July 12, 2010


...since I have been more M.I.A than I.A lately thought you might like to turn some pages with me (desk calendar).  YES, you guessed it I am indeed back to work and back to R.E.A.L.I.T.Y.  I always like to get caught up on my calendar pages.  It's all part of getting my head back into the game.  I will only list favs here so don't go crazy bc a date is missing.  It was intentionally left blank.


  • Never let any mistake cause you to stop believing in yourself.  Learn from it and go on. Smiley from millan.net
  • Always affirm there is an answer to any problem and that you can find it; indeed, that you are now finding that answer.
  • When you get up in the morning, you have two choices-either to be happy or to be unhappy.  Just choose to be happy. Smiley from millan.net
  • Don't waste mental energy brooding over past events or worrying about the future.  Live a day at a time and do a job at a time. Smiley from millan.net
  • God will always take care of those who love and trust Him and sincerely do His will.

  • Quiet your mind so that inspirations may arise from its depths.  An inflow of new thoughts can remake you regardless of every difficulty you may now face, and I repeat-every difficulty. Smiley from millan.net


  • God's peace is medicinal.
  • You will never know what great things you can do until you try-really try. Smiley from millan.net
  • Never take no for an answer.
  • Ask for directions. Smiley from millan.net
  • Hold the image of the life you want and make the image become fact.
  • The positive thinker is a hard-headed, tough-minded, and factual realist.  He sees all the difficulties clearly...which is more than can be said for the average negative thinker.  But he sees more than difficulties-he tries to see the solutions of those difficulties.
  • The more problems you have, the more alive you are.  (Note: I must be superhuman ,))

and last but not least..... drum roll

  • Expect generous benefits in never failing supply! Smiley from millan.net

Woot woot we're all caught up on our readings now.  Don't you feel great!  Don't know about you but I like to renew my mind DAILY.


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