June 26, 2008

PSA Update!

For anyone who cares...my mammo is AOK. I have been given the green light to return in a YEAR. Which is the recommendation for women over 40. SOOOOO I am back on track with my screenings. I am so happy because that was a huge hurdle for me to get over my fear and drag my but to the doctor and get it over with. I was lax in that I missed a couple of years. That is why they did a 6-month follow up so they could get a running history on me. I was afraid of course of what they could find but also because I had slacked on it. Now thats over I can breath a sigh of relief until next time? I just had a talkin to myself and realized that...
AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION IS WAY MORE EASY THAN A POUND OF CURE. Go do it girls you'll be glad you did!!


Melisa said...

Glad everything turned out good! And thanks for the reminder ~ I'm going to call for appt. tomorrow.

Take care!

Melisa said...

Hi ~ I left you an e-mail. (Forgot to put a subject in the subject line - but it's me!) :-}


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