November 13, 2008


Hi everyone! I know I know... don't be mad... life's been so crazy fast and full. If it's not one thing it's another O U C H. First the garage, then the master, then the w2w carpet project, then the hubby loses his J O B thank you economy, and the co. car he had so we're down to one car, another O U C H but then the one and only car in the driveway needs work.... did I say O U C H yet? OH yes I did.... to the tune of $$$ alot I won't say how much but add this up... go ahead do the the math... no worries.... yepper I'm fine really.... 130,000 service check up, timing belt, serpentine belt, clutch and flywheel kit, water pump, thermostat, gas cap, rear view mirror (I pulled it out of the ceiling by accident on the way to a funeral, ok I was stressed and was trying to yank the rosary off the mirror H E L L O so I could use it to pray for the faithfully departed and HI thanks Mother Mary for your help). I still said my prayers but it was too late for the mirror it dangle by one electrical thread all the way. BACK TO MY STORY so needless to say S O R R Y no posting, crafting and fun. But the real reason for my post was to go ahead and give a shout out to a new PrissyPal. Yes I still had time to get a new cult member. ROFL. But if you go over and check out her new blog SassyCraftyLady (isn't that a fun name?) you will see.... yepper.... she's definitely been bit by the bug... Well it wasn't 100% true that I haven't been having any fun because I did have "Open Stamp Camp" at my place on Friday where everyone just brought their own projects to work on. I was way too tarred to take pics and I get sort of adadadhd when I'm around lots of peeps. Tina did the cupcake boxes for her first ever project and she had to do a mass production. We had a lot of fun but the night went way too fast.

We have also made a couple (or more) trips to Paper Tales because well do I really need to say WHY? If you live anywhere near the area you should really really get over to see Michelle's new store. Click on any of these links to see some of her "stock" She carries all of the latest and greatest and she is the PREMIER A Muse supplier in the area. IMHO. I never have to go anywhere else to find what I need when it comes to all things PRISSY. OMG Michelle (and Helle and Diane and Julie) are just so fun and helpful and I am sure she won't mind me snagging the graphic of the card we did for the "make and takes". Michelle just got back from SEATTLE from the A Muse launch of their new store. Hi Linda. (I met Linda at one of Paper Tales classes) and wanted to share her inspiration so she provided make and takes all week. Well we of course had to beat a path to her door to do them. See (thanks Michelle for the picture):

Well that's all my PrissyPal info for now... please stay tuned.... I will be back just like a bad penny... it always shows up


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