October 02, 2008

Holy Freakin Blue Angels Batman

Lookie what I saw while on my walk this afternoon. One of the perks of living in the city of "Top Guns" Miramar Top Gun Marine Airbase. Woohoo. Not lying. Nope I'm not. The Blue Angels. Ok well it's no secret my love affair with the "Top Gun" pilots. Ok well, so maybe it is a secret. But now ya' know. We see this high flying jets daily living in San Diego. In fact, while I my commute daily (to and from) work I see them just about each leg of my commute. So of course I pretend that I have a private escort courtesy of the US Military. hahahahaha. Everytime I see them I say to myself, "aw look the Marine's are escorting me to work again." I know I know I have a pathetic fantasy life. My co-workers asked me if I took my meds today. Assclowns.


LostLuggage said...

Did you take that picture?? It's amazing!

I heard the rumbles start this afternoon...I knew what it was exactly. See...I gree up watching the air show every year in my parents backyard...they live several miles away as the crow flies...but on a rim with a perfect view of the base. It's awesome. I was toally surprised to see them out my new back window today! Hooray! The tradition continues...safe flying, boys.

Wandering Sage said...

Your lucky your not medicated other wise you'd miss all the good stuff. When I was going to school at the tech college in madison we were right by the airport and the national guard pilots would take off and buzz the the school as they took off.


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