April 29, 2010

Paint'll Make Ya' What Ya' Ain't

I put "the hus" on a little project today. Smiley from millan.net  I didn't really think he'd DO it. But it was cool 'cause he did. Our cabinets in our kitchen are what you'd call "shabby chic" come on ya'll don't hate.  That's my catch all term for "old stuff".
Spring cleaning or spring fever has taken up root. No pun.

It's a good thing too, because according to my horoscope I am going to be useless for all logical and rational thinking until after May 11th?!? Aquarius....This month, Mercury, the planet of logical, rational thinking and communication, will shut down for a rest on April 18 and will resume normal functioning May 11. Apparently, I'll be ok to clean and organize things ...Mercury will retrograde from April 18 to May 11 in your house of home. Aquarius, take time to clean out closets, box up unwanted things for charity, and make needed repairs. Interesting. I put "the hus" on it and he's not Aquarian, he's a Libra. It is interesting bc I was just thinking it was time for cleaning out closets and boxing up unwanted items for donation.  Horoscopes aside... pshaw

This is the content of the drawers piled onto the counter.  Don't panic these are junk drawer-esck items.  Everything will be cleaned before its returned to its rightful place.

I wish I had taken a before pix, thankfully I didn't.  All contents were removed and the old drawer liners gone into the trash byebye.  I was reassured that the drawers were vacuumed and wiped cleaned.  I'm a skeptic, what can I say?  A fresh coat of white paint was applied all prepped and ready for new drawer liner.  We are going to touch-up the blue base cabinets by the sink area.  Wowser it's seems like I just did a facelift to the entire kitchen and everything is just so "shabby chic" already. 

I think he did an awesome job.  Spring cleaning commences!

See ya'll on May 12th (no kidding, I'm still here) when I will resume normal functioning.  Where'd that southern person come from?

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