May 03, 2010

Live with Passion

Recently, I participated in a card swap with the famous M!ssy Ballance <--- click over at Crafty Carn!val. <--- click  So if you're participating in the swap and don't want to see your card, look away now.  Smiley from
If you worked on the cards with me (you know who you are, HI Allison over at "Shadow Castle Stamps") YES I completely rejected the first batch I had started and this is what the ended up being my card!!! I know? Can you believe it?  It's a complete and total different card.  I just wasn't feeling the other one.  So I started to panic.  I had to come up with SOMETHING.  I ended up using a stamp set from Stampin Up called "Inspired by Nature" The inside reads "live with PASSION"

Here is a front shot.  Can you tell which card had an "opportunity for embellishment" (aka accidental ink smudge that needed covering up/hiding a butterfly and some glitter) 

Another angle

Boxed up and ready to go
 ~Enjoy, do something fun today, M!ss Pr!ssy


Lisa said...

Love your cards!! I hope I get one in my swap package. I vowed to only send handmade cards this year so I am looking to use these swap cards when I get behind in my card making. Thanks for the sneak peak.

Cat said...

just wanted to post and let you know i received one of your cards. i'm SO glad you posted, because i had no idea who had created it! LOVE the card. it's one of my favorites! thanks for swapping!

Folksie Linda said...

Your cards came out very sweet.. i hope i get one in my swap.. it was so much fun.. i have yet to post the cards i made and will post the ones i get too! It is nice to meet you! Hugs, Linda


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