July 06, 2010

The Other Side ,)

I was honored this morning with a visit from this little guy... I believe its a hawk.  How beautiful.  If you're into hippy dippy airy fairy stuff (hey its Californ.i.a. folks, you know how crazy we are) you can read what a visit from a hawk symbolizes here <---- click. It starts out like this... the Hawk is the symbol of the dawn and the freshness that a new day brings (doodoodoodoo insert twilight zone music here); and the power of recollection. These energies and qualities enable the seer to travel back through the pathways of time; helping to connect us with with our roots and incestral wisdom that lives within our phyches and our culture. Hawk is known for his ability to travel into the past... 

how cool is that?  

I think it was so appropriate that he came for a visit this morning because it is a fresh new life for me and my family.  There are no accidents. Insert happy face here.  

Irony alert:  a hawk landing on the power lines caused inferno house <---- click remember that day? that was a "sign" that particular house was a NO. ROFL.

He was very still and didn't seem bothered by me at all.  I think he was still asleep.  The first shot I cropped in a wider panoramic view to show the terrain native to this area.  I was sipping my morning coffee standing by the back fence overlooking the canyon that is now my backyard.  I thought I'd share some pix of the new place so there's a mix of this and that. CLICK ON ANY PICTURE TO ENLARGE FOR DETAIL.

Here's a close-up of the hawk.  He shot me a little nod.  Such a poser.  Hi there!

Coffee central.  One of the first appliances in operation (HELLER).  Ever important.  Caffeine. Note: vintage Pyrex, I love and use for a butter dish (Tiffany blue) and a sugar dish (red). I used to have a set of matching nested bowls in the primary colors.  Remember those from the 50s? I think a daughter confiscated those to one of their apartments.


More of my loved vintage items.  Not sure if this is their permanent home, just got them out of the box.  I used to have these on a shelf in the old kitchen.  I love my "Aunt Jemima" cookie jar.  I bid on a box at an auction that I went to and she was a treasure surprise at the bottom of the box (S.C.O.R.E.) One of a kind I've never seen another.

Another close-up of the same area.  Note: my favorite Good Morning coffee mug <---- click!

Another view from our backyard.  Note:  the marine layer has hung out all morning... my favorite.  These houses are very far away on the other side of the canyon that separates us.   I zoomed in. The view is obstructed a bit by electrical wires, unavoidable.  They are behind us not right over us.  An issue I hadn't considered when looking for a place.  Oops.  I was going to crop them out but then I would have had to crop the marine layer which was the point of this photo.

Lots of greenery in the back too.  Another S.C.O.R.E. We had nothing but dirt in our old backyard <--- click well, and these cute little guys.  But the entire hill was covered with what they are standing on... dirt/sand/desert.  No trees nada.

Fog, aka marine layer ~I love you.  We live on the west side of the mountain now.  My old house is literally on the east/back of this mountain.  If I threw a stone in a straight line over this hill it would be in the backyard of my old house.  As the crow (or hawk ,) in this case) flies. The east side of this same mountain is much hotter and we didn't experience the direct ocean breeze like we do now.  It was much more inland and deserty in our old backyard.  

This is a close-up of a backyard across the canyon as well.  The guy has a putting green in his backyard.  That's how we roll in SoCal.  Too funny.

Bathrooms unpacked, check; kitchen unpacked, check; library wall unpacked (Picture coming soon), check; bedrooms unpacked, check; l.r. craft room, office, garage pending... HELLO from the other side and cross fingers I will have crafty stuff to post soon.  Next up for unpacking.... CRAFT ROOM.  

Be careful what you wish for you might just get it!

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Lana said...

I don't want any visits from a hawk! Too many chickens here. lol.

Did you get my msg about the email? I feel bad! I forgot to give you my email so you could give me your addy again. It's waiting patiently for an address :)

designerslibrary at embarqmail dot com


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