July 25, 2009

Artist in the House - Happiness is Made to be Shared

You absolutely must click on the images to see the detailed painting on these. I can tell you the photos don't do it justice. IRL is soooooooo much better. My daughter's friend, an artist name Martin Bashir-Nasim, (I'm sorry I only have this short-version Facebook page to link to) painted this surfboard for her. This was all done freehand. It is absolutely beautiful. From one artist to another, I was in awe of the details and the beauty. It's 1-of-a-kind 4sure. I told her she can't surf with it now. She has to get a different board to surf on. All I can say is WOW! He has more creativity in his little finger than I will ever have.

Full Board
Top close-up
See the "Tree House" ?
HOLY CUTENESS - See the little path and the daisy's and the toadstools

A little closer... there was so much detail on this board...
I didn't know which detail to snap first.
I just wanted to keep taking pictures.
But I had to stop myself.

Of course there are waves to be found

...and sealife, Holy Angel Fish Batman!Moving down to the bottom of the board see the King Crab?
My daughter Zodiac sign is Cancer the Crab.
How personalized and thoughtful is that!!

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