February 17, 2011

Sunday's Child is Bonny and Blithe, and Good and Happy~

Today is my firstborn's birthday.  She was born on a Sunday.  As the saying goes ...Sunday's Child is Bonny and Blithe, and Good and Happy~

This is so true of my daughter.  I hope she has a wonderful & blessed day.

Enjoy this little photo montage [be sure and view full-screen and with volume turned UP]

I remember the day she was born.  God only visited me once and I saw Jesus twice [in a vision of an ocean wave] and thought for sure I would die in childbirth.  The baby would live and I would die [so my visitor [God] during my hallucination vision told me so!  ...HEY after 27 hours of labor you'd be seeing AND hearing things TOOOO].  I escaped a c-section by a mere 30 minutes and if my husband hadn't started singing this song to me I probably would have had to have one.


Bad To Me Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas
If you ever leave me, I'll be sad and blue,
don't you ever leave me, I'm so in love with you.
The birds in the sky would be sad a lonely,
if they knew that I lost my one and only,
they'd be sad, if you're bad to me.
The leaves on the trees would be softly sighin',
if they heard from the breeze that you left me cryin',
they'd be sad, don't be bad to me.
But I know you won't leave me 'cos you told me so,
and I've no intension of letting you go,
just as long as you let me know, you won't be bad to me.
So the birds in the sky wont be sad and lonely,
'cos they know I got my one and only,
they'll be glad, you're not bad to me.
But I know you won't leave me 'cos you told me so,
and I've no intension of letting you go,
just as long as you let me know, you wont be bad to me.
So the birds in the sky won't be sad and lonely,
'cos they know that I got my one and only,
they'll be glad, you're not bad to me.
they'll be glad, you're not bad to me.
to me, to me, to me.

When I heard him singing this little ditty I snapped out of it, came back to earth and safely gave birth to a beautiful 7lb 1oz baby girl.  It was the best day of my life!

Enough about me.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY!

February 14, 2011

Herbal Flu Tonic

It's flu season again and with all of the snowmagedon's and blizzasters we've all had across the country (except for me, since I live in Sunny SoCal, don't hate) I thought I'd share my SECRET recipe for  Herbal Flu Smiley from millan.net  Tonic used to help get over the common cold/flu.

Liz's FAMOUS Herbal Flu Tonic

Peppermint tea -  2 bags per pot
Elderflower tea – 2 bags per pot
Yarrow tea (or herb loose) – 2-4 Table spoons per pot.  Use a teaball.
Echinacea Drops – 2 droppers full per cup or approximately 6-8 droppers full for pot.  (Can be found at any health food/Whole Foods/Henry's type store, possibly even in a general grocery store)
All of the above support immune system.

To taste:
Crystalized Ginger -  Metabolizes fever, body aches and pains, promotes draining of nasal passages.  I use a couple of very large cubes.  You want to taste/feel the ginger.
Honey – provides lubrication for throat, promotes draining of nasal passages
Lemon slices – Source of extra Vitamin C
Oranges slices – Source of extra Vitamin C
Lime slices - Source of extra Vitamin C
Fresh Mint leaves - Pack the pitcher with these
Whole cinnamon stick stirrers

With boiling water
Steep teas and yarrow
Add echinacea drops to pot
Season with honey, ginger; garnish with lemon/orange/lime slices, fresh mint leaves and whole cinnamon sticks.
Serve hot!

Drink all day/night until symptoms gone.  Usually notice improvement after 1-3 days.

I normally make a huge pot of this tea and sip on it ALL day.  I cannot stress this enough.  One cup won't cut it.  But if you sip on this all day you will be surprised how quickly you feel better.

Have you noticed that ALL of my recipes start with the words secret and Liz's FAMOUS....  a bit of self-grandiosity because I can... te-he yeah because they are super secret shhh and VERY famous. 

Happy <3 Day toooooooo!  Here's a cup-o-love for ya!  Smiley from millan.net

February 09, 2011

Warm Fuzzy Alert

My husband has always picks out the cutest cards for me whatever the occasion.  He's flirty like that.  Smiley from millan.net Hedgehogs are our thing since we were married on February 2nd, 32 years ago (holy heck, a moment of silence please, bow head, anyone got any oxygen in here, check my forehead... thanks? Smiley from millan.net and it's Groundhog Day, Hedgehog/Groundhog? same thing)

Sooooo, we've kind of made the hedgehog our mascot of sorts.  Smiley from millan.net Soooooo (it's my birthday and I can say soooooo twice if I want to) when he picked up this card for my birthday and a "hedgehog" image was on the card...WELL that made me smile.  The sentiment that went with it wasn't too shabby either.  Just in case I needed a little reminder...  (Ok well maybe it is a bear on the front but we decided he's a hedgehog because we can).  Sorry for the fuzzy image.  I guess I was a little shaky when taking the picture.

Keep opening...
and again...
It opens into this great big poster sized I LOVE YOU inside a heart and in the lower left it reads... THERE..and that's for KEEPS.  Warm fuzzy alert!

Happy Birthday to Me!

I took out the book "Simple Abundance" A Daybook of Comfort and of Joy and decided to look at today's reading since it is my birthday.  The quote at the top of the page reads...

Another real thing! I am not dead yet! I can still call forth a piece of soul and set it down in color, fixed forever.  ~Keri Hulme

I thought it was pretty funny that the first words of the quote were... I'm not dead yet, ha! seeing that it is my birthday. I also enjoyed the fact that the reading uses art as a metaphor for savoring life!  The irony and a great day for me to continue creating the canvas of my life...

Today's reading for February 9, 2011:

A Fresh Canvas Every Twenty-Four Hours

Before a painter begins a new work, she takes preparatory steps to get ready.  She probably made preliminary sketches of the scene she is trying to capture.  She mixes her pigments to achieve the right colors. She has also prepared the canvas with a fixative coating so that the paint will adhere.  All of this takes time. Of course, we don't see the preparations when we look at her completed work.  We only see the entire vision.  An artist once commented, "A picture that is beautiful or that owrks looks as if is was all made in one brushstroke.  I don't like to see the trail of a brushstroke or a drip of paint.

Preparatory steps are necessary in all of the arts.  They are also necessary in life if we want to live authentically.  Every twenty-four hours we are given a fresh canvas to prime, to make ready for the vision.  Quieting our minds in meditation, carving out time to dream and express ourselves with our daily dialogue and illustrated discovery journal, becoming aware of our true preferences, slowing down to concentrate on completing one task at a time-these are the preparatory stepss we need to take if we wish to experience contentment.

But our preparation won't have been in vain.  For when we are in the flow of life, savoring the moment, the brush strokes don't show.

Today, don't rush through your inner preparations as you get ready to set down a piece of your soul to life's canvas.

I always enjoyed having a birthday in February so close to Valentines Day.  I will make my classic cake chocolate on chocolate with cinnamon red-hots for decorations.  Well it might be chocolate on yellow since that is the mix I have in my cupboards.  But I will still use cinnamon red-hots for the decorations.  Lets just hope I don't break any teeth today.  That's an entire posts for another day.  I will have to tell you about that sometime.

Making it a great day!


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