June 26, 2007

Wisdom Teeth are dumb!?


I don't know where wisdom teeth ever got that name because mine are acting up right now and they are not wise at all....very dumb.

Not to change the subject, but I am now using Mozilla Foxfire and it seems to have cleared up the issues I was having with google (both search and blogger). I like how it works. The navigation tables (within blogger) seem tighter and I am not having the instability issues I was having before. My computer isn't crashing at all i.e. having to reboot.

Back to the teeth.... I am OOO since the pain is off the charts and my surgery isn't scheduled until Friday. Ack. Not sure if I will be able to stick it out that long. OUCH! Now to finish my post... I had to run and swish with salt water. I find that salt water works the best. Does anyone have any home remedies out there for toothache pain that I can use to get me through until Friday? Also, any tips on recovery. I'm a little scared of how bad that might be?

June 25, 2007

I'm Conducting a New Catty Poll over at Splitcoast

Click on the title of this post and/or click here SCS to go take my poll on new SU catty reactions. UPDATE: MY CATTY POLL I STARTED IS GOING GREAT. A LOT OF INTERESTING FEEDBACK OVER AT SCS. HERE'S SOME POLL RESULTS SO FAR: Overall favorable FOR SU. The 3rd column is number of pollsters responding and the 4th is the %s.

View Poll Results: Do you like the new SU catty?
Love, it's gonna work with me 36 55.38%
A OK, It can work 17 26.15%
So so, Don't love but don't hate 10 15.38%
Hate, no variety, too $$ 2 3.08%

Stampin Top 50

I used to have stamping top 50 on my side bar except it kept losing the count. When I first installed it I was placed at 94. Then when the count disappeared and I re-installed it a couple of times which resets the number of times hit button and your place in line??? This last time I installed it I was placed at stamping top 400. Ack. Anyway, I have removed it because IT DOESN'T WORK. Not that it matters to my fun only blog but I like things to be accurate. So until the bug is worked out whatever it is I have removed the element from my sidebar. I th ink it might have something to do with clearing history or cookies. Thoughts anyone?

June 24, 2007

Garda Lake, It.

Guess where my youngest daughter is celebrating her b'dy? She has the happy fortune to be celebrating her 25th b'day at Lago di Garda, Italy. (the lake of Garda) I googled this when I was on the phone with her. The technology is so amazing these days that I can be viewing a picture of her location in real time while chatting on the phone with her. I felt like I was there with her. It is breathtaking. She is out to dinner, it is 9 p.m. Italy time. This picture was so beautiful I just had to share.

Happy birthday honey!!

So fun.
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June 23, 2007

Still have to post cards

Done with blog catch up, but should have more cards soon!

Google Blogspot

Hey fellow bloggers Google; Google reader's or Blogspot user(s)? Anyone have this prob: frames stretch and become unusable, enter keywords but can't see them etc. Re-boot restores defaults but it seems like I am rebooting more often. Thoughts?


Shock and awe. Happy mail day with these RAKs for me. I've joined the RAK forums over at SCS and these just showed up in my snailmail box. These really brighten a day. I am enjoying this group and will send some RAKs for others as I am able. I really like the stamped textured petals that Karina A., used above. I especially like the tri-fold card, slit closures and scallopped punch window on Roseanne K.s card below. Fun and thanks ladies. Very nicely done. Quality work. A1

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Stampin Spaces Part II

I feel like I've been

I had "crafty spaces" to update (move stuff), new info re: happy mail days/ shopping days. No time thus the novel. Just a weekend power-hobbyist at heART and sometimes I have to post it "all" or "nothing". I gotta play. So HEY grab a cup of Joe

and come read my news, there's 10 new pics WOW (who knows if they are clear or not, I've forgotten how to use my camera apparently). I just put on a fresh pot of coffee myself.


Note: I like my stuff at my fingertips, out in the open. If you can't see it you won't use it.

As promised a picture for return to crafty space.... just more stuff. Here they are...

The left leg of the creative station or tool central. I use the re-purposed 1970s cassette tape holder to store my ink pads. I only have approx. one-half of the ink pads SU offers in the full size pad but I have all of the classic stampin spots. The spots keep me in business until I can collect all of the full size pads.

I only have one or two full size craft ink pads one of them is the white craft which I love and is definitely a must have stampin staple. I am a SU demonstrator but consider myself a hobbyist for now. So, for my purposes, the stampin spots are plenty for me. I also house all of my misc tiny tools in a typical office supply drawer organizer open top on desk. PICTURE 1 SIDENOTE TRIVIA: I AM SURE THIS IS NO NEWSFLASH TO MOST BUT DID YOU KNOW THAT THE DOTS ON THE ENDS OF SU FULL SIZE INK PADS I.E. . - .. - ...- .... Corresponds with the SU color families One dot is BB, two dots are EE etc... I DID NOT KNOW THIS UNTIL RECENTLY. Try and stay with me....


Center left view shows my 6x6 paper packs, stampin scrub, glue box, color charts and stamp sets on top of a repurposed bench turned shelf. Again I've posted stampin space pics before and the other pics can be found in my SCS gallery under stampin spaces. (Link can be found on the right sidebar on this blog) PICTURE 2

Center Right View, SU marker organizer, clear acrylic at Office Depot office supplies, drawers (same) and the vintage Easter basket that has my prismacolor pencils (120 set) in jelly jars. Even though I wish I had these out in front of me because they are eye candy, by having them in this basket caddy I can move them quickly when I need tabletop space. PICTURE 3

PICTURE 4 - Closeup of pencil basket and acrylic block basket. I love this vintage Easter basket. I am thinking easypeasy 50's-60's era. I got it out of my great great aunt's attic or sewing room. Of course I saw the chic out of the shabby. I love finds like these.

PICTURE(S) 5-8 below -12x12 paper racks. I had them in the verticle clear cropper hopperesk type storage but wanted them more at my finger tips. The jury is still out on whether I like this better or not. I think it is the same. I really wish I had a wall of these trays, slanted so I could see it all. Kind of how Robin over at Simple Dreams blog has her paper organized. Link on right in my blogroll if you want to check her stampin spaces out. She has a cadillac of a blog and space. Anyway that corner was a great use of dead space and I will keep the trays as is. Just wish I had more. OK when I win the lottery.

Wide view of the right arm facing crafty table

I store my SU CS in the magazine holder boxes vertically.

I just organized scraps via hanging file folders (only 4), one for each color family. These hanging files are house on the floor just under this table.

PICTURE 8 & 9 - A couple of other misc purchases lately. I finally picked up the MS starburst label punch. I can think of a bunch of uses for this new tool.

Second new punch. This one is a corner flower punch from punchbunch. I was actually looking for a punch that would punch this size flower because I wanted to use them in every color to embellish my tractor ATC on an earlier post. This turned out to be perfect. I also used micro dots from A Muse in the center of the flowers. I am not going to post another picture of those tractor ATCs. But just know that I further embellied them with a paper flower from this punch on each flower in the cart with a matching A Muse micro dot eye candy. This was one of my most exciting finds. But then I heard that SU has 35 new punches in the upcoming Catty. Yikes should have waited. I love it anyway

PICTURE 9 - Michaels clear stamps... ok I have to admit I don't see what all of the hoolalaboola is about but I went ahead and got a couple of sets just to say I did. They're ok for $1? Maybe it's because there aren't any left when I shop. I picked these generic ones up to add to my collection. Posted by Picasa

Last but not least...recent shopping excursion with a stalker friend we visited a different LSS we had never been to (lots of Rosie's Stuff). I tagged along as I wasn't in the market for anything at the time. I got in a calico mood so while I waited for my friend to checkout I snagged these beauties. I'm thinking this will go with anything easypeasy Crafty Secrets. I wish I could get to stampin SOON. Don't you love them. They are so beautiful. It was just an assortment with no specific project in mine. More eye candy for ME. LAST BUT NOT LEAST

My Latest Obsession

Can you tell? Why it's A Muse of course. Yes I still love SU...just enjoying the variety. I haven't shared any of my finds of the century lately so here they are. Just to give you the short version pretty much my entire collection of A Muse product were acquired since the start of A Muse A Palooza (AMAP) Yepper the entire haul almost entirely collected just since AMAP started. Should this make me the bestest candidate for Ambassador? Yes! Will it? Nah. But it SHOULD. ;D. My wish list is as long as my entire arm (or longer) Some were purchased second hand from blogland (mixed ink colors). Just some of my have to have's (H2Hs):

Storage tip: I used SU background stamp sized plastic cases for my misc. A Muse stamp library. I use my label maker to label the box ends (not shown)

OK so this collection is PROBABLY relatively SMALL as compared to others but I love it.

Did I mention that I love the sentiment stamps? These are just a tiny fraction of what is on my wish list. The narrow oval is a CASE of the A Muse narrow oval background stamp. I repurposed a scrap from some leftover rubber trim and a spare wood block. It's not as smooth as the real deal but it works for me.

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June 22, 2007

Sea World Collage

I went to Sea World last weekend for a company offsite and I am just now getting a chance to publish something about it. I thought a collage would capture the highlights of my fieldtrip best. Items of note: I liked the color combo of the pink flamingo's with their bright green sunglasses. I took a quick snapshot of a foxglove because I just love foxgloves. I was able to snap 4 pics showcasing the clydesdale display (a visiting display on loan from St. Louis, MO, my old stomping grounds). Ok NO pun intended. Reminded me of home somehow~~ The picture of the "running clydesdales" is a picture of a picture. I thought it looked very realistic looking even if it was just a snapshot. Then I took closeups of the gear and the wagon wheel. I thought some of these would be perfect inspiration for cardmaking. The rest are just quick snaps of the other venues. Look at that ostrich acrobat, he's quirky. ~enjoy... Click on the collage to enlarge it for a better view.

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June 20, 2007

SU New Fall and Winter Catalog

I don't know how many of you pre-ordered the new catalog but I ordered mine the first day it was possible to pre-order. I have received a shipping confirmation email yesterday. I am suspecting the new catty's to be on my doorstep by at least Friday. Anyone else?

June 19, 2007

Have a Dandy Day Xs 8

Here is the group of my ATCs all finished. Yes there are only 7 in this picture but only because I forgot one, it's on the side of the picture. I added dazzling diamond to the sun. When I had finished these I thought they needed a little something more so that is where the glitter comes in. I also experimented with the ribbon. Some I tied and some I stapled. I just love the plain staple for an embellishment. ~best

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June 17, 2007

~Have a Dandy Day ATC Swap

I just wanted to get a quick upload before the weekend was entirely over. This is another ATC sized card for a new swap I joined. I need to make 8 I think I have 3 done? I think there may be way too much stuff going on in such a small space... but oh what the heck this is art. I get to do what I want to, right? hehe. I also think that the sun may be too large in scale for the piece but I needed to cover the original sentiment from "Have a DandyLion of a Day" to "Have a Dandy Day". So that's how I did it. More dete's later. The tractor, cart and flowers are all raised up on a foam spot (SU) but you can't tell that in the picture very well. Everything else is 1-D. For now gtg. I hope you like! I think it's cute. New DETEs. I finally got all 8 new ATCs done. I really enjoyed it and as soon as my camera is charged and ready I want to take a pic of the group and post it. If you can believe it I used 6 different stamps for this little bitty ATC. There are a couple of techniques of note. I used the A Muse sentiment "Have a Dandy Lion of a day" as stated earlier, masked off with the sun to shorten the sentiment. I used the A Muse fence, tractor and (this is the surprise) the welcome mat stamp. If you look at the grass closely you will see the masked A Muse welcome mat stamp to make a grassy field. I used post it notes to mask off the parts I didn't want. All paper and accessories are SU and the little word "day" is papertreyinks word set. I made the little cart using SU "Happy for You" from the taggers dozen set. I simply used my .05 black ink marker to connect the tractor and the cart. I also used SU dazzling diamonds on the sun (not pictured here)

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June 15, 2007


Hi everyone... Just a quick shout out to all my blogger friends. It's seems like a slow night in blogland. Anyway, I am hoping to stamp and post something a little later tonight. I haven't posted anything in what seems like forever. I hope everyone is having a nice start of their weekend and stay tuned for some crafty stuff later (hopefully).


June 11, 2007

June 10, 2007

From the kitchen of ....

Heart Healthy Banana Nut Bread (BNB)

I felt like sharing a recipe tonight. This is my all time favorite BNB recipe. I got the recipe from a former co-worker who I worked with at the phone co. oh years ago. It is really delicious, light in taste and texture (not calories or sugar hehe) and just plain good ole' comfort food. I always double this recipe. I cover it with aluminum foil for the first 40 minutes of baking and uncover the last 10 minutes. I have to admit it's a bit tricky getting the inside done before the outside gets overdone. If anyone has any secrets to this, let me know. I thought I had that figured out with the aluminum foil but it was still doughy in the middle and the outsides were getting quite brown even with the foil covering the loaves. I also add mini-chocolate chips to one loaf, nuts to both.

2 Cups flour
1/2 Cup sugar
2 tsp. baking powder
3/4 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp. salt
1 Cup mashed bananas (approx. 3 med. sized)
1/4 Cup skim milk
1/4 Cup Puritan oil
2 Whole eggs or 4 egg whites
1/2 Cup of nuts (optional)
1/2 Cup of mini chocolate chips (optional)
Double recipe to yield 2 loaves.

Combine flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda and salt in a mixing bowl. Add mashed bananas and milk. Mix in oil and egg or whites. Beat at medium speed until well blended. Spread batter in greased loaf pan. Bake in 350 degree oven for 50 minutes or until done. Cool in pan 10 minutes before removing. Cool completely before slicing. One half cup of chopped nuts can be added if desired. ~Makes 1 loaf , double recipe for 2 loaves like picture.


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