June 18, 2010

The Seven Seas

My youngest daughter is off today for a 6-month around the world adventure. She accepted a position on a cruise ship working in the spa on board ship. First, she flies to Copenhagen, Denmark.  I like to track their flights, I just feel closer that way.

then she has this itinerary <---click

The first leg of her journey will be a 15-day round trip Copenhagen to Copenhagen.  I'll keep everyone posted.

The move is coming along.  We are going to move to the new house a week earlier than originally planned, the last week in June as it turns out (instead of the first week in July).  Boxes are everywhere and seems how I packed the craft room first.... aaagh.  I really really can't wait to get moved now.  Have I mentioned, I hate moving?  Pretty sure I have.  Stay tuned... one of these days my life might resume normal programming I say "might" because somehow I highly doubt it.  Waaaaaa.

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