May 30, 2009

Ready, Set,

...GO! Where do I start? I have so many things to share with y'all I don't know where to begin. I've been getting so much @?!#$? from Pr!ssy Pals all over the globe I thought it's time I posted something, anything or else I might just lose all of my followers (all "1" of them). Yeah I highly doubt.  Anyway, I could start with a pic of these guys...

Look how big they've gotten! You can even start seeing the white and markings on their backs (Picture below)
BEFORE - Note the little guy on the ledge - (Picture below)
AFTER - (Picture below)

Wow they are getting big.  I love nature even if they are just rats with bushy tails.  As you can see my backyard is a desert.  Yes, it is, hence, the DIRT.

Speaking of dirt lets dish some...wasn't that somethin' about... no just kidding.  I can't think of any good gossip.  Back to the purpose of my mission.  An update!  (I know I know overuse of the "!")  The glyph mark is not a graphic.  Hehe.  I could start with the rats above (with bushy tails) or I could start with these guys...

He (Prince, my dog) is never allowed on the couch but whenever she (my daughter) is around the animals are attracted to her like a magnet.  He can never get close enough by her side when she's over.  Her skin is amazing.  She's all dewy and pretty all the time.

This is her cat, Punky (below).   This is his carrier that I keep in my front hall when he is over at Gammy's for a visit.  Punky was visiting my house recently for two weeks.  He never once got in that carrier the entire two weeks that he was here.  The day his momma was coming down to pick him up he got in this carrier and waited as if he sensed it was time to go.  It's weird how animals can sense things.  I couldn't believe it.  I grabbed my camera quick so I could show my daughter when she got here to pick him up she could see who was waiting for her and ready to go home.  It was funny once she got here he ignored her for hours.  He really missed her. He was over it.  Look at his face...

And NO its not because they are trying to escape from my house.  They like it here.  They really do.  They just love my daughters tons.  Pied pipers of sorts.  They've always had that effect around animals.  They just love them.

Roughin it at Grammy's (Top of my bookcases) Yes, my only grandchild is a CAT!

Inside the basket looks better

I had just cleared this table off and was getting ready to wipe it clean with disinfectant because the cat always jumping on it (I don't like cats on my tables and countertops).  I turned my back to go to the sink and rinse my towel out and look what I found on top of my table.  I mean the nerve.  The dog is under the table.  What a mess.  It was if that cat was saying, thanks for cleaning my ledge for me.  He made himself all comfy.  Little dope.  It proves he does like it here he made himself right at home.



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