December 17, 2009

Merry KissMoose ;)

I just love this vintage image I found on "Vintage Printable".  If you don't already know about this site, run on over.  Some great free images to use for projects.

Here's part of swivelchair's (from vintage images) bio.  Ha, he's in the biopharma industry. 

Directly copied from his bio

Hi, this is Swivelchair. I work in the biopharma area. Not a scientist, not a journalist, mostly in the business aspects. I have a science and business background, and have been involved in a variety of biotechnology-related ventures.

One of my hobbies is curating out-of-copyright scientific illustration, now that there are so many digital image databases on the web.

I’ve taken care to ensure that the images collected here are either pre-1922, or else works created on behalf of the US government. It is my belief that there are no copyright infringing works here, but if anyone thinks I’m mistaken, please send me an e mail and I’ll remove the image.


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