April 11, 2010

Let Us Swap Cards - Bonus Points

A swap and an announcement for Missy about her Kickstart Project:

I love Missy Balance and I love Crafty Carnival.  I'm joining the card swap, that always gets the creative mojo wigglin and a wagglin.  Run on over and join too if you like?  The Dete's to the swap are below.  I did want to mention also, Missy has began a Kickstart Project too.

Read all about it here:  This is pasted directly from Missy's Blog, her words italics...

I launched a project on kickstarter!

Do you know about kickstarter.com?  It's an awesome website where indie artists and people with big ideas can try and get financial backing for their projects!  Well I have been dying to make more rubber stamps.  As many of you know I licensed some of my artwork to A Muse art stamps a few years ago.  It was so wonderful and fabulous seeing my drawings in rubber that I couldn't get enough.  The only thing is that they get to choose what does and doesn't get made into a stamp!  Well I've had a lot of artwork over the years that I really believed in and wanted to use, but it got passed over.  Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful for what they did pick... but now I'm hoping to get to make these decisions all by myself.... grown-up style!  LOL!  So please, take a look at my project here, and back me if you can!  If you can't, no biggee, can you spread the word?  By posting this on your facebooks or tweets, you are helping me!  I can't do this by myself.  I need my friends to help me spread the word!!!  Please help me!  :)  Thank you, and I love you!  Missy

She's trying to launch her own line of stamps and that's cool


Swap will close at 22 participants
due date: mail cards to me by no later than 4/30/10
card requirements:  handmade only, any theme, please include an envelope for each card, and have at least 2 layers and one embelishment
How to sign up:  leave a comment here, post about the swap on your blog, and when you leave a comment, please make sure to include your NAME and EMAIL!

Bonus points:  For every swapper that posts about my kickstarter project, I will include an extra little goody for you in your swap package as a great big thank you for helping me get the word out :)  You can read more about it on this post here.


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