me but that was probably just his Italian in him from my Gramma's side Fanny Evangelisto-Plunkett.

My uncle had a large family and lived a very very hard life. He lost his oldest and first born son to a tragic accident when he was only 20. He spent the balance of his life giving back to his kids. You see...he wasn't a very nice person while they were growing up because he was a mean alcoholic. But he quit drinking over 30 years ago and spent the rest of his life making it up to his kids in every way he could. He was a completely different person after he quit drinking and he never touched a drop again ever. I just loved him soooo much and commend him for making his amends and turning his life around. He never spent another minute hurting anyone and it just goes to show you it can be done.

Oddly, today is my dad's birthday. Having them both on my mind today I made a card to send to my dad and in honor of my Uncle Harry. I think this card could have been appropriate to send for both. I used SUs "Always" set and sentiment that says.... You Mean Everything to Me.... inside I used the forever in my mind, always in my heart.

Good bye my friend...until we meet again...on a happy note now I know I have another guardian angel up there. Let's just hope he sends me some digits (winning lottery numbers that is.... now get busy Harry for your favorite niece hehe =D)

Removing Administrator Approval on Comments

I've decided to remove the comment approval parameter. I haven't received any spam comments in a while so we will see how it goes. ~best, misspriss

April 13, 2008

Don't Peek ;D...ATC Zone

Don't look now if you are in the latest Durcan Designs ATC swap and don't want to see them yet. Mine are in the mail and thought I'd post mine. (Click on any picture to enlarge for detail) Very simple design using one of my favorite sentiments from Hampton Arts. I wanted it to look like a little picture frame so I added the string for hanging. Hopefully it can be hung lovingly in art studios across the globe.... well that's lofty.... I embossed the A in Art with gold embossing powder and also used Crystal Effects to make it 3-d and to pop. I also sponged in 2-colors for my ink. I used some of my favorite dsp from Basic Grey, Recess, 6x6 pad. The stamp is from Hampton Arts but I don't think it is available anymore. I purchased mine off of e-bay a while back. I hope you like and I also hope the swappers like it too. I can't wait to see what everyone else has done. This is my second swap with Tracy and all of the ATCs from the first swap were such high quality and so cute. You can't tell but there is blue in these too.

This is a fuzzy picture to show the detail (is that an oxymoron fuzzy/detail?) of the Crystal Effects on the "A" in Art


Definition of Bees Knees

Duh? I googled my question regarding what is the meaning behind the sentiment "Your the Bees Knees" and basically it means You're the best! Here is the buzz (wink) from the Urban Dictionary

Bee's knees means the best, as bees carry pollen in little baskets located on its midsegments of their legs.

Now I can rest at night.

April 12, 2008

C is for Chickie

More inchie art fun. I thought using a little chick for my C word for the next inchie was cute right next to the boy inchie. I used the little chick in the MFT spring set. I have used that little stamp more than anything, love it because it is so cute. I also used yellow stickles and a red bow. The bow is real ribbon not just marker. It's super tiny. Again being inchie art this little square is 1"x 1". Went to a Stamp Expo today with another PRISSy pal. It was a smaller venue and I ended up getting a few items. I got some Dee Grunyed stamps? I prolly spelled that wrong. Oh well.

Bees Knees

Ok guys can someone please explain what the sentiment "You're the Bees Knees" means? I have never heard this saying before and I am still trying to figure it out. I mean if you're the bees kness then bees knees are small so does that mean you don't think that much of the person? See I don't get it. HELP


I went to the dermatologist today. Just a routine check up but I had a whole body check. It wasn't too painful for me to strip down to my undies in front of a total stranger and put a gown on(eek I'm glad doctors don't die of fright). My daughter is a massage therapist and she was treating me to a massage for a b'day gift for me a couple of months ago and she noticed a couple of moles she recommended I get checked out. They are trained to look for stuff like this during massage. Well that was a couple of months ago but I made an appointment right away. It took me 2.5 months to get in but the day finally arrived for my appointment and I kept it (faithfully I can easily flake on dr.'s appointments). I checked out fine. They even check your scalp for you. I had several frozen off (all on my back) and I had 2 removed that required shot and cutting. They didn't hurt too bad. He wasn't worried about any of them but of course will send them to the lab for diagnosis. Why do I discuss? Just another PSA for all my prissy pals out in blogoland if you haven't had your full body skin exam make your appointments today. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Wear your sunscreen!! Melanoma is such a deadly cancer don't let it get you. OH a happy side note. You know my doctor was like 25 they all are these days they keep getting younger and I keep getting older. Well he asked me what year I was born in almost as if he was doing a double take. Now mind you he already read the chart and I had to write down my DOB several times on different forms so he already knew my DOB. So I told him 1958 and I said YEAH that makes me FIFTY YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT. Yep that's exactly what I said. He says no not at all in fact he says you look so young I can't believe that you were born in 1958. Now this was right after he examined my face with a magnifier light and everything. Then he proceeds to say but you probably get that all the time don't you. NO really. So either he was just trying to be nice or he's blind but either way it made my day after that. I asked him if I needed stitches on the two that her cut off and he said no he would use a laser to cauterize to stop the bleeding. I had to laugh I said hey can you stop the bleeding in my life with that thing too? Can you imagine? When your life is a train wreck and it's heading for the ditch (bleeding all over the place) just grab the laser cauterizing gun and zap the shit out of it. Do ya think that would work? That was the random thought I had when he said he was going to laser cauterize me. He didn't get my sense of humor but then again I didn't really care. The nurse during intake was asking me a series of routine questions and she asked me if I ever had a reaction to topical numbing agents (aka shots) my response yes, loud screaming. Well it is a reaction but alas I think she meant allergic reaction.

April 11, 2008

B is for Boy ~More Inchie Art Fun

Well here is my second installment of inchie art. Like I said before using the alphabet to create my first inchie art collection. I used the A Muse fishing boy (B) and doodled the wording to spell boy. These are fun but I can see how as with anything my style will evolve with these. But for now the boy is pretty simple. I colored him with markers and that was it no glitter nothing (gasp choke cough). I did use black embossing powder to prevent the ink from bleeding when using my Copics. You really can't tell but these are 1"x 1". I wish my photog skills were better so I could demonstrate the scale of an object but when I try to photog it on my matte on the counter surface the focus and flash didn't adjust. So to at least get a clear picture I had to take it from further away but this doesn't allow me to show the size. Photographers chime in I'd love to hear your tips or tricks. It might be my camera too because I think I might need a new one. The focus and flash both seem to have lost some consistency. I chose a boy for my B piece because I love boys. Don't you? Men are so cool... boys/men it doesn't matter... there very interesting species... fun to be around and fun to watch... I guess you could say yes I'M BOY CRAZY... who ME? My husband will be happy to hear that I am sure. hahahahahaha. EDITED TO ADD: For a while there I think I hated boys (now that I think about it a bit) but they kind of grow on ya' ...wink wink... they have a way of doing that!?@?!

April 08, 2008

Saltbox Love

Another really quickie post... I just love my new Saltbox Studio stamps sets.... I finally got to use some of them from the Sheep set. I CASEd this card entirely but I can't wait to design some originals too. I added a little this and that to mine...I used white fun fluff on the sheep, some bling in the flower centers and the stitching along the grass is faux stitching ie a black marker. I love this card and the sentiment. I have it sitting on my desk in plain view where I can be reminded of this beautiful sentiment. Always brings peace to my heart. Lambs and sheep are so gentle anyway.

Inchie Love

Hi ya'll... I'm uploading my first inchie art. I decided to do an alphabet series for my first inchie collection and so I started with the letter A. A is for Apple. I isolated part of a stamp to fit the apple and also used masking to fit the word apple across the top of the inchie. Can ya' tell I'm super tired tonight? No Boing Boings or Yippee Kai Yai Yays or nothin'. I'm just getting over that cold/flu bug I had last week and I still get that washed out feeling by the end of the day. Plus I did not sleep AGAIN last night. Grrr. I colored the bg with my Copic sky blue marker (I'm sorry for no specifics I don't have everything right in front of me so just a quick post tonight) to start with. I also added stickles to the apples and the leaves. I added some bling to the corner to balance out the bling. I also attached the inchie to a black matte 1 and 1/4 inch big. Just a little bigger than the inchie to add a frame around it. Nothing special here. These are fun I could see them getting really addictive. I used the Apple of my Eye stamp from the retired SU set Farm Fresh (2004-2005 Catty). I think SU produced some of its best stamp sets from 2003-2005. I've purchased a bunch from these two catalog years off of SCS and eBay. I never even heard of stamping up and scrapbooking until 2005 the year I became a demo. I know wierd huh? The rest is history because I'm definitely hooked and a major player (err aka hoarder) now. hehe. My photog skills leave much to be desired. I just viewed my post and ya can't tell this is an inchie it's so large already. I cropped it too and this makes it appear a larger scale. IRL its 1x1 inch in size I promise.

Click on the photo to enlarge

April 05, 2008

BLog INK aka BLINK I Just Made up a New Acronym

Lot's of braggin stuff goin' 0n today. First my PR!SSy Pal Michelle over at OUT ON A LIMB got some REAL BLINK for this post... POSTSCRIPT: I think Michelle had too much Happy Juice myself or not enough sleep or something?!? when she designed this puppy. Wow amazingly creative.....

from our other PR!SSy Pal JustJohanna over on her J-log (That short for JustJohanna Blog OMG I crack myself up). Yeah that's my second braggin rights. My third clever NEW TERM THAT I MADE UP {BL}og {INK}. Get it? Normally in publishing world when you get written up... say in the newspaper... ya' can say "hey, I got some ink today" Well, same concept. If someone writes about you in their blog ya got some blog ink....bl!nk!! Go forth and enjoy the use of the new word that I made up. Anyway, Michelle got some blink over at JJs and I thought that was really cool. Because JJ is really cool. We were lucky to meet JJ and her entire design team at her boutique open house last month. We had lots of fun and JJ is an artist extraordinaire!! Kevin Bacon and six degrees of separation my other daughter Groomer Girl Leah is the real David Cassidy's hair and makeup groomer artist IRL. Odd but true. Hi David!! Like he really has EVER seen my blog. hahaha that's funny. I think he still looks great!

April 02, 2008

Tag I'm it!

I've been tagged by my friend Vicki over at This Art Makes Me Happy and since I am under the weather and I only have energy for something like blog tag I thought I'd play along too. I had to laugh because Vicki and I had the same first job Mr Donut.

Four jobs I have had in my life:
1) Mr Donut (first job when I was 15)
2) On-Board Service Amtrak
3) Cafeteria worker in college on campus (oh does that make me the lunch lady hahahaha)
4) School Teacher
Four movies I could watch over and over:
1) Gone With the Wind
2) Thorn Birds
3) Peaceful Warrior (I don't know why this is a lifetimesc movie and very cheesy but I could watch it over and over)
4) Charlotte's Web
Extras: It's a Wonderful Life, Sound of Music, Wizard of Oz, Darby O'gill and the Little People...
Four places I have lived
1) Chicago, Il
2) Houston, TX (hated)
3) Wisconsin
4) California
Four TV shows I watch
I Tivo everything and actually don't watch much TV but when I do
1) Clean House
2) Trading Spaces -I always wanted to be an interior decorator or professional organizer
3) LA or Miami Ink - Who knew - I don't have any tattoos but I think they are cool.
4) Pimp my Ride - Who knew - I find it amazing what they can do with those cars
Four people who email me regularly
1) Allison - prissypals and coworker
2) Michelle - prissypals and xcoworker
3) Patty - sissy
4) Mom
Four favorite foods
1) Pizza
2) Pasta
3) Thai food
4) Anything sweet
Four places I rather be right now
1) Anyplace out of bed (I've been sick this week)
2) My craft room of course
3) Pacific Northwest (I love Seattle and would love to see Oregon)
4) LaCrosse WI to see my mom and go junking err treasure hunting. The midwest has great auctions and garage sales. I'd love to hit some of those this spring


I must admit I've been out of commissions of sorts... I've caught a nasty bug and I've been sick since Saturday. Well it started Saturday and gradual got worse as the days went on. Monday and Tuesday by far being the worst days yet. Just when I thought I was turning a corner the headache set in. I went into work on Monday for part of the day left early and have been off Tues and Wed. (today). I don't plan on going in today either because it appears I need one more day to recoup. =C. I don't like it. You always know it's really bad when you have ALL of this extra time off and you can't even do anything crafty because your head is going to explode if you lift it off your pillow. I haven't had a whine post in a while you've got to admit....I've been pretty positive....I guess I was due.


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