April 04, 2010

This & That Easter

Are these not three of the cutest little Easter bumpkins ever?  The two little girls on the left are my daughters, all growed up now.  This pix was taken long long ago.  The little fella on the right is my nephew.  Brings back memories. Carefree and easy times. 

I made a birthday calendar book that I was going to use it at the start of each month. Yeah, well the best laid plans... Not so much.  But see the little duck?  Get it? April Showers bring...?  The calendar download is A Muse (I think the one I used here is last years but they have a new one every year and some of the proceeds go to a good cause.  This year its Water First International <----click here and read all about it).

Just thought I'd share a few of the spring items I have about the house.  These make me happy.  Vintage flour sack embroidered towel.  Bluebirds of happiness.

Mr. Man scrambling us up some Easter brunch!! Now that's a Kodak moment ya'll.

I just thought these two little bunnies touching each others noses were so cute.

Two baskets for the girls with lots of PEEPS of course

These are really really large plastic eggs a gift from Easter Aunty

Mish and mash.  These were some of the garnishes we had.  On the Easter Brunch Menu today:  Scrambled Egg Mix with Avo and Grapefruit slices for garnish, Cinbuns.  Done


My famous Cinbuns of course.

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