February 14, 2011

Herbal Flu Tonic

It's flu season again and with all of the snowmagedon's and blizzasters we've all had across the country (except for me, since I live in Sunny SoCal, don't hate) I thought I'd share my SECRET recipe for  Herbal Flu Smiley from millan.net  Tonic used to help get over the common cold/flu.

Liz's FAMOUS Herbal Flu Tonic

Peppermint tea -  2 bags per pot
Elderflower tea – 2 bags per pot
Yarrow tea (or herb loose) – 2-4 Table spoons per pot.  Use a teaball.
Echinacea Drops – 2 droppers full per cup or approximately 6-8 droppers full for pot.  (Can be found at any health food/Whole Foods/Henry's type store, possibly even in a general grocery store)
All of the above support immune system.

To taste:
Crystalized Ginger -  Metabolizes fever, body aches and pains, promotes draining of nasal passages.  I use a couple of very large cubes.  You want to taste/feel the ginger.
Honey – provides lubrication for throat, promotes draining of nasal passages
Lemon slices – Source of extra Vitamin C
Oranges slices – Source of extra Vitamin C
Lime slices - Source of extra Vitamin C
Fresh Mint leaves - Pack the pitcher with these
Whole cinnamon stick stirrers

With boiling water
Steep teas and yarrow
Add echinacea drops to pot
Season with honey, ginger; garnish with lemon/orange/lime slices, fresh mint leaves and whole cinnamon sticks.
Serve hot!

Drink all day/night until symptoms gone.  Usually notice improvement after 1-3 days.

I normally make a huge pot of this tea and sip on it ALL day.  I cannot stress this enough.  One cup won't cut it.  But if you sip on this all day you will be surprised how quickly you feel better.

Have you noticed that ALL of my recipes start with the words secret and Liz's FAMOUS....  a bit of self-grandiosity because I can... te-he yeah because they are super secret shhh and VERY famous. 

Happy <3 Day toooooooo!  Here's a cup-o-love for ya!  Smiley from millan.net

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