April 29, 2007

Eye Candy Alert!

These are the two little items I chose from the new Martha Stewart line at Michaels. Everything wasn't out yet so I wanted to wait and see. The 6 spools of twine are called bakers twine. The other items were an assortment of "From the Garden" labels. Just had to have these. They came in a package and you could only see the top design. A label on the package said "assorted". Just had to purchase it to see what others were included inside. The twine ran approx $3 and the package of labels was $2. I really like the new MS stuff.

Ok so the whole reason I even went to Michaels in the first place was to use the 40% off coupon before it expired today. I treated myself to the yes, count them, 120 Prismacolor PENCILS!!

...and last but not least. I was looking for and found the Amuse Seed Packet. It just arrived in the mail today with this nice little extra card sample.

~enjoy, now off to play with my new toys.

April 25, 2007


Hey, I just wanted to post some fun news... One of the designers Vicki Chrisman over at Crafty Secrets asked me to post my "Kewpie Cute" card (see below), over at the crafty secrets gallery. I just uploaded it. How fun is that!

Good Night!

April 24, 2007


I thought this would be a cute little "just a note" card or "just to say hi". Stamps MFT and SU cardstock and ribbon

April 23, 2007

Kewpie Cute!!

I decided to play with my new crafty secrets kewpie set tonight. I pictured the flame on the b'day candle with a warm glow. I created the flame using SU chalks and dazzling diamond dust. I used the negative shape from 3 different size SU circle punches, creating a stencil of sorts. I stencil/chalked the center of the flame with the smallest circle in the orangey color, the next size up circle in yellow chalk and the biggest outer ring (using chalking sponge and glue), then sprinkled the entire image with dazzling diamond dust. I used watercolor pencils on the kewpie. Memory box homespun papers and decorative edge using the create-a-cut. I just love creating something really special out of a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Isn't it great!

April 22, 2007

Happy Sunday

Good morning.... I don't have anything artsy crafty to post this a.m. because I have been down sick with a headache for daysssssssssss and really didn't have the energy to do anything except sleep. Finally it is passed and I feel like a new person. Yeah now that the weekend is over and it's back to workweek. Yep that's just great timing universe, thanks. Ok I am over my whine now. (I think I'm done whining??? but maybe not, because whining is one of my favorite pasttimes, don't ya know.)

I thought I'd share my vintage stuff I have. The following pics are of a shelf my dh put up in my kitchen for my Christmas present this year. Getting any DIY outta him is a major undertaking so just the fact that it is up was a big gift to me OK? (insert more whining here, see I told you so...) It runs along the border of the ceiling on two walls meeting in a corner. I love using shelves like border. I have a lot of cute stuff that was just in storage in my garage because it didn't have a home. The installation of these shelves allowed me to get my pretty things out on display once again. It's an eclectical mix of old and new.

This first picture below {CLICK ON ANY PICTURE FOR DETAIL AND TO ENLARGE} of the shelf moving from left to right.... How do you like this old cast iron (it's heavy when you pick it up) penny bank "milk wagon"? Maybe I will take a close up later, it has moveable pieces and a driver (which is not visible in this pic). Also, an assortment of old vintage tins.

Pic No. 2 (below) move your eyes to the right on the shelf. I have things arranged in collections (sort of). This grouping shows my chicken corner and an assortment of vintage tins.

Pic 3 (below) shows a closeup of the chicken/birds corner grouping. Cobwebs included.

Pic no. 4 (below) moves to the right of the bird corner and the start of the second shelf. I have my vintage jar/bottle collection here.

Pic no. 5 & 6 are closeups of some tins of note... note the "I Love Lucy" tin in the center? This isn't vintage and is a repro but it is a gift from my younger sissy ~missprisspatti and it pretty much is us when we get together. Yep just a couple of Lucy and Ethel's! Like I said, I have quite an eclectical mix (which basically means nothing matches hehehe). As you can see I have vintage mixed in with 50's (oops that is vintage isn't it?) Ok I am getting caught up in semantics. It's ok, let it go...

Last but not least this is a closeup of a GET THIS a "Saltine tin" Yep this is a red tin that saltine crackers used to come in. How cool is this? The glass knob on the top is clear w/stay fresh baking soda type pellets inside. It's really cool. I bet this is one of a kind. I've never seen one in any of my flea market day trips, have you?

Closeup of glass knob...

Thanks for visiting! Maybe I'll have some more cards soon or something crafty.


April 19, 2007

Tag you're it...

Kurtis over at stampin Kub tagged everybody today so (in no particular order) I tag the following:

Betz Whites blog. She's an artist that deals in felt among other things. I just like reading her blog. She was on Martha recently with a tutorial about these little cupcake pin cushions. They are cute cute cute. She has a book on pre-order launching later this summer.

Flea Market Studio. Need a pretty fix or a vintage fix. Yep she's the one.

This art makes me happy. Why? because isn't it the truth!

Kindred Spirits. Why? because aren't we all kindred spirits in this papercraft world?

I made this, why because it's a guy and I like seeing how guys think with their right brains.

Of course all of the other usual suspects who I mention regularily on my blog. I decided to list new ones. I have 60 or some odd in my google reader so don't feel left out. I have so many I love.

I probably should run over and tell people they have been tagged. Maybe later.


Mom Wisdom

I don't have any pics to upload tonight.

But I do have an article by "Oblate Fr. Ron Rolheiser, theologian, teacher and author that my mom sent me to share with blogland. I'm honored my mom wants to share wisdom that she identified with... Don't have the publication or title but I have author's name. It's an article about compassion and contemplation. It says

Contemplation is not a state of mind where we don't think of anything, a blankness beyond distraction. Nor is it necessarily thinking lofty, sublime or holy thoughts... contemplation is a state within which we are present to what is actually going on in our lives, and to the timeless, eternal dimensions inside of that. ~Thomas Merton

it continues...We are in solitude and contemplation when we are really aware that we are drinking water when we are drinking water. A graced moment of contemplation then is...Today it is enough to be in an ordinary human mode, with one's hunger and one's sleep, one's cold and warmth, rising and going to bed. Putting on blankets and taking them off, making coffee (preachin to the choir there Tom) and drinking it. Defrosting the refrigerator, reading, meditating, working, praying. AND dare I add stampin?

We can find grace in ordinary things and contemplation is the awareness of this grace.

Just something nice I felt like sharing... Have a nice evening in the ordinary. Thanks for visiting.

April 16, 2007

Happy Everything...

Just because....

I just knew when I saw "doodle this" set I had to have it. I knew it would be one of my all time favs and it is. "All in a row" was another I knew I would get a lot of use out of (almost wish it was acrylic like Papertrayink's so I could use it like acrylic ribbon). The center of the flower is SU craft white stamped on choco brown and cut out. The eyelet in the center was supposed to be green and I spaced and it's pink. I like how this card turned out but I wish I would have left room for text on front. Maybe HB, or Just Because or Thank You. Something. Oh well, it can be a blank card and Happy Everything will do. Be sure and enlarge the photo to see my brilliant use of the new glue pad.

P.S. I really really think you could make your own glue pad if you really had to. Purchase any inexpensive fine porous sponge similar to magic sponge maybe? Squirt 1 tsp of any white glue (maybe even diluted a bit with water so it's not so thick), and then spread evenly over sponge. Stamp away. The great glue pad is literally a dry glue pad that you squirt the glue provided onto. So if you want to improvise it can be done.

Recipe: Stamps: all SU Doodle this, Big/little pieces, All in a Row; Paper, SU ww; Design: Moi, missprissme, Accessories: Glue Pad (note the big doodle flower used as a background stamp with glue pad and dazzling diamonds glitter only). I wanted it to be a transparent image (less is more)


Happy Spring...

I do have a yen for vintage. Even though I live in a very temperate climate and pretty much have flowers/mild weather year round, I still get "Spring Fever" (ha you couldn't tell that by my last card, I'm all over the charts). But the roses in my backyard are kickin it up a notch (believe it or not we had a hard freeze this winter) and they are still looking pretty rough. Spreading some spring cheer with my vintage rosebud vases. I love a window ledge. Note, the little bird nest?



From my house to yours...

Just playing with some of my new stamps.... I think I might have one too many scalloped edges somewhere? But gingerbread houses are kind of frewfrew anyway. The sweet and simple theme continues...

Recipe: Stamps: A Muse; Accessories: Marvy Giga/Mega scallop oval punch, rickrack felt ribbon (Sweet & Sassy's Crafts), Paper: SU ww, real red, kraft and handsome hunter, Ink: SU basic black; Design: another original by ~missprissme

Pull up a Latte'

I just wanted to post a quick note and let you know.... I am OOO today (that means I have a day off and I am home). ...so pull up another cup o'joe

and stop by for a visit. I'll share my agenda with you.

My Agenda
Nails, check

UPDATE ON THE NAILS. Ok the nostalgia of a quote/unquote spa day is over. I got my fix and I am glad it's over. I seriously don't mean to whine
but geeze the process of getting a manicure anymore seems like a chore. If you know what I mean? They take way too long and I end up not being able to relax in the long run because I just want them to hurry up so I CAN get home and relax over another cup-o'joe. It seemed like my stylist was just moving in slo-mo today too. Ok back to my happy place and soon.

Home spa day, check - it was nice
Use SU "I Like it Latte" set today, check, not check but soon...


April 15, 2007

You Have Got To Be Kidding ME!!

I am sooooo excited I could just burst. {Insert bounce bounce here} I have won BLOGCANDY. This insane virtual world of blogging is just too fun. For others new to blogging... Occasionally a blogger owner will offer a free prize, this is called blog candy. Usually the blog owner will put together an assortment of things (a prize package) just to celebrate a milestone with blogging or some other celebration. Then people who visit the blog and read the thread about blog candy are asked to leave a message/comment. Then there is a random drawing and a winner is chosen from those who left a comment. WELL I left a comment over at one of my daily blogs (that I visit, I have her in my Google Reader) The Flea Market Studio(FMS) and guess what'y ? Yep missprissme won my first blog candy and I HAVE GOT TO SAY it is perfect!!!! I was in this total vintage mood this weekend. I even took a day trip to get my vintage fix and LOOKIE what the Universe provided for me, today. Isn't that nice. If you look closely at the bag for #2 it has my name and blog on the label. =D .

Thanks so much FMS.


Just a note....

Another new card for today that I wanted to share. I know these are bordering on plain... I've just been in the mood for "less is more" simple designs. I have been experimenting with it. I really love this.

Anyway this card again using my new toys the scallop punches. MY DESIGN can you believe it I didn't CASE it. Stamps are the canary set from Kodomo (I know I got that wrong, it could be Komodo?!?, actually I just checked and I was right) and the words are from my new Crafty Secrets stamps the "Kewpies" that I purchased at Sweet Miss Daisy's webstore (See this Post for details). I have also used the new glue pad (funfun) and fine glitter on the bird. However, I got a little overzealous with my soft brush and brushed most of the glitter off. It turned into a happy accident because it left heavier glitter just on the outline of the bird (click on photo to enlarge to see details) and I really like how it turned out. The ribbon & paper are SU, blush and whisper white. I really like the blush color paper from SU it changes tones depending on what you pair it with. It is a light pink but it can also look skintone. Stay tuned my next post is some EXCITEMENT for me.....


Love is Patient

~love is kind.... OK how appropriate is this for a Sunday Card upload.... Enough said, ENJOY~
I really like the new scalloped punches I just got, see "Good Mail Day" posts. I am also loving taking a single element from a SU stamp like I did with this love birds stamp from the "Olive You" SU set. I love SU stamps and sets because you get so many stamped images per stamp/per set. I masked to hide the text that came with the stamp so I could customize it a new saying. I also masked to hide the faux cage too. I just wanted the little birds and the hearts. I used SU watercolor paper, bashful blue paper, SU markers. It is another pretty simple and QUICK card. I thought it would be nice for an anniversary card, a wedding card or valentines day. Cute cute cute. Ok so I am happy with myself. I apologize for the digi pic, it's a little dark. I don't own any photo editing software and just have a basic digicam. So no pro photos here. But it is clear enough so you can see.
~miss priss me =D

Vintage Fix

Yesterday my dh and I decided to go out boppin around, yesterday. I really wanted to check out some of my favorite haunts i.e. a LSS Stamp Diego which wasn't too local (approx 30 minutes away) because they carry A Muse stamps among others. I wanted to check it out to see if they had any of the misc. stamps i.e. non-SU that are on my wish list. Well as it turns out they are getting ready for AMusepalooza so they are keeping their stock low to increase sales for that weekend. Anyway, it was nice to check it out (and these people really are the nicest in San Diego as their web says)
I was able to find a couple from my A Muse wish list
Patch for one....

AND this miniature place setting

The plot thickens...we then continue on with our daytrip. I was really in the mood for a vintage fix, thanks to blogland and some of the blogs I read like Posy's (hey now that I clicked on the link to posy's, I just realized she's got a dog that looks just like the A Muse Patch stamp I just purchased, HOW FUNNY IS THAT?) among others.. Flea Market Studio is another (she has a great Etsy store too so go check that out if you would like your own Vintage Fix) these really put me in the mood for vintage shopping. Well as the universe would have it we come upon a roadblock, yes literally, and had to turn back. In the meantime we were already low on gas and YES I had wanted to stop before we left civilization (did I mention dh was along? yes, I had... and for you nonbloggers dh=dear husband). Well the enforced turnaround due to the roadblock didn't help the gas situation. We ask the nice ranger where the nearest gas station (crossing fingers now) was and he directed us to this nice little mountain town named Descanso and as I was saying before I digressed AS THE UNIVERSE would have it we stumbled upon this really really cute antiques and gift shop (no link available). I snapped a couple pics so you could get the flavor of it. I took these all outside as I wasn't sure it was proper etiquette to snap inside pics. The first one is this cute little bench at the entryway. I just liked the colors. Do you see the little foxglove in the upper left corner of the pic? Ok so this is my life for those of you saying (she really needs to get a life)...

The second pic is of another cute outdoor setting that caught my eye. Ingenious use of broken vintage plates. Don't ya think? They re-purposed these as a flowerbed border. Plus I just love the little johnny jump ups. Ok so I am in need of a major spring fix as well. Love it.
This third pic I just had to capture because I really think there is a card design using these colors...in there somewhere. Stay tuned.... you might just see one.
Enjoy and HAPPY SUNDAY! Thanks for visiting.
~miss priss me

April 13, 2007

~Grateful & Just the Way You Are

Two more sweet, simple and prissy cards. These are both Jenny Sweeny inspired designs. The grateful card stamps used are SUs "All God's Children" set, I masked the original words on the house stamp to hide them. The technique to showcase here is the added doodling (on the eaves of the house) by moi to make it mine. I think it makes it look like a gingerbread house. I also doodle arted the stone sidewalk. I used the grateful hostess set word stamp in keeping with this cards simplicity, SU card stock celery and watercolor paper, SU celery ribbon

The "just the way you are" QUICK card is a mix of SU stamps "doodle this" and Rosie's little owl, again with my doodling added to the ears. I love the "doodle this" set from SU. I have used it for ground, landscapes, now tree branches and any number of other "outside of the box" designs uses. Did I say LOVE LOVE LOVE it. The ribbon is chocolate brown from hedgehogpink stash (see links below). I really like the placement of the ribbon tied to the outside edge of the card. The glitter is wallyworld or Michaels. I can't remember I bought it 2 years ago.
Both of these cards are for my card library because the watercolor bled in both and I think this makes it look messy for giving. So they will be samples to keep.
Now I am done for the night I swear I am.
off to zzzzzzzzzland.

Happy Spring

If you click on the image you can see the glitter better. ENJOY and thanks for visiting!

How fitting my last post tonight is actually going to be a card. I was inspired from a card over on Julie HRRs blog from her A Muse gallery. I hope it was hers, I hope I didn't mess up the credits. She used all AMuse Art stamps (link below). My images however are a mix of AMuse and SU. I used SU ww paper, celery, Marvy oval scalloped punch, SU a tree for all seasons and the Amuse little bird, SU wc pencils, SU chalks, hedgehog's organdy ribbon. The little backpack on the bird is doodled by moi, he is also covered in SU dazzling diamon glitter. I almsot forgot to mention, note the scalloped edge of the card using my new Create-a-cut cutter. Ellen has a great tutorial on this with pictures. My cards have been simple lately and that's been the mood I've been in. Simple, sweet and a touch dare I say...{PRISS}y.

That's my last upload for the night. I have one more card to post but my camera is out of battery (yet again). I think I see a new digi in my future. Have to keep those GOOD MAIL DAYS coming don't I? So when it is recharged I will post more of my things.
I will leave you with this....

A stamp on my next wish list is a Hampton Art verse stamp thats says "ART washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life". It's on order at my LSS and I can't wait until it gets in.
miss priss me

Stampin Spaces

Ok, so I have a couple of picture I would love to share of my stampin space. One is a picture of my little straight pins with the colored balls in a white dish. I affixed a strong magnet to the bottom so if it tipped over it wouldn't be a major disaster. Knowing how clumsy I am. =D. I just thought it was pretty and wanted to share it. The second photo is a picture of my ribbon wrapped around wooden sticks (the large popcycle stick type) the end is held with one of my pins. The bulk ribbon was purchased over at hedgehogs blog she offers some of the best bulk buys in ribbon in blogland (me thinks). Check it out and tell her I sent you. No I don't profit, I just thought it would be nice. She posted my ribbon spools over there if you would like to see them.

Good Mail Days....

...and you thought I was done. coughcough ~ I couldn't finish postin' about GOOD MAIL DAYS without at least leaving one image of my NEW Crafty Secrets stamps and yes some have seen ink. I had to see what they looked like stamped. Beautiful, I might add. I will post finished products when I get them. Also, some Crafty Secrets paper underneath the Vintage Acrylic stamps. I really really really like these and have some very vintage looking recipe card designs in my mind using Kraft Paper from stampin up and bravo burgundy. Stay tuned for those. By the way, these didn't all arrive in one day, these are things I've been getting over the past few weeks. I'm just catching my blog up. =D

Good Mail Days...

The next thing I want to show is a little shadow box that houses my latest and greatest misc stampers. These are the newest A Muse designs AMuse and the little penguins are from Memory Box purchased over at Anna Wight's webstore. Check it out:

Oh let's not forget the word set from Papertreyink
Did you happen to spy my cuttlebug in the background and my tomato pin cushion? Those things are so cute. I've always loved the little red pin cushions.

Good Mail Days..

The next fabulous thing up and it's not new to most other {PRISS}y people but for me it's BIG TIME news. Yep that's right I am now the proud owner of scalloped punches, both Giga and Mega, Oval, Circle and Square. So even though the picture doesn't show all six, that's what I have.
The infamous Glue Pad. All were purchased through AMuse
I snuck in right under the wire but was able to luck out and get them in time before they ran out.
You can't see it very well but I also recieved the new clear Fiskars ruler. It is under the stash. This I purchased through SU.
Stay tuned.... more to come. As fellow blogger Amy Rysavy says I am just a bouncin'. I left a comment on her blog to let her know she's preachin to the choir because she received so many "good mail" packages. I think we are tied. No pressure. =D

Good Mail Days

Just wanted to post a few of the goodies that I have gotten in the mail recently. Here in blogland we call these "good mail days". First up is the fabulous create-a-cut that I purchased from Ellen Hutson's webstore.

April 11, 2007


I sure do wish I had some pictures to share tonight. Ok so I don't have anything to upload tonight. The digi is charging anyway, so even if I wanted to. Nope, not gonna happen.

Anyway, I had a "good mail day" as they say in blog land because I received my new (insert drum roll because I am that excited) Create-a-Cut today. I have only practiced with it a bit but I love it. Maybe I will do a tutorial and showcase it sometime. It is great. I got it through Ellen Hutson's web store. http://www.ellenhutson.com/servlet/StoreFront. She is so great. I have ordered from her a few times now and she encloses the prettiest thank you notes with your purchases. Such a classy lady. Love her bunches

I was also playing with my new Crafty Secrets stamps CraftySecrets "kitchen classics" set which I purchased over at Anna Wight's web store. Check it out: Sassy-and-Sweet-CRAFTS I gotta tell ya' loving those toooooo. They are much prettier than first thought. I have been experimenting with a recipe card set design. I have the SU "what's for dinner" set and have in the past made recipe card sets for gifts from that set. So now I am experimenting combining stamps from each set. I have used the lines from the SU "what's for dinner" set and other images such as the border, and seasoned with love from Crafty Secrets. It is a work in progress so when I get something finished I will upload it.

It has been so much fun and great decompression time.

I just had to write about how much fun I am having.

~miss priss me

April 08, 2007

An Apple...

An apple doesn't fall far from the tree.... an early Mother's Day Card inspiration. This is the outside front cover of the card. I am also showing off my new mega square scallop punch from Marvy with a window card. My creative juices went off on a tangent yesterday and this is what developed. I was in the middle of other themed cards and got in the mood for a Mother's Day design!?! Funny.

Inspiration was found from a notecard on the web over at www.jennysweeneydesigns She sells notecards, invitations and such {I don't think she sells the actual stampers} but I love her sweet and simple style.

Inside of card image {2}. Sentiment, Happy Mother's Day. This is a really sweet card. I like how it turned out. I wanted it to be really sweet girly {dare I say prissy} so I think the SU blush colored paper provided the subtleness I was looking for. I drew in a couple of apples on the tree and also 2 apples on the ground, one for mother, one for daughter. You might not be able to make them out because they are tiny but I drew faces on them also. {If you click on the photo it enlarges it enough so you can see the fine details} I can't wait to send it to my mom.

RECIPE: Stamps~SU A Tree For All Seasons, Karen Foster snap stamps for the sentiment; Paper~SU paper blush {one of my favorites}, Basic Grey; Accessories~Marvy Mega scalloped square punch, SU ribbon, SU markers, SU dazzling diamonds~~

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Happy Easter!

WooHoo my first picture upload. How fitting that it should be my "Bloom" card and a friendly springy chicken {I realize it's a stretch it probably should have been a bunny or something} in honor of this blessed day. I hope everyone will take some time today in contemplation.

This card was originally 4in.x4in. in size. However, it fell over {planting itself right into my black inkpad} on my craft table yesterday and it was stained. I cut approx. a one/half-inch piece off of the right edge.

I love the simplicity and quirkiness of rosie's images and have been having so much fun with them. Inspiration for this card was found over at Rosie's in her gallery.

This is one of my favorite sayings it's what I've always had to do ! I found out about these stamps after reading a favorite blog of mine Anna Wight over at sweetmissdaisy.typepad.com.

RECIPE~ Stamps-Rosie, SU; Paper-SU beige & kraft, Cosmo Cricket {i think jitterbug}; Accessories-SU markers, dazzling diamons, watercolor pencils~~

April 07, 2007

New Digs!

Welcome to my blog! I am new to this as I just discovered blogs a month or so ago and I now have 63 blogs in my google reader list that I read daily. So bear with me as I add things. I have many more Prissy Pals to list and favorite places to websurf.


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