May 10, 2009

My Girls!

girl   [gurl]
1. a female child, from birth to full growth.
2. a young, woman.
3. a daughter: I have two girls.
4. girlfriend; sweetheart.



Today is a great day for braggin' rights of any that I know of. These are my two wonderful, fantabulous, perfection, beautiful, genius, funny, silly, gawgeous, crazy, reasons for being a mom, reason for glad I am a mom DAUGHTERS. These two are my world. They are my family. They are my everything. I cannot say enough about my two grown daughters, individuals, angels that came into my life. I was surely blessed by them. From birth to adulthood all I can say is WOW. I don't know how I got so lucky. They are the one thing that I can say I done right by in this life and I didn't do much. It was all them. They made it easy being a mom. They made it easy to love them. They made it easy for me to be proud. Thanks girls for making me a mom.


Pauline said...

You are very fortunate and so are they :o)

Anonymous said...

I miss you as my stand in mom! As my boss. Being your assistant was awesome. You are awesome, and your daughters are so lucky to have you.


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