July 05, 2010

Stay tuned while we break for intermission...

I'm so excited to be into the new place and the move is behind us.  Whew what a ride.  I have the week off (Yosemite on hold, move, in full-swing) so I can make some sense out of all of this chaos and foolishness.  I planned on taking before and after shots of all the chaos and foolishness but frankly, what's so interesting about piles and piles of boxes?  In fact, this was going to be an all text post just blogging in to say HAY and stay tuned

...until this happened:

I got up for one second (literally) and Bubba Gene was on it like white on rice.  Playing fake asleep (sound asleep) now who could dare disturb such a cutey pie. I had to snap a pix.  Thanks Bubba Gene for the photo op.  (aka Punke but we call him Bubba Gene)

He's so exhausted.  During the move he's been carted from house to house for two weeks until we were moved.  He was prowling around the new place for days and finally calmed down enough to realize he's home too.  I'm fostering kitty again while the daughter travels and such so he's back with Grams (yes I only have furgrandbabies) temporarily.

I'll be back after intermission.  Crafty space is still all in boxes so posts continue to be all about nothing and yatayatayata

See ya when I see ya

EDITED TO ADD:  As I signed off I looked through my camera and ends up I had snapped one shot of the move in process.  Ironically another animal shot.  Look at Mr. Dog (aka Prince but we call him Mr. Dog, Doodoo, Monster, Wolfdog, King, Boo, Bubba (jk)) ROFL he sits right at the end of the ramp as if to say HAY where we going can I come too?  Animals too dern cute.  He's like you ain't  goin' nowhere nohow without me.

p.s. HAY intentionally spelled wrong.  hehe  Prounounced HAY AY with two syllables.

See ya on the other side


Lana said...

Miss Prissy!

Can you send me your addy again!? The computer that email is on, has decided to take a "vacation". I keep forgetting to msg you for your addy again.


PS - Adorable kitty aww.

Jodi said...

Now that is one relaxed dog (and cat)! Last time I moved, my Chocolate Lab hid under the covers for days.

Enjoy the new place!


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