September 16, 2009

Go Stampers!!

Thought this was an interesting article on MSN today and an interesting first example [Please Note: I've been meaning to do a post on the subject, I am temporarily no longer a SU demonstrator for personal economic reasons] of how to survive in this economy... "The Secret to My Success... in This Economy"<----- click for FULL article. I just found it interesting that this was the very first example given in the article. Go stampers.

Here are bits pasted:

In today's economy, personal and professional failures are abundant. Personally, we're tired of hearing bad news. Instead, we wanted to know how people have stayed relevant and successful.

Here's what we found out:

Ann M. Clemmer, Stampin' Up!
Ten years ago, I became a Stampin' Up! demonstrator to bring in a little extra money. Five years ago, I got the opportunity to leave my job in the television industry. I felt that if I was ever to try this stamping job full time, this was it. The first year I did this full time, I doubled my best sales year. I've made it twice into the top 100 demonstrators of the U.S. and hope to again this year, as I bettered my best year by about 19 percent.
Secret to success: There's always someone making money in every economy. Listening to the news can help you decide where to go, but it also can bring you down. I've often felt that the only "no" that counts is the last one I accept. If someone doesn't want what I'm selling, I just keep looking for the next person who does. My mantra is that I'm only one new customer away from where I want to be.

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