September 23, 2008


I will definitely have diarrhea of the mouth tonight. For one thing I feel the need to ramble all over the place. Firstly and this is not the reason of my post... I was finally able to install MicroSoft Service Pack (MS SP2) on my computer. When I had to wipe my hard drive clean including windows a while back if you remember correctly?... I had to reinstall everything from scratch. Well I have all of my original disc that came with my computer and it kept blocking me from installing updates because MS kept telling me that my version of windows was essentially pirated. NOT. I gave up and decided to do without MS SP2 updates. Bah humbug I thought. Well, little did I know that any other updates that I needed to install including those that are not MS related could not install without the SP2. GAWD what an MS MONOPOLY that is. Well, once again, tonight I was trying to complete a full install of another program I had (with discs and all) and it aborts because I don't have SP2. So back to MS updates and lucky me I was able to get through a complete SP2 installation without MS telling me I was a pirate. woohoo. So now back to the drawing board I finish my install of my other program. It completes. Now believe it or not one of the apps that I was unable to install because of no SP2 from MS was McAffe virus protection program of which I have an annual subscription to. Yep I have been without virus protect since my restage. Anyway, yes McAffe is now working as well. Thank GAWD again because I was paid up until the end of the year. What a waste that was. NOW TO THE POINT OF MY POST. I was blurfing again and stumbled upon Tracy's color throwdown and had to laugh because I WAS right in the middle of creating THIS card. See below.

Clicking on this image takes you to the Color Throw down Blog

Well we must be on the same planet or something because I used the exact colors of the color throwdown except instead of old olive I was using my new Kiwi Kiss. Oh well it looks a lot like Old Olive. Check it out....

I also wanted to shout out to Allison A. HEY ALLISON I'VE DONE A CARD. Can you believe it? I super wanted to do something for fall but also wanted to play with my newest stamps from SU. I just loved this poinsetta with bird from the "A Flower for all Seasons" set from the new catalog.


Wandering Sage said...

sure thing I won't post any of you on the blog. As for the power cord for the xbox its 120RM or $40 US. Its not a big deal I'll get it once I'm working. I actually have one possible job lined up but need to see about some other schools that are closer to where I live so I don't have to travel, which is not all that bad.

Wandering Sage said...

Talking with emily its closer to 180RM or $60 which is 3 times what I would pay for one in the states


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