May 31, 2009

Well Bust My Buttons!

Am I dating myself with that title?  BLINK ALERT BLINK ALERT. (BLOG INK peeps = BL-INK, get it?)   You haven't seen cute if you don't click on this link and head on over to my Pr!ssy Pal Allison's blog Shadow Castle Stamps <-----click.  Go on over and show her some blove (blog-love peeps)  For one thing, I warned you about the new A Muse release so if you're on a budget and you have an acquisition (hoard, seize, search and conquer one of each in every color, size and shape when it comes to paper crafts)  problem like me.  I advise you to run from A Muse.  Don't go and look at their newest release because if you do.... well you have been warned, pocketbook beware.  That's all I'm saying.  Don't go over there and look because you will forgo food, mani/pedi's, and designer coffees for months just to buy all of the new releases at A Muse <-----click.  In fact, I still have a huge wish list from the last 4 releases.   EEK I'm a goner for sure.  I don't know how Linda, A Muse owner does it?... but she just keeps topping herself over and over.  I am not paid nor do I represent A Muse, I just love all things A Muse.  I usually purchase most of my all things A Muse stuff compliments of my LSS PaperTales <----click extraordinaire.   Have Fun!  EDITED TO ADD:  I love how Allison paper-pieced the A Muse new Sun stamp using the Gingham Yellow cardstock (new release A Muse) and the new A Muse Pirate Bird stamp on top of the oldy but goody A Muse Treasure Chest.  Of course, she used one of my favorite cardstocks for the sand SU Kraft.  I love that color paper.  OK I know it looks like the color of a paperbag.  And?   

...I tell ya' someone else who's "signature" style is using Kraft cardstock, its Heather over at "Pine is Here" blogspot <-----click.  I admire her stuff so much.  I bet she uses Kraft in everything she does.  Too cool.  So just giving a shout out to some Pr!ssy Pals since I've been able to get back here a little this weekend.  Scroll through her stuff and you will see some real talent, tell her I said hey.

I have a big surprise coming up soon.  I'll give you a couple of hints.  It involves BLOG CANDY for you guys AND it involves an invitation that I've been given to be a GUEST somewhere.  Not telling until I have more information myself.  But when I get some info, you guessed it, y'all ul be the first to know!!!!  Oh one final hint.  It involves the color PINK.  hehe.  Ok I know the highlight color I used is bordering on purple but the choice of pink that I have is too light and wouldn't show up well in a blog post so just deal with it.

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Allison said...

Thanks for the shout-out... can't wait to see what kind of 'blog candy' you'lll have!!!


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