June 04, 2009

Acquisition Specialist (Part I)

Woohoo, lookie what I was able to acquire!?!? This set has been on my "wish list" 4EVER people. Don't ask me why, I don't have any affinity for Western Images in general. I just LIKE it. I never acquired it before now because the price was never right. I know I know times are hard and frivolous purchases are not an option. Who me? Never. So to help the cause.... to take one for the team.... I exchanged any monthly mani/pedi/car washes/designer coffee/hair and makeup/date night/dinner night/cable/first born/um have I forgotten anything? Just kidding... in order to justify my purchase of....drumroll.....THIS

DREAM CATCHER (Retired Stampin' Up 2002)

Stay tuned and see what else I acquired lately ;D - you're going to be in shock and awe.

Free Smiley Courtesy of www.millan.net

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