April 13, 2009


I swear its feast or famine with me. I either don't post at all and then there's a string of them all in one day. All or nothing. eek. Anyways, I just had to give these next pictures their own post. Every year we have a new litter/batch (what do we call a bunch a baby squirrels?) Merekat Manor (What)? of baby squirrels. Well this year I counted eight in one litter. In years past we had maybe three or four in the litter, tops. These are little tiny babies when they are newborn. So CUTE. I never got a picture of all eight together but I snapped these few snapshots. I had to do it really quickly and I took these from inside the house through a window so I hope they are clear.  EDITED TO ADD:  CLICK ON THE PHOTOS TO SEE THE LITTLE GUYS CLOSE-UP  OMG






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