August 30, 2008

I've Been Meaning...

Wow I have so much to share and so little time to do it. I know I've been gone gone gone a lot lately. I don't know what gives seems I'm just busy, tired and busy and tired. I have some folksy primitive art I've been meaning to write about. I've been meaning to take some shots around the house of some of the cool vintage things I own and thought they might be of interest to someone?!?! I had the S C O R E of the century (well at least I think it is) at the Scrapbook Expo I went to this past weekend and would love to share my latest acquisition. winkwink. A little of this and a little of that. Just a mish and mash of things. Oh the biggest news is the Inchies have finally gone P O S T A L. The last of the 2 letters U, V (hi Beth) arrived and I immediately started bundling the packages of the full A-Z sets together. There are a couple of post scripts (funny things) regarding the Inchie swap. I will share all of this and more maybe later tonight or tomorrow. Just wanted to post a quickie right now to let you know I am still alive and kicking. I'd love to spend more time on my blog but just don't have it right now. I'll be back soon...

Thanks for visiting...

August 20, 2008

A Quick Inchie Update

Hi Tracy! I received your inchies today and they are so fabulous. Love them. I am still waiting on one final set but I expect these to go postal this weekend. I haven't posted in awhile and my crafty space is tore-up-from-the-floor-up. Sadly not, because I have been in it at all. I will post peeks soon and a ton of other fun stuff as time allows. I have been super uber busy with life in general, nothing earth shattering, just same ole same ole but whew that's enough. I have sooooo many fun things waiting in the wings to share and create. So stay tuned. Are ya with me? yoohoo anyone out there? I hope so. Even though I'm not around I read you'se guys blogs everyday in my reader and I have been keeping in touch all along. ciao for now.

My New Boudoir

I couldn't wait to post pictures of my new bedroom furniture set. I was going to wait until I had the entire scene set, with new lamps in place, wall art etc... But I'm so excited about it so far I thought I would post what I have for now. The pictures are so bad and fuzzy and the lighting is bleh too sorry for that. IRL it's super pretty with the chocolate and white.

Full picture

The inspiration piece - woohoo - I like mine better but this was my jumping off point

Side view. The lights are not this color IRL, the picture made it much oranger. It's pretty I think. I don't know what that white thing on the floor is. Probably a sock. I forgot to tuck the side sheet in too in my haste.

Side table no. 1 w/bedside carafe. The cleaning lady (believe me its rare and random when I can have a cleaning lady, usually when I am in a panic and behind on everything I break down and get one for a day) broke the hurricane so I replaced it with the wrong size. Hence the shade not fitting correctly. (see other lamp)

Bedside table no. 2

Chotski on end table no. 2 antique box with lid (poppies) Isn't this beautiful. I have stamps and stationery in it.

The bedroom furniture is the Farmhouse Collection from Potterybarn (see this post here). I know pinch yourself now. I was totally CASing the look and feel of said "Room No. 1" at "The Spring" (remember this post). I went there with my daughters for Mother's Day this year and a couple of times since. We loved the place so much we had to go back. My daughter is a regular there. It's a little spa totally off the beaten path and little known to the world (we hope it stays that way). They have approximately a total of 10ish+ rooms they all line this courtyard of the three mineral pools on premise (those are miraculous trust me on that one). Anyway, I think I've gotten it pretty close. I went with white sheets, a chocolate colored throw and accent pillows. My walls are still bare and the lamps are going to be swapped out. But until I find just the right lamps, these will have to do for now. I am going to sell these lamps either on etsy or ebay. I bought them for $150 for the pair and I will sacrifice these for $75 for the pair (firm) buyer pays shipping. They are vintage/country style, the shades are handmade and they have blue floral embellishment ribbon that pins on (I removed it to wash the shades), they are repro's not antique at all but they look it.

Anyway, I do digress. I hope you like the side by side inspiration views of my room. Thanks for stopping in.

August 11, 2008

A-Z Alphabet Inchie Swap - UPDATES

Edited: Bumping this back up to post the latest news on 11 Aug 2008. I've received one more set from PP Allison still waiting on 2 sets and then they will go postal!! If I don't receive them worries, I will make up whichever sets don't arrive so everyone will get a full A-Z swap. Stay tuned....

Edited: 07 Aug 2008. Hi everyone! The inchie swap is in full swing. Only 3 more sets left to arrive and I will start assembling the sets for mailing. Still out: Letters A, B, (Tracy), H, T (Allison) and U, V, (Beth). I've moved this blog post up to the top to post the udpates. Stay tuned~~

A is for Apple

Here is an example. This picture although big is really 1inx1in

Edited to Add: I changed the number of participants to 13 and Inchies to two letters each.... a friend of mine pointed out that in order for each person to get a full set to exchange of the alphabet they would have to do 26 to swap. So I changed it up so that each participant would get two letters of the alphabet and only have to make 13 of each letter. That will alleviate boredom with one design. Inchies are small so doing 26 won't be that hard. I never was that good at math. winkwink

Ok guys I am throwing down my first ever A-Z Alphabet INCHIE Exchange/Swap. I will need 13 participants for this thing to fly so sign-up peeps!!! When complete we will all have a full A-Z set of 26 Inchies. This is similar to ATCs swaps you are all used to except we are doing 1x1 Inchies. How fun is THAT!! If you need inchie supplies or ideas head on over to Ellen Hutsons webstore she has lots of stuff.

Here are the UPDATED AS OF JUN 20TH dete's -

1. Rule number 1 – HAVE FUN - =D

2. Make 2 sets of 13 same image Inchies with an image using a letter of the alphabet (you each have your letters now) - one will be from me. For example: if you are assigned an "A" you could used an image that begins with the letter "A", such as an Apple. You would make 13 Inchie Apples and then 13 of your second letter “B” for example you would make 13 inchies with an image of a ball. These are examples only use any image you choose

3. 13 of 2 same images total NOT 13 unique/different images

4. You will make a total of 26 inchies to swap

5. No Vendor Restrictions

6. Quality Work – chipboard or heavy cardboard for backing

7. Use of an embellishment (creative candy, glitter…your choice)

8. Use the letter on your Inchie (See example below)

9. Postmarked by August 2

10. Include SASE w/return envelope and postage

11. Store your finished product in a ziplock bag or some protective covering

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. I will keep everyone updated on a regular basis as we make progress. Visit my blog for updates. Be sure and say hello or leave a comment. I have links to the Inchie Thread on SCS as well on the right side of my blog under the title “Dashboard” I’ll try and update at both places and via email.

Thanks for joining my swap, I can’t wait and see everyone’s creations….

(Click the example picture to go to Ellen Hutson's Inchie Blog)

My email address can be found on my sidebar under my profile picture click on "View My Complete Profile"

A. Tracy Durcan ~Durcan Designs~

B. Tracy Durcan ~Durcan Designs~

C. littleseaotter

D. Linda - lkrhodes

E. Kim H Running on Ink

F. littleseaotter

G. Me =D

H. Allison A (SCS Gallery)

I. Maria Kitchen Sink Stamps

J. Helen Craftyprayer

K. Linda - lkrhodes

L. Helen

M. Me =D

Maria Kitchen Sink Stamps

O. Michelle G
~Out On a Limb Blogspot~

P. Michelle G
~Out On a Limb Blogspot~



Kim H Running on Ink

T. Allison A
(SCS Gallery)

U. Beth ~astampingoodtime~

V. Beth ~astampingoodtime~

Damaris - please send me your link if you have one

Damaris - please send me your link if you have one

grammysammy437 (SCS)

grammysammy437 (SCS)


Since I had Sooooooooo Many Posts about...

... not getting my catty I thought fo sho I had to post at least one announcing that I finally got my catty today. GUESS WHAT I left it at work and didn't really even get to take it all in. =C Crazy but I will remember it tomorrow. I can't wait to look it over it looks great so far.... woohoo yeahyeah

August 09, 2008

No Hopes for the Catty Until MONDAY Now?!@?!?@?

Well the mailman came and went and still NO catty for me. I guess I am being punished AGAIN.

August 07, 2008

Wanted...A Horsewoman's Card Using SU Western Set

I did this card a while back and forgot to post it. I made this for a female birthday card for an avid horse enthusiast. I "wanted" hehe pun intended? this card to have a more feminine feel. The stamps were chosen by the customer who wanted this card. When he chose the more male rodeo horse image I had a time making it prettier vs manlier. I think I achieved what I wanted. The outside has the word "wanted" and inside says "genuine article". So I thought it could mean "Wanted, genuine article" for your birthday. Or something along those lines. Its a generic card for any occasion and I think that Happy Birthday can be written inside. I like how it turned out and I CASEd elements of the card from a card I found in the extensive Mz Anna Wight galleries. Have you checked out her galleries lately OMG no problemo finding inspiration in there. Woohoo. Hats off to you Anna you are stampin' R O Y A L T Y with a Capital "R". I hope little C_Biscuit if feeling better too. =C He's so cute.

Here's Anna's (above). I stole the little lasso/boot idea, the sketch and the background stamping. Ouch that's almost all of it short of the color scheme. Well how does that saying go? Duplication is the highest form of flattery?

Here's Mine.

No Catty YET!

Aaaggghhh this is really bad. I really have to get help for this obsession I have with all things PRISSy. Mr Brown has not brought me my catty yet and I must be the last person on the planet that hasn't gotten one yet.

August 05, 2008

Bedside Carafe

Well as some of you may know see this post below. I just acquired a new bedroom set. I feel so happy and grateful that I have this new set of furniture. These are just pics from the catty I am going to post pics of my bedroom once it is all done up and finished decorated. The other day I just happened to be walking past Pottery Barn again and I decided to ditch in there just to look around. I am still redoing my bedroom and I still need to purchase new bedding, curtains and finishing touches. I have spent the last two weekends painting my bedroom and the master bath. I went with Waynesboro Taupe and Frosted Toffee both Benjamin Moore.

You can see the new paint colors above. The darker color is the Taupe and the lighter color is the Toffee. This is my very old shabby chic vintage dresser. I've been meaning to refinish this by distressing it a bit more. I will keep this in the room because its so cute. Aren't my fresh flowers just beautiful. The roses are opening up so nice. I like the monochromatic (all white) look. Again, simplicity. I have the flowers in my white antique water bowl and pitcher set. This is very old as well. These are two pieces I inherited from my great aunt who died when she was in her 90's. I took care of her for two years (home health aid)

Yes, PB does showcase BM paints but that is not where I got my ideas for paint from. My colors are not PB designer colors. They are very neutral colors and provide the soothing feel I was going for in this room. I am actually CASEing the exact color scheme from the Room Number 1 that we stayed in at the Spring. I am going to do the white sheets, with the chocolate brown throw and throw in some baskets. It is all very neutral and simple. But I love classic, clean lines, less is more type decor. In fact my news years resolution for the last 5 years has been to Simplify and even though I am not there yet, I am not where I want to be in terms of simplifying, I am getting there little by little. That makes me happy. So there I was in Pottery Barn and even though I was only WINDOW SHOPPING with no intention of purchasing anything. I promise I wasn't. I was just getting ideas. hehe. I ran across this little bedside carafe. Now mind you I always bring a cup of water to place on my bedside at night in case I wake up and need a sip of water. I thought with my new furniture my plastic dollar store togo cup just isn't going to do anymore. Not elegant enough at all no no no. OMG this little bedside carafe was so cute I just had to have it. I promised I would post a photo of it so I finally took some pictures (I can't find a picture of it online). The lid to the carafe doubles as the drinking cup/glass. I want my bedroom to be an oasis of sorts. A spa to retreat to away from the hubub of the world. This little carafe adds to this ambiance for sure.

Bedside Carafe (above) it reminds me of a hotel room - I am going to get new lamps, wall sconce types not table lamps. For now I am using my old ones. I might sell these or give them to my sister.

Close up of the lid/that turns into a cup. I have a tray on my bedside table for all items. I don't want any rings on my new furniture or scratches. The tray is Pottery Barn too but I've had it for a few years now. It matches beautifully and works great too keeping the finish to my bedside tables safe from harm. I will post after pictures of the entire room when it is complete.


Hi everyone. I'm sorry I've been quiet for so long. I have so much I wanted to post and to share. But life steps in sometimes and the busyness of it all takes over. I've had so much coming at me so fast all at once...some good, some bad, some not, work, ya' know? The inchies have been coming in like crazy and I am super excited about the quality and the beauty (thanks everyone). I promise some sneak peeks soon. I just need to stage them a bit and take photos.


I think there are still 4 sets we are waiting for. Once I receive everyones letters I will divide full sets from A-Z up and ship them off timely. I've had a crazy month since being back from off of vacation the first part of July. Yep its almost a month since I've been around. It's lonely in blogoland for one. I hardly have any comments. So I'm definitely not one of the cool kids on the block APPARENTLY. But I really don't do blogging for attention anyway. I do it for me, my friends and family firstly because we live far a part and it is a way for us to stay in touch. I've met some great folks through bloggoland but I guess if you aren't selling something or on a design team I guess you are just CHOPPED LIVER. I'm FINE REALLY. ROFL. I know the suspense is killing you right? But stay tuned more to come soon I PROMISE. Oh I did meet with the PRISSYPALS today for lunch. We met at Paper Tales and then ate at a little restaurant called Embers. It was really nice to see them again and to visit my favorite new store. I saw Michelle the owner and she cracked me up today because we were in about the same mood. Helle wasn't there because she is in I think Belgium? The restaurant while I thought it had good food in the past just wasn't up to par today. Our service was poor and it took forever to get our food. I was on my lunch hour from work and I really don't have 2 HOURS to grab a quick bite to eat. It wasn't even busy in there and that's why we couldn't figure out what the problem was. We didn't say anything but we all thought it was quite odd. They changed the type of bun they used on the French Dip and it was poor too. Bleh. I don't know why I feel so whiny today.


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