May 02, 2010

Good Morning Sunday!

Yes, there is diesel in that coffee mug (aka Bailey's Irish Creme). I thought I'd share a picture of my famous "Poached Egg Bowl". Its definitely becoming a signature dish around here! Brown rice, fresh spinach and mushrooms sauteed in a little EVOO and a Tbsp of Worcestershire. All ingredients are organic including the eggs. Pretty healthy, no?

Now if I could just stay away from these:

We'd be all set!

We had a busy weekend or "I" should say I had a busy weekend.  I finished spring cleaning the kitchen drawers. Blahblahblah, with everything washed and put away.  We try to have 50% of our weekend a cat-free zone.  They get locked in jail (aka art studio, aka craft room) for as long as they will tolerate it so we can open up the windows, doors and generally de-cat the place.

Here is Punke in his jail cell:

I washed every single slip cover (aka sheets to keep the cat hair off of my furniture, have I mentioned that I am fostering these two cats, they aren't mine.  I'm allergic to cats technically) on the sectional sofa in our living room and all of the cat beds (no that is not a cat bed in the above picture) it happens to be my stockpile of paper because I love paper.  Speaking of HOARDERS.  Have you seen that show on t.v?  I was just getting ready to judge those people, srsly I don't understand how they can live like that.  But then I walked into my art studio and my "little" collections of everything and actually I started to identify with "those" types.  So all judgments have been shelved and tucked away in the back recesses of my mind forever.  Anybody want to run over to Containers and More with me?  That show makes me itch.  It makes me want to jump up off the couch and clean out the drawers in the kitchen and throw things away or something.  I see a pattern forming here.  Enough of all this "cleaning" talk.  It's exhausting me already...

Next, the carpets

My swap cards are all done and in the mail.  I have a swap post in a couple of days when I have time to do it.

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