May 30, 2010


is it just me?!?!? or does it feel like life can unravel faster than a roll of TP on Halloween Eve? (Where did I hear that?) Some days can just creep me out. Starting lineup FIRST THING THIS A.M. the macbookpro (13 mo. new) just quits. Like nada. I can't do anything with it. Worst timing ever since I NEED internet right now. Two words? HOUSE HUNTING. No sooner do I close the lid on the mac because it was worthless to me at that moment, we proceed out to our first house-viewing appt to find ourselves the FIRST to arrive at the scene of a fire <---click yes you guessed it at the house we were going to perhaps live? It was in the canyon right behind the backyard of the very house went to look at. 911 had not even been called yet. 911 what is your emergency... agh MY LIFE.  Like srsly. UNIVERSE?

But then these guys showed up and that was hot, no pun ;) and made everything ok.  I'm a sucker for a man in uniform.  It's no secret.  Hi hus.

This post almost had NO photos with it.  I took pictures with my phone but the network was too busy and wouldn't let me send ANY.  Go figure.  No really?  So I found some stock photos on the web.

This thing went right over my head.  Of course I missed the shot.  I'm fired.  Impressive.  It has words written on the bottom of it something to the effect, "Hotties inside Fire Safety" or something?  Let me tell you that thing was close. 

THEN, just when I feel completely abandoned by the universe... out of the blue I get phones calls from two people who I haven't spoken with in years and the conversations were refreshing.

Enough said.

Omen aside, the house shouted not me not me.  On top of this, I experienced smoke inhalation and it gave me a headache.

We swing on over to the Apple Store (we brought the computer with us - can you say Geek Genius Bar to the rescue) and actually that was a pleasant experience. One word: Geeks. You know how I love my Geeks geniuses.  I learned something new and of course I taught the geek something.  Always happens.  Oh incidentally, they were able to boot the computer right up.  Nothing was wrong with it.  Huh?

We left there and decided to grab a bite to eat.  Again, NO PICTURES, thanks network.  I ended up having a couple of nice conversations with complete and total strangers which for me is a stretch. ;)

I hear that Mercury went direct but it feels like retrograde to me.  Lies.

I didn't know that cats were THAT territorial over catnip.  OK?  Oh and I scored some great 50% off deals.  And I mean great deals.  Well that's a wrap.  I told you this was random.  

I snapped the coolest picture of a the most perfect rosebud today and NOPE again network wouldn't let me send to my album.

Rambling on

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Prtitim said...

Thanks for sharing such a nice experience as from pics they are seem to be very difficult situation as fire is on all sides.


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