August 12, 2007

Sunday Sunday!

I've seen a few "sorry I'm such a bad blogger" posts lately and frankly I have to admit I've joined that club. I'm not hiding, promise.

I think it gets busier in some ways in the summer for some reason?? Anyway, I hope to have something to post later... I have so many great ideas floating around in my head. Plus I went to Card Class yesterday at my upline's house and we had soooo much fun. So I wanted to share some highlights. Just need to finish up some domestic stuff, then we're going hiking and then I hope to have something pretty to share. Have a great rest of your Sunday.



Michelle said...

I spent Saturday doing a yard sale, left Sat. afternoon to my friend's cottage and just got home an hour ago. No time to blog this weekend!
I think lots of bloggers take the weekend off! LOL!

SpAzzGiRL said...

Completely agree...Summer seems to be way crazier for some odd reason, you would think you would have more free time but it never seems to work out that way.
And it seems to fly by way faster than winter too.


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