August 24, 2009

Word Verification is back ON

Word verification when leaving a comment is back on...only temporarily until I can shake the Japanese spammer that keeps leaving comments in Japanese and links to a dirty website (well I can't read it because it is in Japanese characters but you can read between the Japanese lines?!?!?! Thanks for your patience.

Thought for Today, August 24, 2009

Believe that you are bigger than your difficulties, for you are, indeed. ~nvp

August 21, 2009

Yesterday's Thought for the Day

...taken from my Positive Thinking for Everyday <---click here by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale...I thought I would post it today because I liked it and needed to hear IT.

Thought for the day for August 20th:

Always maintain hopefulness,
especially when the going is hard

Now off to mail some LATE paperwork that is the reason I needed to hear this today. Smiley from What kind of paperwork you wonder? The kind that is paired up with that saying that say the only two things that are certain in life are death and ...fill in the blank. Enough said?

As long as I am at it? Here is the thought for the day for August 21st:

You must feed your mind even as
you feed your body, and to make
your mind healthy you must feed it
nourishing, wholesome thoughts

August 14, 2009

Comment Moderation Back ON!

Sorry guys, not that I get that many comments anyway...but I have put comment moderation back ON my blog. You will NOT have to do the word verification, that is still OFF. I will be able to approve the comments before they publish. I've been getting Japanese Porn spammers leaving comments. Who knows what kind of virus they may have? Bleh. Spammers be gone.

August 08, 2009

Its a Bird, It's a Plane, NO it's...

Superdaughter? It was a beautiful evening for flying ( <---click - for some CRAZY PEOPLE. I took these with a point and shoot but it's times like these I wish I had lots of zoom. There were 10 balloons in all up tonight. I love hot-air balloons but you wouldn't catch me dead in one of them. They are pretty however. Warning!! Lot's of pictures... but I like pictures, don't you?

Hot Air Balloons

Sunset - LaJolla, CA
Sunset - LaJolla, CA

Can't my daughter read? It's says, "PILOTS ONLY", "NO PARKING", "EMERGENCY LANE", and most importantly... "KEEP CLEAR"
Ah..hem? "DON'T CROSS"
BUT...NO it's thumbs up for Paragliding
The pilot is taking a test drive to see if the winds are STRONG enough
Second thoughts? Now's your last chance to RUN away. Hurry quick.
Pilot coming back to get my daughter because she apparently CAN'T READ and the winds are perfect.
All systems go with a little instruction

Just get a running start. HEY didn't your mother ever tell you? Just because your friends are jumping off a bridge (er in this case, cliff) doesn't mean you have to. STOP don't go. Look at that guys calves!
Commit (this was one of my favorite shots)
OMG Noooooooooooooo

They went up and down the coast. It was beautiful and the wind was cooperating. The pilot said that sunset flights are very rare. Usually they only get 10 days a year where sunset flights are a-go. The winds are usually not strong enough after sunset. Best flying times are from noon-3:00. He said she was LUCKY.

Safe landing. Peace out yourself little Missy, now get out of that get-up. Look at that guys calves!

Deflate the KITE already it might take off again when your not looking. EEK



August 07, 2009

Typo Alert and other Such Nonsense

I'm pretty sure this label is supposed to read "Barely Beige" as in the word "bare"? OR if it was meant to be "Barley Beige", which is entirely possible as "Barley" is somewhat beige in color then the "ey" would be correct. OR maybe it is barrelleybarrelleyberrelley as in merrily merrily merrily. I mean markers in LOTS of colors are a very merry thing. OR maybe the dental procedure I had yesterday was a bit too close to the brain? I'm just sayin'! I do have a life. I really really really DO. Srsly that is misspelled. I'm sorry it just is. WHO proofed this thing before it went to production? Security.

Edited to add: speaking of dental work... After the plan estimate my U.S. dentist quoted me yesterday, I have been seriously considering going outside the U.S. to complete my work. Before everyone panics, I'm talking traveling 15 miles south. Calm down, stay with me. However... I'm not sure if I want to go to a clinic where they use the word "easy" for the use of the word "ease"


Edited to add2: I knew that Billy guy was on something! I just knew it.

Sometimes Magic Happens!

I used Crafty Secrets "Bird Lovers" set for this card. Remember! Click on any picture to enlarge and see the details better. I just love Crafty Secrets stamps and really don't get to play with them enough. I've often thought of having a "Crafty Secrets" month where I only use Crafty Secret's stamps. Wouldn't that be fun? Here is the set I used today for this project:

Gawgeous (non-sponsored gushing)

I just love the sentiment, "Of course you can fly, for dreams have wings". This card came out just how I had envisioned it. I used the branch stamp to create of subtle background. I also wanted it to have an "Asian" feel. Yep, I took a "Vintageish" stamp set and made it "Asianesck". Hence, the red flowers.

A shot of the same card... but I posted a duplicate shot so you could see how the little bird's eye (on the tag)sparkles on this one?


{P}aper: SU card stock Bashful Blue for base, Rose Red for Layer-1, Whisper White for Oval
{R}ibbon: Light blue repurposed scrap from a gift. Very pretty
{I}nk: Copic Sketch Markers: BOO Frost Blue, BG10- Cool Shadow, E11-Barely Beige (same as:SU Blush Blossom), E55-Light Carmel (same as:SU Creamy Carmel), O-Colorless Blender (Love), R14-Light Rouge (same as:SU Cameo Coral), R20-Blush, R27-Cadmium Red(same as:SU Ruby Red), YGOO-Mimosa Yellow. Copic Spica Glitter Pens: Clear, Black
{S}crap/Misc:Spellbinder Nestabilities, Straight Oval, SU Paper Piercer on the tag, SU Dazzling Diamonds glitter, Small Wire Flowers (PaperTales), Martha Stewart Doily Lace Edger Punch (I turned it into a corner punch), Cuttlebug Embossing folder, Swiss Dots?
{Y}adayada: Have I told you I love the Copic Colorless Blender? I forgot how dazzling SU glitter really is. My favorite overall. OH while I am on the subject... the E11-Barely Beige Copic marker LABEL has a TYPO. It reads Bareley Beige. I apologize in advance. I am a Copy Editor/Technical Writer IRL, I can't help myself sometimes. Seriously, go look at the label and see if yours is misspelled too. Copic Sketch type.

August 05, 2009

Have I told you lately...

Another blogger Melissa over at Highly Entertaining posed the question, "have you noticed anything worth passing along" (I'm not sure how worthy mine are) ? WELL. Yes, I thought I would play along and here are mine:
  1. Sometimes I wish you really could extract your own teeth by tying a string to a doorknob, attach the other end of the string to your tooth, slam the door and rid yourself of dental problems.
  2. ...have you ever noticed the frequency of the use of the word "loose" when they really meant to use the word "lose". Ha, I catch that one all the time.
  3. I'm not sure if I like the use of "SPOX" for the plural of the word Spokespersons?? I saw this on a ticker that runs along the bottom of the television screen. The author was saying something regarding Clinton's spokespersons and instead they said Clinton's spox. Clever? I think Webster or Merriam would roll over in their graves. I suppose I could have used role. Would you have caught it? Texting is like a virus and it's spreading to mainstream media.
  4. What else? Oh as long as we're on the subject of words... I cannot tell you how many times I see something misspelled on the television. Unless of course the urban dictionary is your resource, then you're safe.
So do you have any?

August 03, 2009

PSA Alert!!

In case your wondering what this has to do with my PSA, play the video (replay 2x while reading it really adds to the effect) and then read on (ROFL).....

I went and had my annual mammogram last week. Not to be confused with a singogram where hot guys sing happy birthday to you in a costume that includes short shorts. Although it wouldn't be a bad idea for a distraction while having the "real" thing done. In case you've never had one and would like to know what it feels like. Place your bubby on the garage floor underneath the open garage door. Press the remote control and close the garage door (slowly if possible). Make sure bubby is nice and flat. Take a quick snapshot. Using the remote, open said garage door. There all done for another year. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Unless your a guy, then, maybe. See how YOU like it.

Seriously, it's not all that bad and I have to tell's a very important screening tool and If your a woman, get yours done. Go ahead. You can do it. It's fun! Trust me on that. It does kind of seem like your being closed in by the garage door though. Just saying.

Monday Funny!!

This is a riot...

August 02, 2009

Thank You Much!

Thank you much! Super Duper. Merci. Much Obliged. Sincere Gratitude. My cousin who had a Vegas wedding, asked me for some "Thank You" cards. I wanted to weave in the Vegas theme and her color, pink.

I took the background "Thank You" stamp (Stampin' Up) and covered the row of hearts (if you look about 3/4 of the way down on the wood block) with the Heart, Diamond, Spade, Club stamp from the Stampin' Up "Game Night" set. Very clever, I think. I wanted to customize it with more of a "Vegas" theme. I think it turned out elegant and not tacky. I used Martha Stewart Silver Ink for the large stamp and Martha Stewart glitter to make the Heart, Diamond, Spade, Club image pop. I also used ribbon from my PinkHedgehog stash.I used the 1/4 inch organdy. It's so nice to buy in bulk and have just the right color ribbon at your fingertips! These turned out so cute and of course they look so much better IRL. I hope my cousin doesn't get a sneak peek of her cards. These are in the mail to her right now...

I made 20

I just love the clear boxes (PaperTrey Ink)
It looks like they might be out of them right now
I used to make very professional looking
gift sets of thank you cards


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