April 20, 2010

Turn the Pages...

I like quotes very much.  Anyone who has read my blog for a while knows this and how I love sentiments.  Call me sentimental, I don't know?  I was catching up with the readings from a daily mini-book calendar (Positive Thinking for Everyday ~Norman Vincent Peale~ ) that I have on my desk and it appears I haven't turned the pages since April 15th.  Whew an entire 5-days behind. 

I was going to share a quote for a blog post today, but there were so many good ones that I couldn't pick just one....  so I thought I'd share them all to catch us all up.  Here they are and I hope you enjoy these and they provide positive inspiration for you too.  I don't know about you, but I can use all the help I can get to think positively today and everyday!   

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April 15th
The magic of enthusiasm can work magic in your life.  Its powerful effect can remake your very existence.

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April 16th
Life has an if at the center of the word, our world and of our existence as well.  Assume control of those variable and uncertain ifs.

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April 17th
Realize that you can in and of yourself do much to make yourself a healthy, vital, and alive individual.  You can do it!

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April 18th
The surest way to avoid becoming tired is to get absolutely enthralled in something about which you have a profound conviction.  Throw yourself into it.  Be somebody.
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April 19th
Thoughts and words form your mental images.  And since we become what we picture, be sure your thoughts and words express prosperity and blessings rather than poverty and defeat.

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April 20th Today's Thought for the Day:
Believe it is possible to solve your problems.  Tremendous things happen to the believer.  So believe the answer will come and it will.


All caught up....now go BE a great day

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