September 28, 2007

Finally a fall card

EDITED TO ADD: Heat embossing does not lend itself well to tiny print. I heat embossed the stamp on this mini-card with black embossing powder. I am making a set of 6 of these cards. It was very hard to get clarity with the small letters in the sentiment. Plus I am picky about having a really crisp outline with no random black flecks where it is not supposed to be and boy have I had some practice tonight with heat embossing. I finally got 6 done after attempting twice that many. geesh.

I've been wanting to create a fall card for sooooo long now and finally I finished this one last night. When I got started I then realized that I didn't have any "fall" paper. I was thinking.... how can I not have any "fall" paper out of ALL of the paper I have? How? Well I decided to go through my paper pack that I found for a super price at Costco a while back and see if I could find something with fall colors that would work. Yep... sure enough, out of 300 sheets I was able to find some (lots actually >snicker<) . I made this with SUs 3x3 mini cards that were part of a demo-promotion this year, with the purchase of the new three flower punch box, a package of these little notecards featuring 3 of the new in-colors was offered. Anyway, I used the wild wasabi green notecard for my base, and a piece of SU real rust for the matte. The stamp is from SUs "Thoroughly Thankful" set which I just love. I was shocked/happy to see it back in the new catalog because I purchased my set off of evil-bay. Of course, if I had known it was going to be back in the catalog I could have waited. I also used one of my new Spellbinder's nestability dies that just arrived. I purchased those over at Ellen Hutson's shop last week. So hop on over to the die domain at Ellen's and check them out. She is super nice and very helpful for any of your artful purchases. I can't wait to continue playing with my new toys. I still wanted to add some bling to the sunflowers and will probably do so tonight after work. A plain and simple card but I think its pretty. I plan on making a full set of these to give away. TGIF. Happy Friday everyone!

September 23, 2007


I'm so excited my collage is finished. I have to say this was really fun learning new techniques and working with mixed media. This is my first collage for art that I have tried. I have done some collages in the past for an illustrated discovery journal that I worked on but never for a piece of art. I was disappointed because I couldn't get my white pen to work and it is kind of poor quality. But it could look like I meant it to be that way too. Hey its art right? The final steps since my last post are: Smudge, magazine, stamp, scratch, text, 3-D, write, surprise. I really like how it all came together. The magazine piece that I chose to use was text that read "suddenly there was a range of answers beyond the usual; and "a party for two" I affixed that with glue and then rubbed it as instructed. I stamped some lovebirds and doodles. I scratched it with sand paper. Then while I was adding my 3-D elements which ended up being raised stickers on dimensionals and a puffy heart sticker that has a pearl on it. I put the miniature heart sticker on over the cherubs heart so it looks like the angel was watching over the couples love. Anyway, then I was supposed to "write" and ironically the saying "don't cast your pearls before swine" just popped into my head so I decided to use it as my surprise element. It surprised me because it just popped into my head. I thought it was extremely funny how the different sentiments fed off of each other in random quirky way. Totally unplanned. Get it? I can't explain it very well but if you read the words, "suddenly there was a range of answers beyond the usual" and then the words around the frame are all lovey dovey, the piece itself is supposed to be about love, dreams, guardian angels navigating your future etc and then randomly on the side it says "don't cast your pearls before swine" see the pearl on the heart by the cherub? Plus they are out on the water and it says "don't CAST your pearls before swine" pun intended. So it's like laugh, dream, wish upon a star, calm serene yadayada but watch out for the swine. ROFL. I crack myself up. I hope you enjoy it. Besides the fact that the piece ended up making me laugh I DO think it's pretty and swapworthy. ~enjoy

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September 16, 2007

Entre' the Confessional

Seriously I have a problem.

I just HAD to order the GHIA nestibles (ok so that's not spelled right but that's what I call it) set from over at Ellen Hutson store over the weekend

AND of course then there was the dreaded Papertey Inks NEW RELEASES of which I ordered THREE items, Believe, Holiday Treats and the clear boxes...

WHAT ELSE LET ME I think that's it

EDITED TO ADD: I was in an internet shopping coma I DID forget something I also purchased a Janome Sew Mini from Hancock fabrics, it was on sale and I did get FREE SHIPPING, I had to have one in case I needed it....argargarg and it's Amy's and texasjodylynn's (aka ribbon and glitter addict) fault. Big enabler's thems dare what they are. hehe

but that's enough!!! That's enough confessing. I'm over it. Insert evil laugh here. ut_a_a...


September 15, 2007

The STUPID Stampin' Top 50 Widget

You see this crap!


Ok, call me crazy

but I wanted to try the Stamping Top 50 Widget AGAIN.

One... out of curiosity to see just how far I fell in standings this time. The first time I loaded it I was 194th place (I figured that wasn't so bad considering I was a newbie of sorts), the second time I reset it I was 344ish and NOW I'm 644th NO LESS.

I'm still not sure if I will keep it. I'm kind of mad that it loses me and then makes me go to the back of the line. But there's something about that stupid widget that makes me want to get to the Top 50. Ack. What's so funny about it.... it's probably just spyware anyway. HAHAHAHAHA. The jokes on us. PLUS I did figure out how to hack into it and for a few split seconds today I was "STAMPING TOP #1" HAHAHAHAHA. I was wondering if anyone would notice. Then I read the fine print that says don't mess with the code or the stamping nazi's will get you. So I reversed it. But it was so satisfying to see myself number 1 and oh I tried on a couple of other places also. HEHE. OK I couldn't be dishonest forever so I changed it back to the horrible standing of 644. I think I am going to remove it. These people are bad. They are taking up way too much space in my brain.


I can't see the pics on the blog candy drumroll post. Can you? Like I said blogger has been acting funny the past couple of days. Stay tuned. EDITED TO ADD: I have to say, I had three pictures total in the post under this one regarding the blog candy. I just re-uploaded one picture but blogger is taking too long to upload so I did not reload the other two pictures.

Drumroll please.....

I have to say that I have had soooo much fun doing my first blog candy. I hope everyone likes the little package I put together. Of course holding true to my namesake I had to include a little sumpin' of "All Things Prissy" i.e. a little sumpin' of Paper, Ribbons, Inks, Stampin' and Scrapin'. Don't ya think? I also decided to include fall themed/colored items since it is that time of year.

Blog candy contents include: PAPER: An assortment of Crafty Secrets double sided designer card stock (Earthy and Radiant), RIBBON: 3 yards of orange and black polka dotted ribbon, 72 yards (1 package, 6 full spools) of Martha Stewart baker's twine ribbon in the new harvest colors, INK: 1 SU mini black ink spot (which is a favorite of mine, yes I am parting with one ;D), STAMPIN': a mini set of Crafty Secrets Bird Notes, and SCRAPIN' an assortment of Crafty Secrets vintage page title images and 2 packages of eyelets (25 ea color) in fall colors also.
Here's how I chose. I printed out all of the comments and cut each one up separately.

All of the comments were so interesting and there were some very good ideas for future holiday traditions. Most of you thought I should keep the cow theme. Which got me to thinking maybe I will keep it for one of my cards...but just change it up a little.

Then I folded them up and put them all in a little bowl. I know so lo-tech of me, no random number generator or anything.
I especially liked the suggestion from Karen Gladney over at Karen's Kreations.

She says: "I think you should keep your cow theme going as that is what people are used to getting and can pick them out right away and know they are from you. Great cards btw. Maybe dress your cows up like reindeer and have them pulling a sleigh. That would be cute. Then you could say Happy Mooomas. Corny isn't it. Nice to have traditions like that. Keep it.. Tks for the mystery blog candy."

Even though she thought it was a corny idea, I thought it was a good corny (hehe) and a great idea. I never thought of dressing cows up like reindeer or penguin for that matter. So I think I am going to design something with cows in it for one of my designs this year. As I said in a previous post usually I have approx 4 different cards that I send out (I can never decide on just one, of course). So maybe one will include a cow somehow. I can't wait to design something.

And the winner is... Karen Gladney. Yep I picked her name. It was super ironic too because as I was reading through the comments before I printed hard copy and cutting them up for selection, every time I went to read them over these past few days, my eyes kept going to her comment on my blog first. So when I drew her name in hard copy, I thought to myself it was meant to be. Maybe it just falls along those lines that what you focus on you attract. Congratulations Karen! Send me an email with your snail mail addy and I will ship this right out to you.

Thanks to everyone who participated.

Mystery Blog Candy delay

I just wanted to post a quick note to let you know I haven't forgotten about Mystery Blog Candy. My internet was super slow last night, not sure if it was blogger or internet but I couldn't even load a page let alone upload anything!

So please be patient the post revealing the blog candy and the winner will be posted today. It was probably Papertrey Inks fault. hehe

September 13, 2007

Mystery Blog Candy Hint & Niceness Award!

Why you ask am I publishing this photo of the Crafty Secrets crew from the Scrapbook Expo...AGAIN! Well I have a couple of good reasons... FIRST and foremost because I wanted to personally thank Sandy and Vicki (I hope you guys don't mind me saying so) for being the bestest customer service peeps in the country. They get the "Niceness Award" for the week. I have had a teeny tiny (and I mean tiny) wee bit of trouble with some of my Crafty Secrets images. I swore it was user error but did they accept that for an answer? NOPE they generously exchanged the sets I was having trouble with no question! So hands down Crafty Secrets is the nicest company to work with ever. They didn't have to do that but they went the extra mile to make sure that the customer's are happy. I just wanted to shout out a thanks and let them know my new stamps have arrived. I love the Crafty Secrets stamps and have so much fun with them. They always throw in a little sumpin sumpin too. and that leads me to my next item of buziness.... this post is my little hint as promised for what some of the blog candy might look like.... hhhhmmm wonder what it might be?

September 09, 2007

Paint, Paper, Ink, Chalk, Photo, Charcoal ~ Mission complete~

This is the Mission:Collage work in progress, we will use 18 techniques total. So stay tuned for the updated collage. This is my collage up to now. I have incorporated the first six techniques of the collage. It is turning out surprisingly well (surpising me as this isn't my normal mo). This photo does not do it justice. It is much lighter (the colors are almost transparent even in the picture), on the pastel side and really pretty IRL.

EDITED TO ADD: I have been a real motor mouth today. I have been adding and tweaking my posts all day long. I wanted to add the I used "burnt umber" Palette ink for the journal script. I just love the words "burnt umber". To me if you can say you used "burnt umber" in your art it means you've arrived and you really are an artist. hehe. Call me crazy but I just had to use the words "burnt umber" in a sentence today because I've been in my happy place all day. I'm a rock star , I've used "burnt umber" in a sentence. p.s. and in a piece of art too!! See tweak tweak that's all I do anymore.

Technique 1, Paint: Crackle paint background paper, a few Crafty Secrets cherubs wing images for background on top of the crackle.

Technique 2, Paper: I used a journal script stamp from Crafty Secrets to act like "writing on paper", plus the whole thing is paper.

Technique 3, Ink: Check

Technique 4, Chalk: SU chalk in the blush shade

Technique 5, Photo: facsimile of photo, center image of the piece

Technique 6, Charcoal: I burnt the edges (for real with a match and then blew it out) of the photo to create "real" charcoal. I also used a charcoal chalk around the edge of the sq card

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Ghosts of Christmas past & BLOG CANDY!

Hee isn't the title to my blog funny? Being that it's actually closer to Halloween than Christmas. But my post is about Christmas Ghosts (play on words intentional) Ok so I crack myself up...but if I don't who will? Scroll all the way to the end to see the BLOG CANDY DETE'S

Wow I am getting a lot of blogging done today! I was just thinking about Holiday cards and traditions past.
Originally from the midwest and lived in Wisconsin for a bit. And I had to have a theme for my holidays. My Christmas card theme used to be cows and every year my cards had to have a cow on it. I don't know why? We never had cows. But I guess it was because I lived in the country and I loved cows. So every year I would search for the "Lang" holiday cow card printed by The Lang company...

Anyway, This was before I discovered stamping and I still purchased my cards every year.

Since I moved west and to an entirely different lifestyle i.e. urban, city, beach. A Cow theme just didn't seem relevant anymore. Silly me.

As I was making holiday cards this weekend it brought me down memory lane and I remembered my cow cards that I used to just love. In fact I still look for them every year.

Borders carried the newest Lang boxed set cow card this last year. Was it ever cute too. The image with the little girl at the barn door with the calf , puppy and the wreath was last years. I almost bought it "just because" but thought that was silly since I have all this stuff to make my own.

These are a few screen shots of cards I sent out years past to give you an idea of what I mean when I say the cards had to have at least one cow in it. See the one card with the calf peaking his head out from behind the pine tree? If I was lucky it had a snowman and a cow on the card.

Anyway, I've yet to pick a new "theme" for my annual holiday card since moving. I've thought of something with "palm trees", "flip flops" etc but it just doesn't seem the same being that I am used to snow. In fact I am surprised that snowmen weren't my theme I love them almost as much as cows.

What are some of your ghosts of Christmas past (i.e traditions)? and/or What theme should I use now for my annual holiday card? Leave a comment answering one of these questions by Friday Sep 14, 2007, on my blog and I will randomly pick a winner from all of the comments. Out some blog candy will go to the winner. It's gonna be a secret what it is but it will be sooper nice whatever it is. I will post hints all week letting you know what it is. Guess what? This is my first ever BLOG CANDY giveaway. Wow!!!

Here's is a mini collage with the rest of cards from Christmas past:

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Blog Admin

Just finished up with some blog admin stuff. I couldn't believe how many of my previous posts weren't labeled!! Anyway, I just labeled most of my posts, added some new label categories, published some drafting posts (which for some reason were draft? when I thought they had been posted). Lot's of time investment involved with these blogs. I love it but it's hard to keep it up sometimes. Ok so this now goes into whining? Maybe yadayada? Off to do fun stuff now, like STAMP. EDITED TO ADD: I almost forgot... I removed the "Stamping Top 50" widget counter. For me it was completely worthless. It kept losing count and then I would have to re-install it. I would then lose my chronology and place in line. I thought it would have been fun to see if I ever reached the top 50. But I doubt if I will ever get that thing to work.

I also added a link list...linking to the challenges and swaps that I am currently in. I will update it as these change.

I also need to create a "watermark". I just got photoshop and haven't done my watermark yet but plan on doing one. I wonder if I have to retroactively mark my photos? Yikes, I see more blog admin in my future.

I have also added more Prissy Pals to my blog roll. Check out the new list, if you see your name there feel free to add me to your blog roll as well. I am going to add more eventually listing all of the blogs from my reader. So if you are not in the list and would like to be added please email me and I will update it immediately for you. Also, if you are not on my list never fear it's a work in process and I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

Cookie Recipe Card Class

I went to recipe card class at my upline's house a couple of weeks ago. The theme was recipe cards. We were all supposed to submit a favorite cookie recipe and then she designed the cards around the recipes. It was a lot of fun. There were a total of 10 recipe cards so there are some duplicates in the collage image. I wanted to upload this as a collage so I didnt have to upload 10 separate pics. Supplies can all be found in the current SU Idea Book and Catalog. These are 6x6 cards meant to fit the page protectors found on p. 168. They are then housed in a ring frame that sits on a countertop. I did not purchase the frame but they looked really nice. If you want to see pictures of the cookies and dete's list click on this link to this PDF. I just published this at Google Pages. It's the first time I have ever used this tool so it doesn't look pretty but it works. That's me way in the back on the left. The recipe I submitted was for Oatmeal Carmelita's.

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Merry & Bright

After my nap yesterday which I have to say was divine I fit some stampin' in. Which as we all know is one of my favorite pastimes (that and napping). And yours too I am sure. I think that I have CASEd the sketch and color combo of this card?? But for the life of me I cannot remember where I saw it? I read at least 100 blogs ;D so I apologize if there is a gap. I think I may have seen this over at SCS or the A Muse gallery somewhere. If anyone out there in blogoland recognizes this leave a comment on my blog and I will update my post with proper credits. Thanks. My apologies again for not citing credits properly.

Just getting a jump on my Holiday Cards. I mass produced these by making 12 of the same design. For my own personal holiday cards I usually do around 4 different designs and I make around 10 of each design. I have so many stamps I want to use this year that I can't even decide what designs I am going to use yet.

I just love the A Muse sentiments and I paired this one "to a deer friend" up with a coordinating SU deer image from the SU Merry and Bright set (Winter mini). I utilized my SU ma-jig for proper placement of the sentiment onto the MS emblem punch and to make it two lines. I haven't add bling yet but will probably add some dazzling diamonds to the snowflake background. I made these cards the 4.25 sq size. I love this size of card except I don't have any envelopes for them most of the time. I punched the blue frame out with my scallop punch and then the center out with a sq punch. I raised it up on SU dimensional s over the white sq that the deer is stamped on. I set an eyelet on the emblem tag because I wanted it to be a little sturdier and not tear when I tied the ribbon. Plus I wanted to embellish it. I love this color combo. I used it last year with SU peaceful wishes set. Happy Stamping


Here's the dete's:

Paper: SU Real red, bashful blue
Ribbon: Black organdy bulk buy Hedgehog
Ink: SU basic black, white craft ink (snowflakes background on red)
Stamps: SU Merry and Bright, SU Circle of Friendship, A Muse sentiment
Scraps: Bits and pieces of this and that. A Muse creative candy mini's
Yummies: Marvy Uchida scallop sq punch, SU straight sq. punch. SU real red eyelet, Martha emblem tag punch, SU eyelet setter toolkit

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September 06, 2007

Mission: Collage

Hey Friends... my new friend Julie (of Justjohanna fame and southern California fame) over at "The Land of Lost Luggage" is hosting a fun creative swap. She's looking for more participants. It looks like it will be fun and work the creative muscles a bit too. I have never done a collage but I am really excited to join because I think it will challenge my artistic abilities. Here's the first rule:

Before we start...I want to make one thing clear: This is a "do whatever you want the rules are out the window feel good about yourself and your art" swap.

Go on over make some new friends!!

September 05, 2007

Dugger 17

Does anyone else think that the Dugger Family (Discovery Health Special) working on their 17th child is a bit of a freak show? I SORRY but I'm thinking a case of narcissism is in play here. Please 17 children give me a break. I know it's a free country. Ok yeah you go Dugger. I'm just sayin'. I think it's really really selfish. IMHO. Make them stop. To each his own I guess.

A Muse Addicts Group

I took Linda (over at A Muse) up on her suggestion to check out the A Muse Addicts Yahoo group. They have weekly challenges that are fun with no deadlines for posting!! Yeah! Here are the group guidelines:

You're set to connect with your group, so drop by soon.
Be sure to check out all the simple (and free) ways to communicate, share, and discover:

* You choose when and how to stay in touch (Now that's what I'm talking about)
* Swap photos, files, polls, calendars, links, and more with members
* Quickly scan new postings and browse detailed message archives
* Plus enjoy many more ways to show and tell - 24/7

OPERATIVE WORDS: simple, discover, choices, ENJOY!

So if you're looking for an easygoing weekly challenge check out the A Muse Yahoo Group.

September 04, 2007

Blogger's Challenge Friday's

I am no longer participating in the Blogger's Challenge Fridays. Just in case anyone may be looking for future posts from me for this challenge. I have decided that this "type" of challenge is not for me. This particular type of challenge had WAY too much structure for my tastes.

All the best to the wonderful people I was able to participate with in the short time I played along.

~best, missprissme

September 03, 2007

Blob Admin

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have removed the authentication protocol/ word verification from the comments feature on my blog. Now you can freely comment and you won't have to enter the illegible letters to finish your comment on my blog. I don't think this should be a problem. However, if for some strange random reason I start getting slammed by spam engines, I will put this security measure back on the comments feature. I highly doubt that I will have any problems but will play it by ear. I am certain the spammers don't need my little blog to advance their ads. Blog on....

September 02, 2007

Quote of the Day

I don't know about you guys but I really like the "Quote of the day" banner I have on my blog. It's really positive and always cheers me up. I found the feed on Sparkpeople. I don't know if any of you have ever tried Sparkpeople out but it is a 100% free self improvement, goal setting and weight loss site. I do not benefit in anyway by displaying their banner, spreading the "spark" etc in any way. I discovered it quite a few years ago but didn't actively use it until this summer. You can create your very own Spark Page similar to my space or any blog actually. This is where you state your bio, goals, pics, team joined etc. You can make it public or private. I chose to make mine private as I wasn't quite brave enough to share my weight loss journey with the masses. It has a nutrition tracker, fitness tracker, a bazillion articles on every topic known to man. Anyway, like anything, it works if you work it. But if you do, this site is the number one site IMHO for nutrition and fitness on the web. It is built brilliantly with top of the line programming. Check it out it's well worth it. The founder basically created it to spread the word on how he was successful in life, goals and self improvement. He wanted to pay it forward and help others. You can read his story on the website. But he made his first riches back in the day selling the first ever auction/garage sale type website that he invented/created to what is now known as Ebay. With advertising and his own money he operates the site 100% free to us.

September 01, 2007

A Twist - Bloggers Challenge - Week 10

This week we were supposed to CASE p. 92, Circus Train of the SU Idea Book and Catalog and use this sketch for our inspiration. OK I have a problem in that sometimes (well lots) I CASE exactly. Well this time is no exception!! This first picture is my finished card "closed".

I have been wanting to use my A Muse stamp sets forever. I have also wanted to use my new Martha Stewart ribbon tape from her fall collection. I know it's Halloween time but I actually bought these images (not for Halloween) but to make "just because" cards or "thank you" cards for some of my co-workers. I work in Bio-Tech around a bunch of crazy (crazy smart) Einsteinesk scientists. So the jars and the crazy Einstein man is something we may see everyday. haha. I was originally going to use the image to create thank you cards. I also have the sentiment "what's brewing" to go with these stamps from A Muse and thought that would work as well but not with this card. I am going to give this card to one of the scientist for helping me rearrange my office space last week. He did it on his own time without the help of facilities (that would have taken a month so we did it on our own).

This next picture is my slider card "open". It's a bit of a twist on a "thank you" card or a "sweet" card but in a kooky cute cool way too. My last picture is a close up of my EYEBALLS. How do you like my jar of wiggly eyeballs. hehehe Isn't it funny??

I hope everyone is enjoying the Bloggers Friday Challenges I know I am. I can't wait until next week.... lets just hope I can submit on time. Next week is to CASE p.10 of the new SU Winter Mini, the star card. It looks easier than this one I think. Check out everyone else's submissions via Bloggers Challenge column to the right on my blog. -------->

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Greetings all of my blogoland friends. I just wanted to post a quick note to say hi. I have finished my latest Friday Blog Challenge and have something to post...but now I can't upload it until I charge the digi. Just wanted to say hi and tell you about our HEAT wave we are having in So Cal this weekend. Actually it's been hot all week. They are threatening blackouts or rolling blackouts. Not good. I have a couple of small window ACs so I am staying somewhat cool but they don't keep up with it after 3. I usually have to tough it out until after dark. I have been trying to enjoy the heat as much as possible because it reminds me of summer. I hope everyone is staying cool. I am planning on a low key weekend in my art room (hopefully) so I hope I have lots and lots to post for a change. ~stay tuned...


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