May 08, 2011

Organizational Tip

 Just another quick post today.  I promise I'll be back blogging soon.  I came up with a solution to my empty ink storage container.  A while back I ordered a 70s wooden cassette tape holder [remember those] from eBay to store my ink pads.  It can hold up to 100 cassettes or in this case ink pads.  Well, at the time I only had approx 30 ink pads thinking I'd have room to grow ,) so I got the larger holder.  Fast forward, I never did add more large ink pads to my collection.  I tend to use the smaller ink spots and just never found a need to purchase more larger ones.  Since I wasn't using the holder as intended I was even considering selling it and getting something more compact.  It was taking up needless space in my craft area.  Then a scathingly brilliant idea came to me.  I can store my Martha Stewart paper punches by turning the punches handle side inwards.  Then I had to come up with a solution in order to see the punch image [which is facing up and not visible].  I punched each image onto low tack masking tape material [its the white stuff] and then colored each image appropriately so it would show up better on the white punches.

As you can see, the entire holder is filled now and its holding approx 30 punches with room for a few more ,).  The punches were sitting on a shelf and took up quite a bit of room.  They take up a lot less space this way and are easily accessible.

EDITED TO ADD:  The punches take up two spaces each.  One for the top handle of the punch and one for the bottom handle of the punch.  Each handle slipping into a separate space.  You have to squeeze the handles together a little bit to slide into the space but this is better because when they bounce back they fit snuggly .



Mz-Cellaneous said...

I have one of those! I keep it behind my door, which is the pefect spot for it as you can hardly fit anything back there anyway.

Amy said...

I love this idea : )


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