February 27, 2009

I KNOW I KNOW I've been missing lately...

BUT when you break your camera and hence nothing to upload or show.  It gets kind of boring. BUT I'VE GOT NEWS..... stay tuned.....I KNOW I AM SOOOOOOO BAD in a good way.  I have a couple of days off from work.  I needed some personal time off (PTO) to take care of all of those annoying little necessities in life such as trips to the TORTURE CHAMBER oh I meant Dr.'s appointments and the TORTURE CHAMBER oh er I meant the DMV.  Yes with them being furloughed every other Friday and no more Saturday hours HELLO YOU TRY TO GET INTO THEM WITHOUT WAITING FOR HOURS.  Now that is pure torture.  HOWEVER, I was a rock star and made an appointment online.  They were a month out but when I went in I only waited seconds.  I highly recommend making an appointment if you need to go to the DMV.  However the point to my story.  DAYS OFF CAN BE VERY COSTLY back to the fact that I haven't had a camera.  So that is what I am getting at.  I went to Best Buy just to nose around and see what trouble I could get myself into.  Its OK I'll just go on a diet.  We won't eat.  I won't starve because I can just start using up some of my fat reserves REALLY.  hahahahahahahahaha Ok so even though I haven't taken ANY pictures with my new camera here is what I chose.  Yes I wanted an SLR.  Yes, I would have loved to go balls to the walls and get the top of the line Digital SLR with all of the bells and whistles and all of the lens bundles and yadayadayadaya. But seems how I don't have a couple grand to drop at the drop of a hat I settled (coughcough, it's hardly settling because I LERVE it).  I did some research and plus this was one of consumer reports top recommendations.   Hey they do all of the leg work and comparison shopping so why should I have to do all of that research??   I got the Canon Powershot SX10 IS.

Take a look at this little beauty:


Then.....isnt that FUN!!

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Anonymous said...

Happy new camera!!


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