August 05, 2008

Bedside Carafe

Well as some of you may know see this post below. I just acquired a new bedroom set. I feel so happy and grateful that I have this new set of furniture. These are just pics from the catty I am going to post pics of my bedroom once it is all done up and finished decorated. The other day I just happened to be walking past Pottery Barn again and I decided to ditch in there just to look around. I am still redoing my bedroom and I still need to purchase new bedding, curtains and finishing touches. I have spent the last two weekends painting my bedroom and the master bath. I went with Waynesboro Taupe and Frosted Toffee both Benjamin Moore.

You can see the new paint colors above. The darker color is the Taupe and the lighter color is the Toffee. This is my very old shabby chic vintage dresser. I've been meaning to refinish this by distressing it a bit more. I will keep this in the room because its so cute. Aren't my fresh flowers just beautiful. The roses are opening up so nice. I like the monochromatic (all white) look. Again, simplicity. I have the flowers in my white antique water bowl and pitcher set. This is very old as well. These are two pieces I inherited from my great aunt who died when she was in her 90's. I took care of her for two years (home health aid)

Yes, PB does showcase BM paints but that is not where I got my ideas for paint from. My colors are not PB designer colors. They are very neutral colors and provide the soothing feel I was going for in this room. I am actually CASEing the exact color scheme from the Room Number 1 that we stayed in at the Spring. I am going to do the white sheets, with the chocolate brown throw and throw in some baskets. It is all very neutral and simple. But I love classic, clean lines, less is more type decor. In fact my news years resolution for the last 5 years has been to Simplify and even though I am not there yet, I am not where I want to be in terms of simplifying, I am getting there little by little. That makes me happy. So there I was in Pottery Barn and even though I was only WINDOW SHOPPING with no intention of purchasing anything. I promise I wasn't. I was just getting ideas. hehe. I ran across this little bedside carafe. Now mind you I always bring a cup of water to place on my bedside at night in case I wake up and need a sip of water. I thought with my new furniture my plastic dollar store togo cup just isn't going to do anymore. Not elegant enough at all no no no. OMG this little bedside carafe was so cute I just had to have it. I promised I would post a photo of it so I finally took some pictures (I can't find a picture of it online). The lid to the carafe doubles as the drinking cup/glass. I want my bedroom to be an oasis of sorts. A spa to retreat to away from the hubub of the world. This little carafe adds to this ambiance for sure.

Bedside Carafe (above) it reminds me of a hotel room - I am going to get new lamps, wall sconce types not table lamps. For now I am using my old ones. I might sell these or give them to my sister.

Close up of the lid/that turns into a cup. I have a tray on my bedside table for all items. I don't want any rings on my new furniture or scratches. The tray is Pottery Barn too but I've had it for a few years now. It matches beautifully and works great too keeping the finish to my bedside tables safe from harm. I will post after pictures of the entire room when it is complete.


Vicki C said...

It was great to come over and catch up on your blog Liz!

shefy said...

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