May 31, 2008

Crazy Tales from Paper Tales =D

Well I'm back from the morning over at Paper Tales (remember you can click on anything that is larger and in bold for hyper links to their blogs and websites also click on any picture to see it close up. My camera skills aren't the best so if you want a better look click on the pictures themselves for enlargements) and I am doing a quickie post with the sights of the Grand Opening. When you meet blog friends you feel like old friends the internet is wonderful the way it brings people together. We met some real PRISSyPal stamping royalty for sure....we met Stampin Gal Val, Emily over at Stampin Scoops, Linda of course and her MOM. I mean talk about A MUSE CREW. I also met some new PRISSyPals. One girl named Michelle over at wow does she have a nice website. Go check it out because its real professional and there is a lot of great design ideas over there. It looks like she is a fellow SU demo too. HI MICHELLE!! new PRISSyPal. It was all such a flurry of excitement now that I think about it we should have hung around and talked with Linda and her mom some more. Well they had a class after us so it was a little hectic. As always Michelle and Helle were great fun. They are so nice and welcoming. I tell ya I should have taken a picture of the cookies and bars that they had for us. What was I thinking? Without further ado.... here are the pics....


Store front window(above)

Store props. Look closely because the two bluebirds of happiness are shortly going to be going solo.

Yepper because one of them came home with me. LOVE

More store displays. Look at those lollipops. I should have bought one. How cute are those?

Free stuff-- it was appropriate that I won the Melissa Frances slippers in my grab bag because I had a cool new pedicure. In honor of Linda and the A Muse Crew I had my pedi done in the A Muse Kitchen Notes-ish design.

Here's the kitchen note paper.....

Here's the pedi...I know I know....but its an honest obsession!!!! ROFL I tell ya' I'm a super big fan what can I say. Well of all things PRISSy of course. Um it appears I must have a mani-pedi obsession or foot fetish because it's not the first time I've blogged about my nails. I really don't think my feet are all that. In fact one time I took a picture of my feet because it was injured. I need to stop giving so much BLog INK...aka BLINK to the topic of feet. ROFL.

Standing from l-r, val, scoopy, mom and linda. This is the class after ours. All pics above.

My new mom!! Let me tell ya' she is one talented lady (you too Linda winkwink) I picked her brain as much as possible because she literally does thousands of card samples for all of the US A Muse events and openings and sneak peeks etc... She taught me how to tie a flatter knot. C O O L

3of6 Cards from the class. I learned a new scallop techique and shading with Copics.

3of6 (2nd set) We did masking, I learned sanding white core paper techniques. I also learned that I make the most mistakes of everyone and had to try things 3x's sometimes. I kept stamping upside down. I think I was so flustered because I was around royalty. hehe

My wish list just got smaller. This is my haul. OF course I had to shop! I finally got the Journal Notes from
Crafty Secrets and I picked up a few more A Muse Stampers.

Fun was had by all. I hope you enjoyed the news.... wish you were here too. Congratulations Michelle and Helle I wish you much success now and forever!! Thanks Linda, Scoopy, Mom and Val. It was great meeting everyone. Stop by again sometime.

Guess Where I Get to Go Today??

More Paper Tales Fun...

It's no secret that we're all pretty much obsessed with Paper Crafts. As you know a new store opened in my neck of the woods. Yepper Paper Tales. Well Linda from A Muse
(ok I snagged the pic from her website....she needs no introductions cause she's pretty much famous.... hehe)

is in the house because Paper Tales is having their Grand Opening today and the PrissyPals are on their way. Linda is teaching classes this weekend and I and another PrissyPal Allison (scroll down in the post to see Allison) are taking the class called "Linda's Favorites". We are so excited we can't wait. It runs from 10-12 but we are meeting early for breakfast and free stuff. ciao for now....

May 28, 2008

PSA Alert!!

Hi everyone! I know not much crafty is goin' on here lately but alas life steps in and the busy-ness of it all takes over and currently is WINNING... grrrr. I have been trying to F O C U S like a laser beam but not so much...., I even began another blog to track my daily struggles/triumphs with fitness and nutrition (I haven't made it 100% on the public radar screen just yet... We wouldn't want people to pass out of fright by viewing the b4 pics eek - ROFL). I wanted to post a quick post to let everyone know I just scheduled my follow up mammogram as recommended by my health care practitioner. That's why I titled this post as my PSA for the week. Public Service Announcement. I hope that everyone schedules their screenings regularly. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I was going over my appointment time options and the technician had a few openings. One of which was on Friday, the 13th? I didn't think I should schedule my mammo on Friday the 13th it's scary enough already...right? Geesh not a good plan thanks. Anyway, I'm all scheduled up and excited to get this over with for another year.

May 25, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

I always remember this day because they would hand out poppies for donations to our armed services causes. I always called it poppy day. It was inspired by a Moina Michael poem called "In Flanders Fields". Click here for a bit of history on Memorial Day.

We cherish too, the Poppy red
That grows on fields where valor led,
It seems to signal to the skies
That blood of heroes never dies.

Here's to everyone and their families who died for our freedom and liberties.

May 20, 2008

ATC Sneak Peak - Another Tracy Durcan swap so look away if you don't want to see them

Hi everyone...just wanted to post the latest ATC for a card swap I am in. Just a quick post for now I will update with hyperlinks and backlinks later. I CASEd the sketch from a tutorial Ellen Hutson had on her blog a while back (link later) oh way back in Jan 07. She had done it in a frame and I adapted it into an ATC card. This ATC entailed so many techniques. I used chalks, doodling, punches, digital and stamping mixed aka hybrid. It's hard to believe so many details went into such a tiny little palette. More later here is the pic for now.

May 16, 2008

More Pics!!

I have been so MIA from my crafting eek 1 month now since I have done anything FUN in my craft room. Oh well. life is like that sometimes. I will do my ATCs this weekend and get them out for the next swap (I'll set links later quick post for now). Maybe that will get my mojo going. I hope so because I miss it so much. I need to strike a balance and it can be a balancing act at times. One of which I am failing at miserably. I hope I don't lose my 2 readers ROFL. Kidding. As promised here are some more pictures of "The Spring". They don't do justice to just how serene and nice everything was. The rooms might look plain but they were actually very "rich feeling".

A picture of our courtside room (above all pics will be above the text written) understated yet elegant. The throw is a qawgeous chocolate brown. The paint on the walls was different hues of sand, browns, saffrons....quintessential desert colors of course. But just so pretty. Of course being the artist that I am I noticed the color palettes, textures, lighting. They all were very pleasing.

Of course I had to take a picture of the flowers. Simple pleasures.

A picture of their cards (wink) brochure. I thought the little white dry flower tied with that rafia ribbon was adorable. Again speaks to the feel of the entire place. Simple, tasteful, less was definitely more feel of the place. Instant Bliss says it all. My daughter had just cut some pineapple for us to snack on. Isn't she thoughtful? My two daughters are the best.

The little kitchenette in our room completely stocked with dishes and utensils if you need them.

Little bowls of apples and towel bins were dotted around the premesis. A dry clean towel right at your finger tips everywhere you went. Comfort x's 100

Vintage wash basis outside around the grounds

A picture of my beautiful daughter that treated me to this experience for mother's day. Sweet Pea!! She's the Princess of Quite A lot. My other daughter is the Queen of Everything was at home because she had finals to study for =C. It would have been a perfect place to study but she couldn't come.

Modeling her new sun dress we just picked up earlier that week at an outlet mall. She looked so sunny, young and cute in it.

This was the view from my lawn chair while I was lying down looking up. Yep I know rough.

See the duck? I tried to get a shot of him while he was swimming in the pool but he hopped out by the time I ran to the room and grab my camera. This is another one of the mineral pools. I didn't know there were mallard ducks in California. hehe.

Here he is running off. A little camera shy I'd say.


May 12, 2008

I'm Baaaack!

Ha! Just a quick note because I've gtg since back to work starts tomorrow. I had a wonderful time at the Springs!! I have never had a better time. OMG wonderful with a capitol W. I'll post more later but here is a little sneak peak of my special Mother's Day trip. This is the view from the side of the spa.

This is a picture of one of the mineral spring hot tubs (below). There were three on premises. This water was deliciously hot of course but it felt like satin, or silk or talcum powder. It was just the softest water to touch that you could possibly imagine. If you have never soaked in a mineral hot spring you must put it on your list of things to do before you die. It was soooooo wonderful. We are going back and we might make it a monthly excursion. I am lucky that it is only 2 hours from my home so I could easily make it a once a month day trip, or overnight trip on the weekends and it is worth every minute of trouble getting to it. It's affordable too if you just spend one overnight.

No I did not miss my computer. I did not miss my crafty room. If I learned anything from my trip this weekend it is how vitally important it is to take that time to rejuvenate, renew, submerge the senses and just otherwise do nothing. Soak in the beauty, peace, tranquility around you. Unplug. Pun(s) intended ha get it soak, unplug, submerge.... I am certainly planning more of it for myself. STRESS IS BAD. R&R GOOD

May 07, 2008

Nail Art

I should be packing but I'm not. I had my nails done today in preparation for my trip and I do like them if I do say so myself. My fingers have leopard print...a first for me.... and my toes have a very pretty springy pink orange with more nail art on it. Um I am having a bit of a time tearing myself away from the computer me thinks... by for now...

Toe (above) I cropped it as I don't think anyone needs to see my entire foot. Ew..even though they are all pretty, clean and shiny

Leopard print (above) - I will be inking of you all while I am away..tata...for now...I really am going this time...


I will not be able to post for a while......... I am going to be OOtown until TUESDAY next week. I am attending a 2-day training in Costa Mesa on Th and Fri this week (this is 5 miles from the hotel) , ok so YES I'm going to the OC and staying at a Hilton (I know and I am whining, sometimes I just have to listen to myself).... then to LA for fun (this is 4 miles away from my daughters place) with my number one daughter (firstborn in case number two daughter is reading 2 daughter has finals so no fun for her this weekend...we leave her back at the ranch) Leah the groomer girl, then to Palm Desert Sun-Mon with number one daughter for some rr for mother's day. woohoo. The big thing is I WON'T BE NEAR A COMPUTER eGads I will go into withdrawals.

I haven't been able to craft for 3 weeks as it issssssss. Now another weekend bites the dust. I know grrrr I HAVE to go to Palm Desert for the weekend but somebody has to do it. I used to have a laptop but alas I ONLY have a desktop now. I guess ya can't drag that around. Well now that I have my itinerary figured out (links in this post I just set) I am not so bad. From the sounds of my withdrawals it sounds like I could stand to get away from this box and have a real life. Ok I'm over it. I'm fine now... I'm going going gone.... see you on the other side of the weekend. See you Tuesday.... sorry I can't blog much lately. OOOhhh a post script... I did sign up for a class 31 May 1-3 session at Paper Tales

Curb Appeal

Not much craftin' going on so I thought I'd share some of my day. Some sights and sounds (well just sights) from the route when I walk the dog. These are all from the same yard. This guy keeps his yard spotless and it sure is pretty coming in this spring. I just love the color combo of this foxglove and yellow rose. These pics are from my camera phone so they don't do these flowers justice.

One of the perks of living in So. California, we have this beauty YEAR ROUND. Can't beat it.

This rose (above) you should smell the fragrance out of this world

Last but not least the "Bird of Paradise". I have these in my yard too but his bush is humongous.

May 01, 2008

PRISSy Girls Were out on the Town -pics

Well as promised we did make it over to Paper Tales today (a quick stop on our lunch hour from work) and I can tell ya it is way more than we expected. Super fun. Michelle and Helle (pronounced hella "soft a" kind of like fella) are nicer than you can imagine. Sweetest girls on the planet but of course we knew that since they are PR!SSy girls. That's P aper, R ibbon, ! nk, S tampin', S crappin' and Y adayadayada for those of you that don't already know what PR!SSy stands for.

We definitely will return for all of their classes and the real Grand Opening on May 31st when Linda from A Muse is visiting. OMGolly all things A Muse were there. I finally got the vintage fan stamp and sentiment that I had on my short list (wishlist) forever. I of course had to have 2 each of all of the newest A Muse kitchen note 8.5x11 card stock in every color. I am super happy that this is available in card stock now. I think that is a brilliant idea.

I also picked up the scalloped noteworthy dp from Making Memories that I was looking all over for forever everyone else was sold out of forever.

There is just so much stuff there I can't even list it all in one post. They gave us some goodie bags jam packed with freebies.

Everything was so inviting from the storefront window, the shabby chic sofa or the yummy cookies they thought of all the details.

A small sampling of the storefront window (above)

This is the sofa the first thing you see when you walk in, how inviting right? Makes ya want to pull up a cup of tea and sit for a spell. (above)

Yummo! (above)

They told me to say hi to Vickie over at Crafty Secrets. Hi Vicki!! It was so much fun meeting people IRL. I can't tell you how weird it is to meet people you've never met and it feels like you know them like a long time friend. It's kind of like meeting your pen pal who you've corresponded with for years and finally meet f2f. I think blogs are a lot like pen paling to the world. I look like a total dope in this picture. Helle and Michelle look fabulous as ALWAYS.

Thanks for the photo op...very gracious...(above)

Another small sneak peak of the inside of the store. They had many cute displays. I didn't have enough time to take the pictures I needed to take.


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