February 22, 2010

Yard Fun

Close-up of my mint. I have three kinds, peppermint, spearmint and lemon mint. They've all grown next to each other so I can't tell which is which. All I know is I love it when it's fresh and new. See the pretty dew drops on the leaves? I pack a pitcher of my sun tea with the mint. Literally pack the pitcher full. That's how they do tea in New York. So I copy. Its very good. Maybe I will do a post about it later this summer when I start doing sun tea.

More herb garden pix. Thyme and Rosemary. I can't wait until these get big.
My hubby decided he wanted to dig up the yard to reseed. I decided it was a perfect opportunity to do my bonsai grass idea around the stepping stones. It took some convincing for my husband but after it was in, I made him a believer.
Here is a wider view. We only purchased two little flats of the ground cover, so we ran out. Technically, I wanted to do the outer-sides also. I'll either wait and take cuttings from what I have as it spreads or I will go out and get more to finish it in the next couple of weekends.
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