May 26, 2007

You Park Like an Idiot

Allison over at "Stampin When I Can" posted a funny card that reminded me of my experience parking the other day....I could have sure used one of these cards myself the other day (see below)

My car is the yellow bug. I came out from the store and this is what I found. I had to get in my car from the PASSENGER's (EDITED: I SAID DRIVER'S I MEANT PASSENGER) side. I was so mad that I took a picture from my cell phone. I was going to call the parking police or something. There were no cars to the left of idiot or to the right of me??? I think the guy was drunk or blind or something. Just thought I'd share the fun parking in California. Just needed to whine.

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chelemom said...

You are too funny! I too have come across crappy parkers! I live in Chicago.....Do I need to say more?

Allison said...

I shouldn't laugh but this is funny (except when it is happening to you)! When I lived in CA, I wanted to be able to post little signs in my back window as I drove like "you follow too close" (AKA "get off my @$$) and the like!

Vicki C said...

Okay.. that is bad!

Anonymous said...

VERY funny! My thoughts were...look at the white line... maybe they were mad at you because your were too close to there "space" and they were trying to prove a point...what kills me is that they don't know what was going on on the other side of you when you parked. Maybe the person who "was" to the right of you when you pulled in was in your space leaving you no choice to ride the line!!!

Anonymous said...



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