November 02, 2008

How Stella Got Her Groove Back

um.... not so much. But hey it's at least an attempt... Yes, pandora's box was opened it started when I was able to get new master bedroom furniture which lead to the inspiration to have a 16 foot dumpster commenced at the 'ole ranch. One thing leads to another. It also seems this space-clearing business can really put a crimp on your creativity. But never fear... I should be back to crafting regularily soon. Not only that the space once cleared leads to another project and another. Before ya' know it creativity has been replaced with swiffer dusters, trips to the charity store, and NEW WALL TO WALL FLOORS. I tried that experiment (Ali) to choose and live by a single word at the start of the year. Well, that exercise wasn't new to me. I had chosen "Simplify" every year for at least the last five years. This year I decided to try a new word and at first I chose "Focus" for my new word. But I couldn't stay focused to save my life so I went back to my trusty long standing word of the year "Simplify". I kept rolling it over each year because I hadn't "mastered" simplicity yet so I wanted another year to give it another try. I wasn't going to move on until I was truly practicing it. To me it meant space clearing and getting rid of excess schtuff and getting organized. My goal was to get a handle on my surroundings to a point where my belongings had a place for everything and everything was in it's place. And if something didn't have a home it had to go. Well, year after year, I still had in my opinion, too much schtuff. I think we've had a breakthrough and finally maybe this January I can choose a NEW word of the year with a clear consciousness. Not only did we clear things out with the help of the dumpster but since we had to move the entire house out to the patio, side porch and garage to have the floors done it was another perfect opportunity to do Round 2 of space clearing. I think I am getting there. When we put stuff back after the floors were finished I didn't bring it all back in and I really went through things and thinned things out again. So we had a fresh start and it feels like spring cleaning not fall. I didn't even get to make one Halloween card. Hopefully I will get to make some T'day cards. I did however experiment with glitter tonight. This card is pitiful but I decided to post it anyway.

This is the full card using the Lockhart Angel stamp, A Muse Trees and SU snow. I wanted it to look like the Angel was sprinkling snow onto the trees. The concept was cute but the execution needs work. My skills have really fallen apart. When ya don't use it you lose it for sure:

I had to crop the angel image because my shading was so bad (egads) I wanted to at least zoom in on the glitter. You can't screw up glitter right??? Well from the looks of things... yes you can.

Tree grove (help me Rhonda)

I'm all thumbs

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Allison A. said...

Finally!!! It's definitely a step in the right direction. Welcome Back!!!


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